Close Focus Studios

I've been a photographer for most of my life and have been working professionally for over 10 years. I provide commercial and editorial photography, focusing on products, interiors, urban, and outdoor.

My fascination with movies and cinematography has a significant influences on my photographic style. I take cues from and continuously study the works of cinematographers such a Reed Morano, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Roger Alexander Deakins. I consider and treat interiors and exteriors as sets wherein and around stories unfold. I approach product photography from the same angle, treating every item as purposely placed clues or storytelling props rather than objects without context.

To me, photography is about capturing moments in time, little sparks of magic and mystery that otherwise may be lost in the everyday.

Recent Clients

  1. Agentur Pedersen GbR, Hannover, Germany
  2. Sappi Alfeld GmbH, Alfeld, Germany
  3. decor8, LLC, Portsmouth, NH, USA
  4. Pottery Barn, San Francisco, CA, USA
  5. Jacqui Small Publishing, London, UK


Portfolios of example work from Close Focus Studios: