Philip McCormick Photography/Mackenzie Media Ltd

Philip McCormick specialises in editorial photojournalism, street photography, portraits, landscape and fine art. Available for commissions worldwide.

Lived and worked in Mumbai, India. Studied photography and digital imaging at the Shari Academy. Commissions in portraiture, corporate shoots and editorial (eg. various shoots for The Times in London, T2 supplement.) Travelled extensively through India, Australia and Asia as a freelance collecting images for stock and selling prints through own website, several wedding shoots.

Now based in London,he is available for portrait, fashion, editorial, fine art and commissioned landscape work in the UK and worldwide, particularly South-East Asia and India, but anywhere if the work is interesting.

Greater London

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Studio facilities are available.

Recent Clients

  1. The TImes, London (T2)
  2. Flora 2000
  3. Highfield Human Solutions
  4. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, England


  1. Solo Exhibition in Santiago, Chile. Part of FotoAmerica 2008
  2. Solo exhibition at The Nehru Centre, London 2010


Portfolios of example work from Philip McCormick Photography/Mackenzie Media Ltd: