Xavier Duran Photography

Ibiza based photographer with an extensive professional experience of 25 years, mainly shooting aerial pictures and architecture around the world, also with a demonstrated experience in fashion and studio photography. I am familiar with teaching as an important part of my professional activity. Adapted also to the new technology that demand to control the digital shooting, as well as the postprocess and treatment of the images with specific software for digital retouching. I usually spend three months a year working in Austria and Central Europe.

Balearic Islands

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Aerial Architectural Editorial Engineering Fashion Industrial Interior Landscape People Travel Wedding Event

Recent Clients

  1. Viajes National Geographic (Spain)
  2. Ferrovial Agroman (Madrid)
  3. Ajuntament d'Eivissa (Ibiza)
  4. Smile (Austria)
  5. Escudo de Oro (Barcelona)


Portfolios of example work from Xavier Duran Photography: