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Newsletter May 2010


Martyn Chillmaid, Martyn Chillmaid Photography, United Kingdom
Paul Williams, Paul Williams Studio Ltd, United Kingdom
R.D.Wayne Holloway, Holloway Photographer, Australia
Sarah MacDonald, Sarah MacDonald Photography, United Kingdom
Steven Sklifas, Steven Sklifas Photography, Australia
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
Glenn Forrest, Glenn Forrest Photography, United States
anthony asael, Anthony Asael Photography, Belgium
Herman Lankreijer, Photo Herman Lankreijer, Germany
David McGill, David McGill Photography, United Kingdom
Alan McCord, Alan McCord Photography, Canada
Patricia Fenn, Patricia Fenn Photography, Greece
Tomeu Ozonas, Fotozonas, Argentina
Julien McRoberts, Julien McRoberts Photography, United States
Thomas Mueller,, Germany
James Brunker, Magical Andes Photography, Bolivia
Duncan Grove ARPS, Duncan Grove Photography, United Kingdom
Douglas Peebles, Douglas Peebles Photography, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Martyn Chillmaid

Martyn Chillmaid, a freelance photographer for educational book publishers, has over 25 years experience in this rapidly changing market. He has recently completed a commission for one of Cambridge's historic colleges.

Now, as well as providing digital photography for educational publishers, Martyn has expanded into providing digital video clips. Any size up to 1080 HD filmed in studio or on location with high quality stereo sound. Education is an audio visual experience. Visit his portfolio at - the wide range of subjects match the National Curriculum. Contact him to commission or buy from his library.

Martyn Chillmaid
Martyn Chillmaid Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01527544438


New European stock photos and food photography by Paul Williams is available on Photographers Direct. A new batch of photos from Hungary, Sicily and Italy has just been uploaded.

This summer Paul Williams will be returning to Croatia to finish off his photo collections started this year. After Croatia Paul will travel to Bosnia, Serbia, Romania (including Transylvania) then to Moldavia. If there are any subjects you would like covering please email him.

As well as on Photographers Direct, you can see Paul Williams travel and food photography on his own site at You can download photos or order prints from this site.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams Studio Ltd
United Kingdom
phone: 0207 387 2637

photo by Paul Williams
photo by R.D.Wayne Holloway

NEW ZEALAND...... Here we come; Wayne Holloway is off to the South Island to explore its magnificent Landscapes, People and Places... if there are any image requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch with him, as he will be more than willing to undertake any of your requests.

His new website is almost complete at

Please check it out. His departure date for New Zealand is on the 19th of please get your requests in early.
Oh and one reason for him going is that he will be shooting F.I.L.M. Yes you heard right he is shooting 4x5 and 6x7 .so if you are after REALLY BIG, HIGH QUALITY files please let him know.


R.D.Wayne Holloway
Holloway Photographer
phone: 0410 577 450


photo by Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald is a new member of PhotographersDirect and is based in Argyll in Scotland. She developed her photography at the Glasgow Art School and after a career at the BBC started full-time photography in 2000. Her pictures illustrate a book about the threatened Black Wood of Rannoch called The Singing Forest (published by Loch Cottage Press) and she supplies images for CD covers for HatHut records based in Switzerland. Her pictures have also been published in The Scotsman and Herald newspapers and The Tablet weekly magazine. Her work is a mixture of black and white film and colour digital images, a good selection of which can be seen on her website. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to purchase images.


Sarah MacDonald
Sarah MacDonald Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01369 870369



Mediterranean Heritage photographer Steven Sklifas is announcing that he will be travelling to the Mediterranean during July and August 2010.

Steven will be adding to his Mediterranean image collection as he visits Italy (including Puglia), Greece, Tunisia, Syria and Jordan and welcomes any image inquires for this trip or future trips.

Steven's wide-ranging library includes tens of thousands of high quality and descriptive images of the ancient lands and diverse countries of Mediterranean region including Greece, Italy, Egypt, Aegean Turkey and Libya.


