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Explore Mauritius: More to the island than beaches and luxury resorts

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The island of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean is well known for its fine sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and luxury resorts, though the idyllic island offers much more than that.

Mauritius is now a multi-faceted holiday destination offering plenty of inland excursions and attractions, cultural visits, scenic nature and landscapes and sporting activities such as golf and horse racing.

The diverse nature of tourism includes locations such as the Black River Gorges National Park and the sacred lake of Grand Bassin, and provides opportunites to hike, bike and sample the natural beauty of the island. Adventure and Leisure parks, like the Casela World of Adventures, which allow visitors a full day of activities for all the family. The capital city, Port Luis, presents both traditional market and modern shopping outlets, museums and cultural activities.

Though beaches and resorts are plentiful and lovely there is more to explore and experience in Mauritius.

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