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Newsletter November 2015


From the Heights of the Sky to the Depths of the Earth


Welcome to the latest newsletter from Photographers Direct!
This issue our contributors are showcasing images ranging from stunning high-up aerial images of France to powerful mining shots taken deep down below the Earth.
Naturally, life in all its wonderful variety is covered at ground-level too.

The HOsiHO library gives us a bird's eye perspective on French landscapes and cities by skilfully using drones, whereas Kevin Palmer has gone in the other direction and created a virtual photo studio 3,000 feet below ground.

French topics are further covered in stunning detail by Patrice Aguilar and, skipping to the other side of the World, James Brunker is capturing the essence of Bolivia, Peru and Chile and distilling it onto his new website.

If you are after images of motorbike track speed and action then David Kimber's Bike Photo Library is the must-go place to look, but if you are after something more contemplative Erin Naillon has some cool shots of Europe that are worth spending time with.

Finally, Dave Reede Photography has a mammoth collection of images from nature in Canada, including an extensive library of agricutural photos. And you can't get more down to earth than actually farming it!


HOsiHO, Aerial Stock Footage Of France, France
Kevin Palmer, Kevin Palmer Creative Services, Canada
Patrice Aguilar, Patrice Aguilar Photography, France
James Brunker, Magical Andes Photography, Bolivia
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Erin Naillon, Erin Naillon Photography, Czech Republic
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by HOsiHO

HOsiHO announces fresh new aerial stock images of France!

HOsiHO is a large online library collection of fantastic aerial video footage and photos, mostly shot by drone (UAV), and taken by a group of more than 30 talented professional photographers and cameramen based at the four corners of France.

Through the library you can license high-quality material immediately online today, including video 4K.

Here at HOsiHO, we love the creative possibilities offered by drones. They offer new ways of capturing the beauty of our world, especially the landscapes and cities of France. We represent the very best aerial film makers so that we can supply picture buyers with aerial images depicting the outstanding natural and architectural sites of France.

Our aerial images and videos are produced using a variety of aircraft that are duly empowered to operate in France, e.g. drone, microlight, helicopter, aircraft, paramotor, hot air balloon etc. And we are fully licensed to operate in France.

We are energetic, growing fast and constantly adding new images, so please come and visit soon. And check back regularly as we're always updating our collection.

Be sure not to miss those top French locations already waiting for you in our database: Verdon gorges, Normandy, Pont du Gard and region , Loire valley and Chenonceau castle, Mont-Saint-Michel, Marseille, Lyon, Avignon, Paris, Provence villages, Alps, Mont-Ventoux, ...

And if it turns out that we don't have the footage or photograph you urgently need, we can shoot it very quickly through our network of partners and make it instantly available online for you to download: please check the Shoot-on-Demand service!

Looking forward to serving you soon!


Aerial Stock Footage Of France
phone: +33 646.194.926


photo by Kevin Palmer

Photographer Kevin Palmer has spent years dividing his time between shooting adventure and recreation in the great outdoors of Ontario and Manitoba and the spacious studio he's created in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Now he's taken his skills underground -- one half mile underground to be exact -- to capture images of the people and machinery of the mining industry.

It's no easy feat to create a virtual photo studio 3,000 feet under the ground. Kevin's two biggest challenges were working in such tight quarters and locating enough power to generate the light he needed without knocking out all the circuit breakers in the tunnel.

Typical of Kevin's ingenuity, he overcame the obstacles, made buddies and models out of men not accustomed to being in front of a camera and created memorable images for an industry that typically doesn't draw much attention from a creative photographer.

Kevin has plans to continue shooting in mines and on drilling rigs but he's also not giving up his love of shooting the sun, sky, forests and water of his native Canada.


Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer Creative Services
phone: 807-473-3648


photo by Patrice Aguilar

Patrice Aguilar is a french-based photographer specializing in nature, travel and fine art photography. His work is regularly published in national and international magazines.

He works for more than 20 years on special french topics like white horses of Camargue, lavender fields, Provence old villages, French Riviera, Paris, Normandy...

Patrice is available for special photography productions around France and Europe and a wide range of High Def photographs are already easily downloadable on his website.

Contact him by email if you would like to commission him for a particular project or any picture research (animals, landscapes, villages, festivals... ).

Patrice Aguilar
Patrice Aguilar Photography
phone: +33(0)687225640

photo by James Brunker

Bolivia based British photographer James Brunker has recently launched his new Magical Andes Photography website of images of Bolivia, Peru and Chile (especially the northern Atacama Desert regions). Images cover a wide range of subjects such as landscapes, towns, cities and buildings, festivals and customs, flora and fauna, the environment, news and social issues and are fully keyworded. Facilities for picture reseachers such as lightboxes, downloading comps, on-line file delivery etc are also available.

James has an extensive collection of images from the region in his archives (many of locations and events that are not widely available) and these are continually being added to the site database.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need to commission a photographer in the area please get in touch!


James Brunker
Magical Andes Photography
phone: (00591) 72542159
 facebook  Twitter: @jamesbrunker


Recently added to the Bike Photo Library files and website are a selection of track action images taken at the Donington round of this year's World Superbike Championship, featuring teams from Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta and Suzuki.

Contact library manager David Kimber for further details.

David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849

photo by David Kimber
photo by Erin Naillon

Erin Naillon has more than a quarter of a century of experience in photography, starting in film and transitioning to digital.

She is an American with residency in the European Union, which gives her the ability to work in all 28 European Union member states, as well as the United States.
She enjoys photographing nature, events, and architecture, as well as looking out for candid shots.

She takes her camera with her everywhere she goes.


Erin Naillon
Erin Naillon Photography
Czech Republic
Erin’s portfolio on Photographers Direct


Dave Reede has thousands of premium quality stock images available for use and continues to upload new and exciting imagery on a continual basis.

In addition to his main website he also displays his best agriculture imagery on his agriculture website at

Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-257-6089

photo by Dave Reede


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