Papilio/Robert Pickett

Specialist in wildlife, from macro, high speed, lifecycles, animal behaviour. World-wide experience especially in difficult conditions - Rainforests, Scuba Diving, Extreme Cold.

Own Photographic Studio based in Kent, used especially for commission photography for educational and science books.

Some advertising work experience especially intricate studio settings and products or locations ie. house interiors.

For educational work we have a database of local schools and children willing to work with us. We also provide full Model Releases and Permissions.


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Studio facilities are available.

Studio fully equipped with lighting and backdrops and various props.

Able to accept commissions for general work, High Quality 35mm digital.

Recent Clients

  1. WT Publishing
  2. Hodder Wayland
  3. Heinemann
  4. Collins Educational
  5. FDS Marketing


Portfolios of example work from Papilio/Robert Pickett: