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Newsletter December 2011


Carsten Krieger, Carsten Krieger Photography, Ireland
Laurie Allread, Laurie Allread Photography, United States
Elbie Lebrecht, Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library, United Kingdom
Martyn Chillmaid, Martyn Chillmaid Photography, United Kingdom
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Josef Fojtik, Josef Fojtik, Czech Republic
Henry Arvidsson, Henry Arvidsson Photography, Netherlands
Duncan Usher, Duncan Usher Photography, Germany
Brad Mitchell, Brad Mitchell Photography, United States
Sandra Merritt-Garcia, Sandra Merritt-Garcia Photography, United States
Henry Westheim, Asia Photo Connection, Taiwan


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Carsten Krieger

Wild Ireland Photography brings you a constantly growing collection of some of the best landscape and wildlife images from Ireland. Carsten Krieger, the photographer behind Wild Ireland Photography, has an intimate knowledge of the country and his work is highly acclaimed:

"There's a haunting quality to his work that makes even familiar images feel eerily new"
Irish Independent

A wide selection of stock images is available directly from his website.


Carsten Krieger
Carsten Krieger Photography
phone: 00353876949385


photo by Laurie Allread

Laurie Allread will be traveling on the Russian icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov from New Zealand to the Ross Sea, Antarctica for a month long expedition. Laurie will capture images of wildlife from the Subantarctic islands as well as the Dry Valley, the Ross Ice Shelf and Emperor Penguin colonies. Images will be available during mid December. If interested in following her blog from Antarctica can be viewed here:

Laurie Allread
Laurie Allread Photography
United States
phone: 949 866 2155

photo by Elbie Lebrecht

Lebrecht Music & Arts image library is pleased to announce that ‘Face to Face’, an exhibition of leading literary figures by Lebrecht artist, Zsuzsi Roboz, is open to the public at Messum’s Gallery in Cork Street, London, W1S 3LJ.

Zsuzsi Roboz first came to the UK in 1947 from Hungary, and is a formidable portrait artist. When launching their Author Pictures collection in 2008, Lebrecht asked Zsuzsi to paint portraits of leading writers. She was hugely enthusiastic about this suggestion and has succeeded by charm and force of character to persuade many of the country’s most formidable authors, as well as some of the most charming, to sit for her – ‘face to face’. The result is an extraordinary study of the inner lives of British authors today. They include contemporary British writers such as PD James, Coim Tobin, Faye Weldon, Edna O’Brien, Josephine Hart, Philip Pullman – all now available at For more information about the exhibition, please visit


Elbie Lebrecht
Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library
United Kingdom
phone: 0207 625 5341


photo by Martyn Chillmaid

If you are looking for history pictures to fill your KS2 books then look no further until you have seen what Martyn Chillmaid has to offer. Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Romans, World War 2 and Tudors. He also has pictures of the English Civil War.

These are re-constructions and re-enactments with groups who take history seriously. Pictures of the Anglo Saxon group were taken at the historical reconstruction of buildings at West Stow. Vikings were taken mainly in Iceland, where there are buildings, foods current at the time and unique exhibits from the National Museum, and some pictures come from a night shoot in Jorvik.

Romans were shot at locations the included the Lunt Fort, Cirencester Museum and Bath. Tudors, civil and military pictures taken at Fowey Castle and Stokesey Castle.
World War 2 pictures were re-enacted on the Severn Valley Railway, in the Black Country Museum, Avoncroft and Flambards blitz exhibition. Victorians were shot in the Black Country Museum and the Victorian village at Iron bridge.

Seeing photographs of real people in costume doing things they would have done at the time helps to connect young people with their past. Pictures are still being added to this web site so contact Martyn to discuss your needs.


Martyn Chillmaid
Martyn Chillmaid Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01527459751


photo by Dave Reede

Dave Reede Photography is busy processing agriculture stock photography shot on location this past spring, summer and autumn. Hundreds of new farming photos have been uploaded over the past several weeks with more being added on a regular basis. To view a wide selection of images use the link in the "stock search" section of the website.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


photo by Josef Fojtik is a new website with RF and RM pictures with subjects autumn, roads, ways, motion blur, textures, surfaces, flowers, grass, and clouds. They have a growing number of pictures you can use as backgrounds and other pictures for your websites, books, show-cards, leaflets, brochures, newsletters and many other applications.


Josef Fojtik
Josef Fojtik
Czech Republic


Daily life in Baghdad
The US troops are leaving Iraq after eight years of occupation. What did it do to Iraq and how did the lives of ordinary Iraqis change. Swedish freelance photographer Henry Arvidsson travelled to Baghdad to find out. He photographed barbers who had close relatives killed by Al Qaeda; a jeweler who handed down the traditions from his grandfather to his sons; he went on a pick-nick to an amusement park with an Iraqi family; met a psychiatrist who runs the country’s fist psychiatric clinic in Sadr City the largest Shia suburb of Baghdad; a private school where kids can be kids; drank lots of tea in a 500 years old teahouse where the patrons now can discuss politics and anything else openly instead of whispering as in Saddam’s time; a gym where Iraqi youth went their frustrations of joblessness and corruption; a Shia mosque; the Friday demonstrations at Tahrir Square and much more. He also travelled to Babylon and the Shia holy places of Kerbala and Najaf.

Henry has travelled throughout the world during two decades and many more topics and images are on his website.

Henry Arvidsson
Henry Arvidsson Photography
phone: +31703627950

photo by Henry Arvidsson
photo by Duncan Usher

Duncan Usher has launched a new website, providing access to high quality images of natural history subjects of Europe and beyond.

Duncan is a full time professional natural history photographer based in Germany. He has provided the publishing industry worlwide over 25 years with his images. Subjects covered are birds, mammals, insects, plants, landscapes, land use and domestic species.

Apart from providing commercial stock photographic images, Duncan aims at a creative approach, portraying natural subjects in a way seldom seen by the casual observer.

Take a look at his fresh and innovative work in the various web galleries. New work is being uploaded constantly.

For requests and information, contact under:-


Duncan Usher
Duncan Usher Photography
phone: 0049 5544 1050


Brad Mitchell Photography is pleased to announce its new stock photography website featuring outdoor adventure, travel and natural history images of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Please stop by the site to experience model-released back-country adventure, children in the outdoors, cityscapes, rural life and the natural world spanning Washington State, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, US National Parks, North America, Europe, China and many points in between. Browse the Galleries or search for specific subjects, locations, activities or concepts. Images are fully captioned and keyworded to help you find and immediately download what you are looking for, whether for commercial, editorial or personal use.

Be sure to take advantage of the introductory 25% discount through February 2012 by using coupon code PDINTRO25 upon checkout.

Also check out the new Blog and Facebook page as well. Links are on the website.

Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell Photography
United States
phone: 425-418-7279

photo by Brad Mitchell
photo by Sandra Merritt-Garcia

Sandra Merritt has exhibited her photographs at galleries across the country. Her latest exhibit, "Women Nude in the Natural Landscape" permits an intimate glimpse into the sensuality of the female nude. Working with a 4x5 view camera, Sandra uses black and white to enhance and contrast the symmetry of the female form and the natural world. For additional photos contact the artist.


Sandra Merritt-Garcia
Sandra Merritt-Garcia Photography
United States
phone: 208 8914656


photo by Henry Westheim

Asia Photo Connection wishes everyone all the best for 2012 and the years to come.

Happy New Year!

If you're looking for stock photos of Asia or Asians, or you'd like to photograph an assignment in Asia, Asia Photo Connection will help you.

Based in Taiwan, the Republic of China, Asia Photo Connection is happy to help you with your Asia photo needs.


Henry Westheim
Asia Photo Connection
phone: +886 9 3140-4211




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