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Newsletter October 2016


Game of Thrones Special Announcement


Filming is now underway for season seven of the phenomenally successful fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. One of the confirmed upcoming locations is the scenically stunning areas in and around Cáceres in Western Spain, and Photographers Direct has a man on the ground ready to capture images of where the filming is taking place. Experienced photojournalist Esteban Martinena Guerero is based in the city of Cáceres, right in the centre of the action, and we are offering not only Esteban's photos but also a complete features package with accompanying text ready to slot into your publication. To find out more about the offer, cast your eyes down to the bottom of the newsletter.

But not before you've checked out our other photographers! From 'thrones' to 'drones', HOsiHO is a French company with a growing collection of aerial drone-videoed footage from all around France. Drone-perspective film sequences are becoming the must-have in any production, and HOsiHO are clearly the experts in France.

Another publishing trend is electronic books, and photographer Bill Palmer is proud to announce his Kindle-based guide for photographers planning a European city-break. For timeless images of farming scenes meanwhile, Dave Reede is continuing to update his quality agricultural stock-library, whilst Felipe Caparrós Cruz continues his visual exploration of Andalusian culture. Finally, we have David Kimber, who has recently added a range of convertible Supercars to his comprehensive car and bike library.

We wish everyone all the best in the production of season seven of Game of Thrones. We haven't any spoilers for how the plot will go, but to quote Ramsay Bolton (season 3, episode 6) 'If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention' !


Sami Sarkis, HOsiHO, France
Bill Palmer, Lightmancer, United Kingdom
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Felipe Caparrós Cruz, Felipe Caparros Photographer, Spain
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Esteban Martinena Guerrero, E.Martinena Fotografía, Spain


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Sami Sarkis

Aerial stock footage of France Showreel 2015

We are happy to share with you our latest stock footage added over the last months!

HOsiHO collection now has 2000+ stunning Aerial Drone Footage of France, ready to license!

Watch the most recent drone videos from this summer 2016 by our community of talented pros contributors:

Meanwhile, don't miss those Top French locations: Alps - Mont-Ventoux - Verdon Gorges - Pont du Gard and Languedoc-Roussillon region - Loire valley and Chenonceau castle - Mont-Saint-Michel - Marseille, Avignon, Lyon, Paris - Provence villages - Normandy - Brittany - Camargue - Ardeche - Limousin

And if it turns out that we don’t have the footage or photograph you urgently need, we can shoot it very quickly through our network of partners and make it instantly available online for you to download: please check the Shoot-On-Demand service!

Looking forward to serving you soon!


Sami Sarkis
phone: 33-646-194-926


photo by Bill PalmerQR-Code

F8 and Been There by Bill Palmer

The short city break today is a performance art-form, made possible by modern transport and particularly by low-cost airlines; it is the rhyming couplet - or, depending upon your destination, the limerick - of leisure travel and deserves to be appreciated and captured as such.

This is a light-hearted book of advice and guidance, hints and tips intended for photographers contemplating a 48-72 hour European citybreak to one of ten popular destinations. Read no further if your idea of travel photography is sending your mates a duckface selfie from the beach in Marbella.

F8 and Been There is written for photographers who are fed up of getting home with that nagging feeling of having been there, missed something, that they have just re-shot all the cheesy guidebook shots or wasted much of their valuable leisure time on overhyped rubbish. You can spend endless hours searching the web, or having your interest piqued by the weekend travel sections without getting to the really useful stuff for anyone who enjoys seeing the world through a viewfinder and capturing it for future reference.

I've set out to right that wrong. Every destination that I write about in this book I have visited, sometimes more than once, on business, pleasure or both. I have written the book that would have saved me time, money, backache and blisters if someone else had written it first.

Read more about F8 and Been There or purchase for Kindle at Amazon.

Bill Palmer
United Kingdom
phone: 07775334441

photo by Dave Reede

At, Dave Reede provides premium quality agriculture imagery for editorial, advertising and corporate fine art usage. 
He is continually updating his stock files with new and exciting photography.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-257-6089


Felipe Caparrós has worked as a freelance photographer for various national magazines on popular Andalusian culture. His sensitivity and way of seeing the folk traditions have been a source of inspiration for painters and publishers in Spain, the UK and the USA. From small he has lived close to the popular Andalusian traditions thanks to his father: the world of bullfighting, flamenco, holy week, and the more traditional trades.

His photographs stand out because they transmit complicity, evoke simplicity, and beautiful memories. Felipe Caparrós is not interested in a bombastic style; he tries to teach the naturalness of a gesture, a scene, an attitude... with an extraordinary technique, in keeping with their own style.

Felipe Caparrós Cruz
Felipe Caparros Photographer
phone: +34-661770075

photo by Felipe Caparrós Cruz
photo by David Kimber

New images recently uploaded to the Car Photo Library website feature a selection of new convertible Supercars from top manufacturers around the world. This is the 488 Spider, the latest release from Ferrari. 

Contact library manager David Kimber for more details.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849


Game of Thrones

photo by Esteban Martinena Guerrero

Los Barruecos, probable filming location for Game of Thrones season 7


There is much speculation, but it looks certain that a lot of the filming for season seven of the TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones is going to be around Cáceres in the Extremadura region of Western Spain. Luckily, we have a photographer living in Cáceres itself, on hand to capture the spirit of the filming locations and bring it to your publication.

Esteban Martinena Guerrero is an experienced photojournalist who has just returned from photographing the plight of Syrian refugees in Turkish refugee camps. He is ready for some light relief and wants to work with Photographers Direct to convey fantasy battles rather than the real thing.

The actual filming locations for Game of Thrones are clothed in secrecy, but casting calls for thousands of actors in the region around Cáceres from mid-November indicate that something major is going to be filmed there. The old town of Cáceres is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has exactly the right High Mediaeval feel about it to be a certainty for filming. Other locations being mentioned include the village of Malpartida de Cáceres, the lakeside weathered granite landscape of Los Barruecos (pictured above), and the nearby old Arab fortress of Trujillo.

Wherever the filming actually takes place, Esteban will be able to deliver location shots. We are offering a photograph and text package that combines his photos with a feature that is half about the TV show, and half aimed at tourists whose interest has been piqued by Game of Thrones. If this sounds interesting to you or you want to discuss variations on this offer, then please email Alternatively, please contact Esteban through his PD portfolio for individual location shots.

Cáceres, Spain: photo by Esteban Martinena Guerrero

Old Town Cáceres: One of the shooting locations for the Game of Thrones


Esteban Martinena Guerrero
E.Martinena Fotografía




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