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Newsletter March 2010


Melissa Hennessy, Krisanda Photography, United States
Nikki Allen, PhotoEdit, United States
Steven Sklifas, Mediterranean Travel And Heritage Photography, Australia
Heidi Laughton, Heidi Laughton Photography, United States
Paul Williams, Paul Williams Studio Ltd ( London & Budapest), United Kingdom
Dave Pattinson, Pattinson Photography, Canada
Miron Abramovici, Miron PhotoArt, United States
Patricia Fenn, Patricia Fenn Photography, Greece
Darren Newbery, Darren Newbery Photography, United Kingdom
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Jonathan Browning, Jonathan Browning Photography, China
Peter Everard-Smith, Everard Smith Photography, United Kingdom
Duncan Grove ARPS, Duncan Grove Photography, United Kingdom
Barry Greff, Barry Steven Greff Photography, United States
Justine Pickett, Papilio, United Kingdom
Liza Kirwan, Liza Kirwan Photography, United Kingdom
andy Tommo, TOMMOPHOTO, United Kingdom
Richard Osbourne, Richard Osbourne Photography, United Kingdom
Tim Gainey, Hazy Sun Images, United Kingdom
Eric Auffhammer, Eric Auffhammer Photography, LLC, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Melissa Hennessy

Updated site with new work & behind the scenes video at See the commercial & editorial work of photographers Walt Denson, Jason Lindsey, Lisa Sciascia, Todd Pierson, Chris Crisman, John Fleck, Ben Fink, Michael Hall, & CGI artist Sean Bushers. Connect to our blog & see recent assignments. Our photographers are based in SF/LA, NY & Chicago, USA and work with on all size productions.


Melissa Hennessy
Krisanda Photography
United States
phone: 6304161019



Christopher Futcher is the newest addition to PhotoEdit, a photo stock agency specializing in images that reflect the great diversity of the United States and a mission to change the face of textbooks and improve education.

Christopher is a lifestyle photographer located in Central Alberta. When he is not traveling or on location he does most
of his work in his studio in Lacombe, AB. He has done commercial, stock, portrait and wedding photography in Alberta, Ontario, Arizona, Oregon and California. From 2002 to 2008 he was in the U.S. Navy where he rekindled his passion
for photography while writing articles and taking pictures for the base newspaper. Other jobs he had while in the navy
included helicopter search and rescue, aviation warfare systems operator and a program supervisor.

Take a look at to see more fantastic photos from Christopher Futcher.


Nikki Allen
United States
phone: (800) 860-2098



Mediterranean Travel and Heritage photographer Steven Sklifas is announcing that he will be travelling to the Mediterranean during July and August 2010.

Steven will be adding to his Mediterranean image collection as he visits Italy (including Puglia), Greece, Tunisia, Syria and Jordan and welcomes any image inquires for this trip or future trips.

Stevens wide-ranging library includes tens of thousands of high quality and descriptive images of the ancient lands and diverse countries of Mediterranean region including Greece, Italy, Egypt, Aegean Turkey and Libya.


Steven Sklifas
Mediterranean Travel And Heritage Photography
phone: 0417513517



Heidi Laughton has recently completed shooting for Urban Bratz, a children's t-shirt brand and promo material for a personal trainer and is now available for the next project.

Heidi is a lifestyle, editorial and advertising photographer. As well as her own updated website, Heidi's work can also be found on PDN's PDN (Photo District News Magazine, USA) has recently selected her work as one of the "Portfolios of the month".

Heidi's style of photography is particularly suitable for location shooting, and outdoor active brands. Please email with any requests or commissions.


Heidi Laughton
Heidi Laughton Photography
United States


photo by Paul Williams

To add to their growing Eastern European stock photo collection Funky Stock now has extended its collection of photos of Hungary. This includes stock photos of nearly all of Hungary's major towns, wine areas and festivals with photos of the Mohacs Buso spring festival to be added soon.

The Hungarian stock photo collection will be completed this spring and summer and trips to Croatia, Transylvania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will be added. If you have any photos you would like to be covered please email Paul Williams.


