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Holy Week, Cáceres, Spain

From the Extremadura Tourism website:

Holy Week in Caceres, which has been declared to be an event of International Tourist Interest, mainly takes place in the historic centre of the city, which is a World Heritage Site. A Medieval aesthetic that endows Holy Week with a special charm, allied to the sober processions and the valuable statues on display, all make this one of the most unique celebrations in the world.

Processions take place the tradition and celebration of which date back to the 16th century. Holy Week has a marked traditional and Medieval character that attracts thousands of visitors every year to Caceres to witness the stations of penance and treasures that abound in the city's ancient centre.

Holy Week begins with the "Viernes de Dolores" (Friday of the Sorrows), during the course of which several events take place, such as the Holy Week opening address and several processions. The ever-present emotion reigns upon the taking of the statues outside the churches that house them throughout the year, followed by their carrying in procession to such emblematic spots as the Plaza Mayor.

However, there is little doubt that the high point of the Caceres Holy Week is Holy Wednesday night, when the statue of the Black Christ crucifix is taken out of the church to do the via crucis through the city centre streets. Medieval in origin, this procession is conducted in the most absolute silence. A heart-rending image, this crucifix dates from the 14th century.


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