The Impressionists

My images record what now is and will never be again: specific truths of the moment.

My touring show of pioneer places of worship in Manitoba preserves the spirit of each place; the 2-D extrapolation of the motivation for the 3-D creations.

Over 50 exhibitions, 26 solo. Over 30 AV productions.

Organised multicultural festivals for arts groups.

Published three books of poetry, most recent illustrated with own images.


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Agriculture/farming Ancient Civilization Animal Archaeology Architectural Birds Boat & Ship Craft Dance Environmental Issues Festival Flower & Plant Garden/gardening Geology Indigenous People Insect Landscape Nature People Religion Stock Travel Weather Wildlife Abstract

Recent Clients

  1. Publications International Ltd. Illinois, U.S.A.
  2. Anglican Church of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  3. Audley Travel. Oxfordshire, England
  4. Pearson Education Canada. Toronto, Canada
  5. Royal Bank of Canada


  1. Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA): Kay Elliot Trophy
  2. Photographic Society of America: 3rd place - club newsletter contest
  3. Manitoba Camera Club: Various trophies, certificates
  4. Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg: 1st place, poetry contest 2008, 2009