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Newsletter June 2015


Jane Hobson, Jane Hobson Photography, United Kingdom
Robin Weaver, Robin Weaver Photography, United Kingdom
Jonathan Bowles, Jon Bowles Photography, Qatar
Felipe Caparrós Cruz, Digicomphoto Agency Press, Spain
Maria Tarasoff, Maria Tarasoff Photography, Canada
Reuben Tabner, Reuben Tabner Photography, United Kingdom
Dirk Verwoerd, Architectural Photographer Dirk Verwoerd, Netherlands
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Jane Hobson

Jane Hobson is a UK-based, photographer specialising in the arts, portraiture and travel, often combining all three. Her work appears in all the national newspapers and some international ones.

Jane will be spending the whole of August in Edinburgh, and is available for production photography, installation photography, editorial/location portraiture, travel-related photography, in and around the festivals, as well as outside the festival bubble.

Contact her by email or ‘phone if you would like to commission her for a particular project, also for any specific pictures e.g. productions on the press photocall lists, performer/writer/director portraits, festival events, private views, Edinburgh views, ‘where to escape the festivals’ locations, etc.


Jane Hobson
Jane Hobson Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07798794205


photo by Robin Weaver

Travel and landscape photographer Robin Weaver is returning to his roots for a book which offers a fascinating retrospective of life in South Wales in the 1970s.
In ‘A Different Country’, his monochrome images evoke memories of places which have greatly altered over the years.
Weaver began his career as a press photographer on a Welsh local newspaper over 40 years ago and, in his free time, explored the back streets of the Welsh valleys with his trusty Leica to hand.
The former Newport College of Art student, whose work now appears in magazines and newspapers, books and calendars, explained: “I was driven to capture a unique place and atmosphere for no other reason than a compulsion to seal the image of a place that was bound to change.
“What really inspired me were the Welsh people, whatever they were doing. The sort of photographs I was required to take for the newspaper were often staged – very different from what I liked to take for myself.
“I believe that old photographs develop a special character, a unique sheen imbued with the passage of time.
“Looking through these photographs today four decades later I find myself not only in a different time, but also in a different country."
* A Different Country is available from Blurb in paperback and hardback.
Follow this link:
Prices from £29.49

Robin Weaver
Robin Weaver Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07833447687

photo by Jonathan Bowles

Jon Bowles is a photographer based in Qatar specialising in aerial, infrared and architectural photography. His aerial images also include infrared and night images. Jon's past clients include architectural firms, construction companies, publishers, advertising agencies a museum. His aerial images from around the world have also been used as backgrounds in artwork, published in text books, and sold as fine art prints; one of his aerial images was Highly Commended in the Low Light category of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. Jon undertakes commissioned work in Qatar in addition to offering a wide range of aerial images and city-scapes from around the world.


Jonathan Bowles
Jon Bowles Photography
phone: +97455365207


The popular arts and traditions both in the past and in the present, are the material, artistic and spiritual manifestations transmitted and created by the people.

Institutionally all these manifestations are present in its current version in folklore, which focuses on the annual festivities to celebrate harvests and others such as bullfighting, Holy week rites and folk customs through time...

Behind my camera I try to express all this art, so that it will endure in time.

Felipe Caparrós believes that a passion for photography combined with our strong style and understanding of light and composition create stunning images for every client. Based in spain/jaen, we have an excellent reputation for creating bespoke photography both in studio and on location.

Felipe Caparrós Cruz
Digicomphoto Agency Press
phone: +34-661770075

photo by Felipe Caparrós Cruz

Maria Tarasoff is pleased to offer a large collection of images from Yemen. Taken in 2008 and 2009 these images are pre-revolution and show the beauty of Yemen that is rarely seen. Portraits, street scenes, landscapes and cityscapes from Sana'a, Socotra, Hadramaut, Mukalla, Jibla, Taiz and many small mountain villages. Please contact directly at

Maria Tarasoff
Maria Tarasoff Photography
phone: 01 250 740 1123

photo by Maria Tarasoff
photo by Reuben Tabner

Reuben Tabner is an action and adventure sports photographer based in the UK, he has recently returned from working in the Himalayas of Nepal, just a day’s walk from Everest Base Camp. His work is used by publications and brands around the world, including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, New Scientist, Berghaus, LED Lenser and Seat Cars.

Check out his portfolio at along with an extensive collection of images from Nepal in his Archive, all of which are available for licence.

Reuben is currently available for commissions in Scotland, the UK, Europe and World wide.


Reuben Tabner
Reuben Tabner Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07772125869


photo by Dirk Verwoerd

Architectural photographer Dirk Verwoerd has been working for 4 days on the World Expo 2015 in Milan. If you are looking for pictures from a pavilion or for a publication, please visit ( click world expo 2015 ) You'll find a selection of 200 images there.


Dirk Verwoerd
Architectural Photographer Dirk Verwoerd
phone: 003133 461 57 57


photo by David Kimber

New images recently uploaded to the Car Photo Library website include a selection of new Supercars from the top manufacturers including Ferrari and Maserati. This is the Huracan, the latest release from Lamborghini. Contact library manager David Kimber for more details.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849




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