Steven Sklifas
Steven Sklifas Photography
phone: 0417513517


photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The Africa Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure. Ariadne has an exciting new collection of Cape Town images and is going to Mozambique in May. Any assignments are welcome.


Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464


photo by Glenn Forrest

Glenn Forrest has a recently published article which can be viewed at
Similar articles will be available each month to potential buyers. Glenn also has a new website at During May 2010, Glenn will be traveling to Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Izmir (Turkey), Nafplion, Split, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Iraklion. He would be interested in assignments or photo requests.


Glenn Forrest
Glenn Forrest Photography
United States
phone: 2245201481


photo by Anthony Asael

Award winning photographers Anthony Asael and Stephanie Rabemiafara just came back from a 4 year journey round the world.

Today, they are making available a database of 160,000 pictures from each one of the 192 countries of the world, covering a wide variety of subjects but with a special emphasis on children, education and landscape/travel imagery.

Their unique book ( was launched at the United Nations in New York for the 20 year anniversary of the Children Rights Convention and showcases each of the 192 countries through a local child’s drawing, poem and, and a portrait photograph.

100% of all sales of photographs and commission work will be donated to children programs of Art in All of Us ( around the world.


Anthony Asael
Anthony Asael Photography
phone: +32475427741


photo by Herman Lankreijer

Herman Lankreijer has specialized in making falconry and nature photos and is based in Germany (Munich). He has held exhibitions at trade shows as well as at other locations. An impression can be found on his website:

Herman is mainly interested in taking photos of hunting with birds of prey as well as the falconry shows. Besides this taking photos of animals (domesticated as well as wildlife) is his main interest.


Herman Lankreijer
Photo Herman Lankreijer
phone: +49-(0)8123-927959


Oxfordshire based photographer, David McGill has updated his web site to reflect new work from recent months. In addition to maintaining his stock library David also exhibits and will be taking part once again in Oxfordshire Artweeks at his home in Hook Norton. Artweeks in his area runs from 22nd to 31st May. For further details please see

David McGill
David McGill Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01608 730930

photo by David McGill

Canadian photographer Alan McCord will be returning to Vancouver and Vancouver Island early this summer and welcomes any inquiries about images or stories for these locales.

He will be concentrating his time in the Tofino area on the west coast of Vancouver Island but will also be taking some time in Vancouver and Victoria.

Having been to Vancouver Island numerous times in the past decade, Alan has a particular passion for the dynamics found there and brings a unique perspective to images from the area.


Alan McCord
Alan McCord Photography
phone: 647.882.2526


photo by Patricia Fenn

Patricia Fenn is a freelance photographer and writer based in Crete, Greece.

She travels regularly around the Greek Island and mainland Greece, producing work aimed at travel and photo magazines and journals, as well as stock photography. Patricia can provide both pictures and words which capture the essence of a location.

Recent trips include Rhodes for the Epiphany festival and Crete for the Carnival, Lent and Easter festival. Her documentary images follow a story through its development: from the planting the grape vine to the bottling of wine. She also has extensive coverage of olive oil, from the blossom stage, harvesting, pests, and oil production.

At all locations local food and ethnic cultures are included to complete the story of the diverse lifestyles of individual islands, especialy the lesser know festivals that take place a short distance away from the tourist areas.

Patricia is travelling to Thessaloníki, the Sporodese Islands, the Cyclades Islands and the Dodecanese Islands this summer as well as continuing her in depth coverage of Crete. New images of the Sheep Blessing at Psiloritis, Lassithi village bread festival, the honey festival and various church and alcohol festivals are planed for 2010.

If you don't see the coverage you are looking for with a search of her website she may well have it it on file. If not drop her an email with details and she will endeavour to get that special image while on her travels.


Patricia Fenn
Patricia Fenn Photography
phone: (0030) 28950 31149



Tomeu Ozonas will shoot the picture you need. He is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can get best fees.

Need exclusivity?
Need a picture you cannot find?
Need a pro shooting with good prices and really fast digital delivery?
Need an Argentina image?

15 Years of experience in stock imaging now also to serve clients arround the world.


Tomeu Ozonas
phone: 54-11-48151680


For the past several years award winning photographer, Julien McRoberts has traveled to various countries photographing the world's cultures. Her evocative photography captures the sense of place, an array of relationships: moments of tenderness, joy, and sorrow but always with an eye to its magnificence.

Julien is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is recognized for her bold, vibrant imagery of Native America and the Southwest, her editorial work has been featured in numerous national magazines and book publications. Over 10,000 stock images available from this region.

"Julien McRoberts beautifully captures the optics and mood of the southwest's off-the-beaten-path culture not to mention the unique and open landscapes of the region. And almost as importantly, she got to the (obscure) sites we needed, captured the images, and sent them back to us all in the same day."
Connor Kilpatrick, New York Magazine

New stock images in from Cuba.

Julien McRoberts
Julien McRoberts Photography
United States
phone: (505) 466-6232

photo by Julien McRoberts
photo by Thomas Mueller

The stock photo agency ALIMDI.NET has launched a new web shop. They offer 200,000 rights managed images and 175,000 royalty free images covering a comprehensive range of topics such as landscapes, travelling, nature, science, technology, business, lifestyle, medicine, and food. An optimized search tool allows the user to quickly find the images they need and to download them directly. Owner and professional photographer Thomas Mueller and the entire team provide excellent individual service for all image inquiries.


Thomas Mueller
phone: +49-89-72639481


photo by James Brunker

James Brunker has recently added many new images of Panama to his Magical Andes Photgraphy image library, and continues to add new material on a regular basis from Bolivia (where he is based) and neighbouring countries. Recent additions from Bolivia include new carnival images and the tinku festival near Potosi. James will be in the Cusco area (Peru) during June to shoot various festivals and new material for his collection; if you have any particular image requirements from the region please get in touch!


James Brunker
Magical Andes Photography
phone: (00591) 2 2910929


photo by Duncan Grove ARPS

Duncan Grove ARPS will be shooting The Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2010 as a media-accredited photographer, uploading images to his own (and by prior arrangement) other web sites directly from The Championships on a daily basis.

Duncan is an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society and Wimbledon photography is his speciality and passion. His work has been widely exhibited internationally (including the last four RPS International Exhibitions). Examples can be seen at and more information can be found at

During The Championships Duncan will also be reviewing the best equipment that Nikon has to offer the sports pro photographer for three articles commissioned by the UK’s biggest magazine for professional photographers. He will be shooting with Nikon D3S and D3X bodies, and f/2.8 lenses including 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm VR2, 300mm VR2 and 400mm VR as well sampling review equipment from Nikon’s support stock.

His objective at Wimbledon will be to capture mainly action but some background images that are not only of the very highest technical quality but also have artistic merit. These images will be available for immediate download along with a licence for editorial use at extremely competitive rates.

Should you wish to view or receive such images, please contact Duncan to agree the arrangements that would suit you best.


Duncan Grove ARPS
Duncan Grove Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7710 626680


Douglas Peebles now has 3 apps in the ITunes app store. They are "Hawaii's Best Beaches" "Maui's Best Beaches" and "Seeing Maui". "Maui's Best Beaches" is a single island version of the "Hawaii's Best Beaches". It does have a few additional beaches and is only $0.99. "Hawaii's Best Beaches covers all islands and has over 500 photos for $1.99.

"Seeing Maui" is like a coffee table photo book on your IPhone with maps and captions all for $1.99.

Seeing Maui

Maui's Best Beaches

Hawaii's Best Beaches

Douglas Peebles
Douglas Peebles Photography
United States
phone: 8083427930

photo by Douglas Peebles


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