Paul Brehem Film & Photography

Paul Brehem has worked as a locations fixer, photographer and cameraman on BBC and National Geographic documentary films since 1998.

Between 1989 and 1997 he worked for Save The Rhino Trust, led photographic Safari's and worked as a game ranger on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

He is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but travels extensively.

In 2007 Paul was named as one of the top wildlife photographers in the world by Digital Photographer Magazine.

Recent Clients

  1. BBC
  2. National Geographic
  3. PBS Television
  4. History Channel
  5. ITV


  1. Photo Vernissage Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia 2008
  2. Photo Vernissage Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia 2009
  3. Scarborough Collective, Cape Town, 2010


Portfolios of example work from Paul Brehem Film & Photography: