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Newsletter December 2010


Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Claude Charlebois, Charlebois & Associates Photographers, Canada
Judah S. Harris, Judah S. Harris Photography + Film, United States
Paul Hartley, Paul Hartley Photography, Canada
Peter M. Wilson, Peter M. Wilson Photography, United Kingdom
Ewa Skibinska, Ewa Skibinska Photography, United Kingdom
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
Michael Runkel, Michael Runkel Photographer, Germany
Kayte Deioma, Kayte Deioma Photography, United States
Martyn Chillmaid, Martyn Chillmaid Photography, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Dave Reede

Dave Reede Photography offers premium quality fine art photography prints for personal and corporate use. Dave use the Lab Works, a professional lab, to produce his prints. Artwork is custom made to specifications on a state-of-the-art Chromira printer. It is capable of producing large prints with high fidelity from edge to edge and captures outstanding detail, tonal range and color. Dave also uses the framing expertise at Fleet Galleries to matte and frame his prints.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


photo by Claude Charlebois

Claude Charlebois has just revamped his web site and showcases a portfolio of ecologically oriented fantasy images. He has traveled extensively letting himself become inspired by natural wonders and man's relationship to the environment. He can shoot in extreme environments. He works for the editorial, advertising, entertainment, beauty and fashion industries. He is an expert at image manipulation and delivers final images that tell your story. He is also experienced in high level photography assignments and has worked at NASA on numerous occasions as VIP photographer for the Canadian Space Agency. Claude is also a private pilot and a certified diver and shoots anywhere on the planet.


Claude Charlebois
Charlebois & Associates Photographers
phone: 450-963-6699


photo by Judah S. Harris

Picture researchers and art directors needing assignment photography in the US, can contact photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris who specializes in people and location photography. He offers a strong vision, great service, and quick delivery, shooting in both digital as well as film formats for special projects (panoramic, medium format, and the Holga camera). Images are also available for purchase from his stock collection.

Judah's photographic work is acclaimed internationally for its distinct composition and highly narrative quality. An accomplished photojournalist and fine art photographer, his photography has appeared in in advertising and design projects in the US and internationally, and has been featured in magazines and newspapers, as well as on the covers of more than 40 novels to date. Profiles about Judah's work have appeared in a variety of visual arts magazines and he exhibits in galleries and museums. Judah has begun to work more in film, leads photographic workshops, and writes about photography and creativity.

Contact Judah S. Harris to discuss your US photo assignment needs.


Judah S. Harris
Judah S. Harris Photography + Film
United States
phone: 718.380.7945



Paul Hartley's website has been redesigned with a new look and a variety of new images; traditional and contemporary in style. Find interesting images for your next project from Paul's frequently updated galleries. You can use the convenient online purchase process to download hi-res files or contact Paul directly. Check now, check often and thanks for looking!


Paul Hartley
Paul Hartley Photography
phone: 613-334-7226


photo by Peter M. Wilson

With bases in London and Rio de Janeiro, Peter M. Wilson has travelled extensively, photographing assignments in various locations across Latin America, Asia, North Africa and Europe. His image collection can be researched through a searchable database integrated to his website.

Peter M. Wilson
Peter M. Wilson Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07779 625016


Ewa Skibinska is a UK-based travel & event photographer.

The aim of her work is to capture people on the move: dancing, performing at festivals and carnivals as well as sporting events. She is interested in people's life in its natural and cultural context. This allows her to create dynamic and rich in content pictures.

Full Ewa's portfolio is available on her website and detailed information about photography service at

Bookmark her page for incoming news and galleries at

Ewa Skibinska
Ewa Skibinska Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07871042604

photo by Ewa Skibinska
photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The Africa Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure. Ariadne has an exciting new collection of South Africa images.


Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464


photo by Michael Runkel

Michael Runkel just came back from the rarely visited but very beautiful Eastern part of Algeria and the Kabylie.
New photos from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are also now on his website as are recent photos from North Korea, Tibet and the forgotten kingdom of Guge.

His collection now covers 450,000 photos from more than 130 countries worldwide. Specialised in taking photos from Unesco world heritage sights there are now 450 of those protected places readily available from him.

His next trip in the end of December will bring him to Bangladesh and the Northeastern states of India, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghajala and Tripura.


Michael Runkel
Michael Runkel Photographer
phone: +49-1795968617


Happy Holidays from Kayte Deioma Photography! Kayte Deioma is an internationally published travel, documentary and event photographer based in Long Beach, CA. Though her travels have taken her to many fascinating locations across the globe, she also enjoys documenting the exotic worlds and daily life of the multi-cultural communities of Southern California, including the local California Indian communities. The 7,000+ images in her searchable online database are just a fraction of her stock subjects available. Recently added subjects include: Warm weather Christmas photos Lake Tahoe Outdoor Adventures Reno Rodeo Cambodian New Year (USA) Los Angeles Attractions California Agriculture Big Sur and Monterey, CA Santa Catarina, Brazil Taiwan Available for assignments in Los Angeles and around the world.

Kayte Deioma
Kayte Deioma Photography
United States
phone: 562-434-6052

photo by Kayte Deioma
photo by Martyn Chillmaid

Martyn Chillmaid would like to thank all those publishers and picture buyers that have commissioned and bought pictures from him. Education seems to be going through another revision and his picture library, covering most subject areas, is targeted at that market. He has had years of experience working closely with the educationalists at all levels of education.

As the market has expanded into electronic media, Martyn has successfully developed his video department and now produces High Definition video up to broadcast quality. If you are in search of advice on whether a subject is best suited to still, time lapse or video photography he is always happy to help.

Due to a botched transfer by his telecommunications provider there was a period last month when his phone line was not operating. Currently he has a temporary number 01527 459751.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.


Martyn Chillmaid
Martyn Chillmaid Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01527459751




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