Warren McConnaughie Photography

Industryimage has been developed to meet an ever growing demand for industrial imagery worldwide. IndustryImage specialises in professional industrial and MotorSport photography, and provides photographic images for advertising agencies, magazines and publishing firms.

Industryimage industrial sectors include Mechanical, Manufacturing and Production Engineering,and Civil Engineering.

Industryimage MotorSport sectors include the M.S.A. Northern Ireland Stage Rally Championship 2009 and many club stage rallies.

County Antrim
Northern Ireland

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Agriculture/farming Architectural Aviation Birds Business Corporate Editorial Educational Engineering Environmental Issues Flower & Plant Industrial Lifestyle Medical Military Nature Photojournalism Product Science Sports Wildlife Commercial Event Night Adventure Racing

Recent Clients

  1. Ciba
  2. Pearson Educational Publishers
  3. Pearson Education


Portfolios of example work from Warren McConnaughie Photography: