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Carosuel Museum Preserves A By Gone Era

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There were thousands of carousels at the turn of the last century. This is what people did with their leisure time. They dressed in their Sunday finery and took the trolley to end of the line with their families and a picnic basket, where transportation companies had built picnic groves, then merry-go-rounds and later Amusement Parks. In the early 1940s thrill rides were invented and the carousel became passé. Today, there are less than 200 antique woodened carousels operating in the United States.

But at the New England Carousel Museum, people can view a collection of over 150 horses, menagerie and chariot pieces, and learn about some of the greatest carousel manufacturers and carvers of the day which are all represented here.

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  • New England Carousel Museum, Bristol, Connecticut
    New England Carousel Museum, Bristol, Connecticut

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