Ricardo Lisboa Photography

Born in São Paulo 33 years ago, Ricardo Lisboa’s work is guided by his life purpose: “to reflect, through photography, inspirational purposes.”

Lisboa have been delivering editorial and corporate jobs to clients in Brazil and in Europe (UK, Germany and Belgium). He is also associated photographer of Agência Estado (a mayor news agency in Brazil) and Getty Images Latin America, both for stock images and hard news covering. Family portraits are part of his work too, photographing families with a natural and authorial language and under the light of their daily lives, in a work entitled “Real People”.

In recent years he was among the artists selected to integrate two important exhibitions:

With images of his hometown, a recurring theme of his original work, contributed to the exhibition “S

Sao Paulo
São Paulo

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Studio facilities are available.


Recent Clients

  1. Agfa Health Care (Belgium)
  2. Ultima Media (UK)
  3. Procurement Leaders (UK)
  4. Volkswagen (Germany)
  5. Many clients in Brazil, such as Fundação Getúlio Vargas, AIESEC, Instituto Akatu among others.


Portfolios of example work from Ricardo Lisboa Photography: