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Newsletter October 2011


David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Henry Westheim, Asia Photo Connection, Taiwan
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Russell Sneddon, TheScribe(Europe), United Kingdom
pipe caparros cruz, Digicomphoto Agency Press, Spain
Bob Tetro, Photo Journeys Abroad, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by David Kimber

Newly arrived at Bike Photo Library are superb action images from the 2011 SBK Superbike World Championship, featuring the top bikes and riders from this season's events. Contact library manager David Kimber for more details.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849


photo by Henry Westheim

Asia Photo Connection is excited to share with you Asia stock photos by David H Wells. Listed as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world (PDN, September 2011), David H Wells, published worldwide, has instructed at International Center of Photography in NYC, Santa Fe Workshops, Maine Photography Workshops, just to name a few. We’re sure you’ll enjoy viewing his photos (

If you’re looking for stock photos of Asia or Asians, or you’d like to photograph an assignment in Asia, Asia Photo Connection will help you.

License photos from Asia Photo Connection and receive a 20% discount on all on-line orders placed before November 31, 2011 by entering the following promotion code: pd201111.

Based in Taiwan, Asia Photo Connection is happy to help you with your Asia photo needs.

Henry Westheim
Asia Photo Connection
phone: +886 9-3140-4211

photo by Dave Reede

New Saskatchewan stock photos at Dave Reede Photography include the canola, pea, lentil, barley and wheat harvests, as well as farmers, provincial parks and Northern Saskatchewan. General agriculture stock photos recently uploaded encompass farmers in a repair shop, chemical application of herbicide and fungicide, cultivating and general harvest photos. Data base images can be searched by clicking on the link in the "stock" section of the website.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


photo by Russell Sneddon values their contributing photographers with a market-leading 84% commission on direct sales. As well as offering photojournalism, stock and archive images to picture buyers, StockPix are still seeking contributors who can submit national and international news images of interest to the UK market, and stock images saleable worldwide. To request FTP details to submit images to, please email Russell on

Join the StockPix party on Facebook too - search on FB -!

IMAGE BUYERS - get 20% off any image download by using discount code PDIRECT2011 - offer ends 1st January 2012


Russell Sneddon
United Kingdom
phone: 01312083088


photo by Pipe Caparros Cruz

Pipe Caparros has a special talent for capturing unique moments, full of expression and respect for what he is portraying, and with a perspective very different than any mortal could find.

His main interest is in the picture that reflects popular Spanish culture, from traditional bullfights to the beautiful rural architecture, leaving aside the captivating celebration of Holy Week in Spain. For those who have been enjoying his work, there is no doubt that these issues where his trained eye takes better advantage of those moments and details.


Pipe Caparros Cruz
Digicomphoto Agency Press
phone: +34-661770075


photo by Bob Tetro

Bob Tetro recently returned from a trip to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in the state of Wyoming. He was generally familiar with the area having traveled through it some decades back, but Bob's current photographic focus left him overwhelmed and surprised by the graphic fine art quality to many close up shots around Yellowstone's geyser and hot springs locations. Bob uploaded a handful onto the Photographers Direct site and hopes you will enjoy them.


Bob Tetro
Photo Journeys Abroad
United States
phone: Tel: +1 703 820 6285




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