Sue O'Connor Photography

Photographer Sue O’Connor has lived in Uganda since 1994, during which time she has captured many images of Ugandan society and culture.

Eclectic in style, Sue’s photographic subjects are wide-ranging, from people, places and nature to sport and music. Her photographs often provide a candid and intimate glimpse into the everyday life of this extraordinary country appropriately known as 'The Pearl of Africa'.

Sue has established a successful working relationship with major advertising agencies in Uganda and Kenya and she is available to do location and assignment work. Sue’s commercial work also includes commissions by multinational organisations, companies, NGOs and individuals.

Central Region

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Studio facilities are available.

Portable studio equipment for use on location.

Recent Clients

  1. Aga Khan Education Service
  2. Medical Research Council
  3. Climate Care UK
  4. RAISE Initiative USA
  5. USAID


Portfolios of example work from Sue O'Connor Photography: