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Newsletter March 2013


Serdar, , United States
Mohamad Itani, Mohamad Itani Photography, United Kingdom
Luigino Visconti, Luigino Visconti Photography, Italy
Craig Robinson, Craig Robinson Photography, Germany
David Smith, Interface Images, Canada
Richard Osbourne, Richard Osbourne Photography, United Kingdom
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Serdar

Photographer Serdar Sunny Unal has just returned from Rio de Janeiro with vibrant visuals of the 2013 Carnival, particularly covering the Special Groups Parade at the Sambadrome.

Serdar's online RM Stock Collection mainly focuses on travel imagery from the Americas and allows art buyers to search, license, & download instantly.


United States
phone: +1 310 383 3850


Mohamad Itani is proud to announce the new update of his website. Mohamad Itani specializes in book covers with more than 1000 published book covers around the world. His portfolio contains a huge collection of images to provide researchers with a unique source of creative imagery.

To see a list of his representing agencies please visit the links page on his website.

Mohamad Itani
Mohamad Itani Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44(0) 7930 480325

photo by Mohamad Itani

This is the study of a particular work of a great artist of the Italian Renaissance and famous all over the world: Michelangelo Buonarroti. It is a magnificent wood carving depicting Christ on the Cross. One of the early works, was performed in 1493 and is now well preserved in the church of Santo Spirito in Florence (Italy).

Photographer Luigino Visconti has several shots of the sculpture itself. Moreover, in his store, you will find a wide range of reproductions of works of art in museums and churches in Italy. In the case, the image you require is not immediately available, Luigino can quickly produce new material, with a high standard of professionalism, anywhere in Italy.


Luigino Visconti
Luigino Visconti Photography
phone: +393294389160


Craig Robinson is a Berlin-based photographer from California who specializes in photographs of people and events. A long term photo documentary on the cause and effect of gentrification is in the works. In the wake of the recent East Side Gallery / Berlin Wall removal protests on March 1, 2013, we have to ask ourselves how much power we should give to greedy developers whose only interest is building bigger bank accounts rather than building communities.

Gentrification is the subject of an ongoing documentary photography and writing project by Craig Robinson. The subject is urban gentrification and its effect on society.

"It is more than just a series of standoffs between stoic police and dirty hippies. Gentrification is a byproduct of the bubble economies which at first promise to inflate local economies in desirable cities, but in fact leave communities shattered, rents raised across the board, and a mass exodus of whole income groups. The bubble bursts and we all pay."

Included in the Gentrification photo documentary are images of the restoration of the East Side Gallery / Berlin Wall in 2009, the closure of Arthouse Tacheles by developers in 2012 and most recently, the protests at the East Side Gallery.

Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson Photography
phone: +49 (0) 170 127 9872

photo by Craig Robinson
photo by David Smith

David Smith's "Istanbul Sunset-Call to Prayer" image was selected as Image of the Day by Light & Composition Magazine on Mar. 7.

New additions to his Interface Images online World collection:
- Cruise ships, life on board & ports of call
- Ethnic life, culture & people
- Faces of Iceland and Estonia
- Idyllic Polynesia
- St. Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Visit his Blog "Images-Connecting the World"

And please "like"


David Smith
Interface Images
phone: 604-818-7662


photo by Richard Osbourne

Do You Need Stunning High Resolution Panoramas?

Richard Osbourne has an outstanding collection of super high resolution panoramic images - perfect for printing at very large sizes on walls.

All images are suitable for any large print use including very large wallpaper prints up to 3m high. A variety of aspect ratios are available from the standard 2 and 3:1 up to a mammoth 11:1!

Latest shoots include Iceland, Pembrokeshire, Autumn and Winter Forests and Northern Ireland:


Richard Osbourne
Richard Osbourne Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01508 535840


photo by Dave Reede

Dave Reede has just updated his website with a "New Photos 2013" section. It contains fifteen portfolio pages showcasing some of Dave's most recent work, including his newest agriculture imagery. His files are continually being updated and currently contain well over 100,000 images. Dave's imagery is used world-wide on an ongoing basis, for uses ranging from editorial to major advertising campaigns.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445




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