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Frivolous Venice – back in time during the carnival

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Centuries ago royals, nobles, and charlatans forgot all rules of decency during the famous and infamous Carnival of Venice, safely hidden behind masks. Still, revelers in richly decorated costumes parade through the streets of the northern Italian city during nearly two weeks of the carnival in February.

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  •  Carnival parade 3
    Carnival parade 3
  •  Carnival parade 2
    Carnival parade 2
  •  carnival parade
    carnival parade
  •  Family gathering
    Family gathering
  •  Thinking
  •  woman with doll
    woman with doll
  •  browns eyed lady
    browns eyed lady
  •  exhausted
  •  meeting point
    meeting point
  •  walking away
    walking away
  •  just looking
    just looking
  •  style
  •  feeding the pigeons
    feeding the pigeons
  •  Pretty face
    Pretty face
  •  twins
  •  Hi there
    Hi there
  •  masks
  •  posing
  •  happy couple
    happy couple
  •  Come to me
    Come to me
  •  close up
    close up
  •  Waiting for her
    Waiting for her
  •  two ladies
    two ladies
  •  Waiting for him
    Waiting for him
  •  Wait for me
    Wait for me
  •  Close up
    Close up
  •  Venice at sunset
    Venice at sunset
  •  dream
  •  just thinking
    just thinking
  •  finished working
    finished working
  •  Say what s
    Say what s
  •  romantic evening
    romantic evening
  •  venice at sunset
    venice at sunset
  •  quiet venice
    quiet venice
  •  Canal at sunset
    Canal at sunset
  •  Trattoria in Venice
    Trattoria in Venice

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