Sandy PowersPhotography

My two passions in photography are LIFE and dramatic SCENERY Whether it be a person, animal, or a scene that takes my breath away, stopping that moment for all time, and having it touch a viewer's soul is what drives me in my photography.

I have my own freelance photography business, specializing in portraiture and art exhibits.

San Antonio
United States

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Recent Clients

  1. Silver Ventures, Inc., San Antonio, TX
  2. Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio
  3. Pearl Brewery LLC
  4. Individuals for weddings and portraits


  1. Recently, I've had several photos included in juried exhibits in art galleries and one museum.
  2. Several first, 2nd and 3rd place awards on, an international photo site
  3. 1st and 2nd prize wins on's international contest
  4. Several corporate publications in magazines


Portfolios of example work from Sandy PowersPhotography: