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Newsletter September 2013


Phil Clarke-Hill, Phil Clarke-Hill Photography, United Kingdom / Brazil
Jason Laure, Jason Laure Photography, United States
Diana Russler, Diana Russler And Bill Gent Photography, United States
Richard Osbourne, Richard Osbourne Photography, United Kingdom
Ricardo Lisboa, Ricardo Lisboa Photography, Brazil
Steve Lynch, Egna Laura Ojeda Hernandez, Mexico
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Martyn Chillmaid, Martyn Chillmaid Photography, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Phil Clarke-Hill

Phil Clarke-Hill has just launched his new website. The site is fully updated with brand new travel, documentary, portrait and NGO content, and now a multimedia section showing his latest exciting way of working.

There are several new stories on there that are ready for publication, covering subjects such as: the Cuban Santeria religion (World exclusive), the London fringe folk and blues music scene, and the Christmas tree harvest in the Scottish highlands.

He'd also like to use this opportunity to tell all image buyers and commissioners with an interest in Brazil, that he will be based there from Nov 2013 - August 2014, so if you need any content from there or are looking to hire a reliable and talented photographer, please don't hesitate get in touch.


Phil Clarke-Hill
Phil Clarke-Hill Photography
United Kingdom / Brazil
phone: +447748 800276


photo by Jason Laure

Jason Laure is a U.S. photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa most of the year. He has continuing coverage of the gold, diamond and platinum industry in southern Africa and has a 30-year archive dating back to the apartheid era, including Nelson Mandela’s presidency.

Jason also has classic tribal images including the Dogon of Mali, Samburu and Maasai of East Africa and Bushmen of southern Africa.

He has extensive and ongoing coverage of crafts, cultures and contemporary life in southern Africa including the Garden Route of South Africa.

Jason Laure is also known for his archive of the Sixties in the United States including the entire experience of the 1969 Woodstock Festival in color and black/white.


Jason Laure
Jason Laure Photography
United States
phone: 1 646 657-1037


photo by Diana Russler

Diana Russler and Bill Gent are New York-based photographers whose eclectic collection of travel, nature, wildlife and landscape photographs can be seen at their new website. Feel free to check it out!


Diana Russler
Diana Russler And Bill Gent Photography
United States
phone: 001-917-754-3913


photo by Richard Osbourne

British Panoramic Photographer Richard Osbourne is delighted to announce that he has won 12 Bronze Awards in the International Photographic Pano Awards 2013. Award winning images include forests, landscapes and cityscapes.

You can see the full collection of outstanding, super-high resolution panoramics, all available for Licensing at:

Richard's super-high resolution panoramics are suitable for very large installations up to 3m high, with super wide aspect ratios up to 11:1.


Richard Osbourne
Richard Osbourne Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01508 535840


photo by Ricardo Lisboa

Ricardo Lisboa is a corporate, editorial and documentary photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He has been delivering editorial and corporate jobs to clients in Brazil and in Europe (UK, Germany and Belgium). Ricardo is also associated photographer of Agência Estado (a mayor news agency in Brazil) and Getty Images Latin America, both for stock images and hard news coverage.

Family portraits are part of his work too, photographing families with a natural and authorial language and under the light of their daily lives, in work entitled “Real People”.

Lisboa also sells Fine art and décor prints to all over the world. In recent years he was among the artists selected to integrate two important exhibitions (in Brazil and Egypt) and was a finalist in the context “Freedom And Capacity of Knowledge” organized by UNESCO worldwide.

Check out his website and like his facebook page!


Ricardo Lisboa
Ricardo Lisboa Photography
phone: +55 11 967592993


photo by Steve Lynch

Steve Lynch runs an award-winning photographic studio based in Mexico City. The studio specialize in photographing Hotels and Resorts. Please visit their website.

Steve Lynch
Egna Laura Ojeda Hernandez
phone: 90002297

photo by David Kimber

New images added to the Car & Bike Photo Library files this month focus on this summer's automotive events, including coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed which celebrated its 20th anniversary in the company of personalities from the 2 and 4-wheeled racing worlds and was attended by a record number of F1 stars, past and present. Contact library manager David Kimber for further details.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849


photo by Martyn Chillmaid

Okay, so you can spend hours on the web looking for exactly the right shot and for some things this is the best way to go. But Martyn Chillmaid has spent decades producing brief-matching images; he's done the research, he's advised on pitfalls and he'll get you exactly the shot you needed.

Martyn has specialized in the sciences but has also provided pictures for History, Maths, Geography, French, ICT.... in fact most of the curriculum from Preschool to A-Level and beyond. Pass on the burden and let Martyn get the drinks in the right order and with all the information on glasses, drink volumes and alcohol percentages worked out, for-instance.

You can see some of his past work in portfolios on Photographers Direct or at his website.


Martyn Chillmaid
Martyn Chillmaid Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01527459751




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