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Newsletter September 2012


Jorge Parra, Jorge Parra Photography, United States
Diego Lezama Orezzoli, Diego Lezama Orezzoli Photography, Brazil
David Kilpatrick, Icon Publications Ltd, United Kingdom
Scott Leslie, Scott Leslie, Canada
Ed Suter, Ed Suter Photography, South Africa
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Travel Image Library, South Africa
Richard Osbourne, Richard Osbourne Photography, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Jorge Parra

Jorge Parra Photography welcomes overseas clients coming to Florida this season, to successfully produce their upcoming projects.

With over 25 years shooting in the advertising and editorial industry, Photographer, Director and Creative Producer Jorge Parra will handle your creative requirements and production values seamlessly, towards a successful and visually impacting campaign.

Check our his website for great visuals, and get some insights and behind the scenes comments in his Blog at


Jorge Parra
Jorge Parra Photography
United States
phone: 786-222-9405


photo by Diego Lezama Orezzoli

Diego Lezama has moved to Brazil where he has been granted with a new nationwide campaign for the CNA, a Brazilian government organization that oversees all kinds of agriculture around the country, including rice, soy, corn, coffee, wheat, bean, orange and cotton among others. Diego will be visiting many sites, from the world's most productive sugar cane factory to the largest coffee plantation or the most advanced technology developed for harvesting.

It is a challenging one year project in which he will travel to most of the states of the soon-to-be world's 5th largest economy.

Diego Lezama Orezzoli
Diego Lezama Orezzoli Photography


Icon Publications Ltd - the original creators of titles like PhotoPro, Photon, Freelance Photographer and f2 magazine - have launched a new quarterly subscription-only magazine called Cameracraft. With a worldwide readership already growing, it heralds a return to pure photographic values and a bit of a rebellion against gratuitous HDR, plug-in effects and me-too image looks. But it's not Luddite and the first issue features everything from a vintage carbon print to modern wet collodion, iPhone art to the Impossible Project's Polaroid revival. Every issue includes a central 8-page portfolio and the first to be featured are Trevor and Faye Yerbury.

David Kilpatrick is the editor and publisher working from Icon's base in Scotland. Gary Friedman is running the US editorial office near LA - it's 70 years since the original f64 Group favourite magazine 'Camera Craft' was published in California, and the editors hope to put the same mix of technical, craft, science and fine art into the new 'Cameracraft'.

UK subscription costs £20 a year - it's entirely free from advertising, has an optional three year bookshelf binder, and the 44-page editions will be something readers want to keep permanently. Europe: £23. USA/CAN/AUS and rest of world - £25.

To learn more about Cameracraft and see the subscription options, visit:

David Kilpatrick
Icon Publications Ltd
United Kingdom
phone: 01573 226032

photo by David Kilpatrick
photo by Scott Leslie

Represented by the world's foremost nature photo agency, Scott Leslie is a wildlife and natural history photographer who specializes in vividly coloured, intimate portraits of the Earth. His specialties include a wide array of North American songbirds which are suitable for calendars, cards, jigsaw puzzles and field guides; dramatic coastal seascapes of the North Atlantic region, and a variety of other natural subjects.

Scott's work has been published widely, including National Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, and Reader's Digest. He is the author and photographer of six books on natural history, a National Magazine Award finalist, and twice Atlantic Journalism Awards winner.

Scott's professionalism extends to his courteous and efficient dealings with clients. See more of his work on Photographers Direct; and for print sales at


Scott Leslie
Scott Leslie
phone: 902-467-0247


photo by Ed Suter

Ed Suter has had his collection of South African street life images published by Quivertree Publications. Ed's book celebrates the great style found on the streets of downtown South Africa in fashion, graphic design and street art. The Sunday Times in South Africa called it, "A 288 page extravaganza of such colour that it should come with an epilepsy warning." Ed Suter has an eye for the offbeat, the characterful, the colourful, the contemporary and the traditional and it's all there on the streets of downtown South Africa. From towering street art to hand painted signs, vibrant fabrics to bold fashion, Sharp Sharp celebrates all that is unique in the African metropolis. For more information or to see a preview of the book, visit


Ed Suter
Ed Suter Photography
South Africa
phone: 00 27 76 126 5868


photo by Dave Reede

Dave Reede Photography continues to produce high quality stock photography for a variety of uses. Dave has now uploaded over seven thousand images on a variety of topics including in-depth agriculture, landscapes and outdoor recreation which can be accessed through his website. Dave's stock files contain over 100,000 photographs. To view a wide selection of images, use the link in the "stock photography" section of his website.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The Travel Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. Ariadne has an exciting new collection of Arctic images.


Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Travel Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464


photo by Richard Osbourne

Do You Need Stunning High Resolution Panoramas of Britain?

Richard Osbourne has an outstanding collection of 500 super high resolution panoramic images of most parts of the UK - cities, landscapes, forests, lakes, mountains, seascapes - all available to license worldwide.

All images are suitable for any large print use including very large wallpaper prints up to 3m high. A variety of aspect ratios are available from the standard 2 and 3:1 upto a mammoth 11:1!

See the full collection - including the very popular kinetic abstracts - here:


Richard Osbourne
Richard Osbourne Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01508 535840




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