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The world of photography actually began around age 12 working with an old German range finder (120 film) camera with bellows. I was instructed on how to use the apertures for depth of field, shutter, film speed, and light meters. Enrolled in all photography courses in high school for 4 years using 4 × 5 graphic view, medium format film cameras (Hasselblad) and Nikon for 35mm. Darkroom processing incuded color and black and white film. Completed a 3 year course study in advance photography majoring in photography in advertising and commercial work in college. The last 30 years have been in advertising, copy writing, page layout and photographic assignments for advertising clients. Work has consisted inside and cover work for commercial / residential real estate magazines, scenic travel, and theatrical.. Being from the ‘old school’ of photography it took some time to accept the new technology. In 2006 the demand for ‘instant results’ was increasing. No time for 4 color separations – the digital world had arrived. Utilizing the Nikon in the beginning the equipment was heavy and the instruction manuals in excess of 300 pages. Finally in 2009 the change to Olympus came about. The light weight design of the various lens configurations, in camera features and final results were the same. The 4/3 lens system provides a lens factor of ‘2’, i.e. the 11-22mm Zuiko wide angle equates to a 22-44mm, the 18-180mm Zuiko lens equates to a 36-360mm and so on.

Los Angeles
United States

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Recent Clients

  1. Art Images Gallery, Seal Beach
  2. Commercial Property Magazines
  3. Home Gallery Magazines
  4. La Plaza Museum, Los Angeles
  5. Brian Beirne Agency (entertainment agency)


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