Pierre Lemarchand

My specialty is travel photography, with a strong addiction to islands.

Other skills and favourite themes : aerial, night photography, landscapes, seascapes and sailing, nature.

I have published 2 books, and am preparing a new one.

I can speak english, some spanish and russian, and... french :-)

I am abble to react fast to a proposal for assigments around the world.

Of course, living near Paris city, I can provide you with images about it and France, even if I don't have them in stock.

Till 2006 I have been faithfull to slides (Velvia and Provia), then I switched to digital with an EOS 5D, and now I have a 5D MK2 (21 Mpx). I am using Lightroom and abble to do post-production work.

Paris - Ile de France

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Aerial Landscape Nature Travel

Recent Clients

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  3. Bati MR
  4. Dauphins de l'Ocean
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  1. Islands Magazine Photo Contest (3rd)
  2. Orphie
  3. Fnac Etoile (Exhibition)