Paul Williams
Paul Williams Studio Ltd ( London & Budapest)
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 7836 783 466


photo by Dave Pattinson

Dave Pattinson is a photographer from Calgary, Canada and has been shooting stock for over 25 years. He has a new website at where photo buyers and editors can license rights managed images online. The majority of his images are of Western Canada and he has a selection of lifestyle photos as well.


Dave Pattinson
Pattinson Photography
phone: 403 608-7797


photo by Miron Abramovici

Miron Abramovici has traveled to South America - Chile, (luckily, one month before the earthquake), Argentina, and Uruguay. He was amazed by the quality of the wall art found in many cities. The most impressive were in the neighborhood called "The open sky museum" in Valparaiso, and in La Boca area of Buenos Aires. He also has a funny photo involving wall artwork in a restaurant bathroom in Santiago. His photos of the wall artwork can be found at

Miron Abramovici
Miron PhotoArt
United States
phone: +1-908-322-6008


Travel photographer Patricia Fenn will be roaming Greece and the Greek islands throughout the summer months, capturing tourist destinations plus the local wildlife and people.

With almost 5,000 keyworded images already in her Photographers Direct linked website: and half a million images on file, a quick search will bring up the required location.

Can't find the images you need? Drop Patricia an email and she will incorporate any destination in Greece into her photographic travels.

Wildlife: Fresh images of the Griffon Vultures of Crete, Monk Seals of Alonissos, Miniature horses of Rhodes, Golden Eagles, Kri-kri, and Loggerhead Turtles of Greece are all planned for 2010, as well as further images of the archaeological sites, towns, and beaches.


Patricia Fenn
Patricia Fenn Photography
phone: (0030) 28950 31149



Darren Newbery is an internationally published commercial, editorial & travel photographer based in Exeter, Devon.

He has just launched an exciting new website showcasing a selection of images from his varied portfolio. The images display the quality and diversity of Darren's photography alongside demonstrating the range of locations where he has travelled.

The portfolios include images from recent visits to: North America, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Easter Island, New Zealand, Nepal, India, and Vietnam alongside his commercial work and UK images.

Visit his website for more information and tour through the extensive and colourful galleries.


Darren Newbery
Darren Newbery Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07941005260


photo by David Kimber

New image collections recently arrived at Car Photo Library feature classic models from 3 famous marques - Bugatti, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Contact library manager David Kimber for more details.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849


photo by Jonathan Browning

Jonathan Browning is based in Shanghai, China. He would like to submit a Celebrity/Lifestyle feature on a famous Chinese boy called Xiao Bao. At just four years old and in a space of just 9 months, Xiao Bao is now known by millions of people worldwide. Xiao Bao is famous for his hip hop and Michael Jackson dancing. He recently made his American debut on the Ellen Show.

Jonathan has been following Xiao Bao and his family on the road and documenting him and his family backstage.

Full details and images can be seen at the following gallery:


Jonathan Browning
Jonathan Browning Photography
phone: 0086 13546442404


photo by Peter Everard-Smith

Peter Everard Smith will be journeying by road through Mozambique for one month during late March and April of this year. He will visit the cities of Maputo, Beira and the Beira Corridor, Chimoio in the central interior of the country and Quelimane in Zambezia.

Commissioned for a photo reportage on agriculture including resettled expatriate Zimbabwe farmers and biofuel production he will also be focussing on education and responsible tourism. Peter is prepared to consider additional assignments that will compliment his current itinerary. Interested parties should contact him as soon as practicable, preferably by email.

Peter Everard Smith is an experienced photographer and traveller. His work has been published in numerous magazines, broadsheets and weekend supplements. His vintage music photography sells at the high end of the art print market and a number of his portraits have been acquired for the permanent photographic collection of The National Portrait Gallery London. A retrospective of Peter's photographs can be viewed on his website.


Peter Everard-Smith
Everard Smith Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 44 (0)1379 740404


photo by Duncan Grove ARPS

Duncan Grove ARPS will be shooting The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race 2010 as an accredited photographer. He will be uploading images to his web site on the day preceding the race (Friday 2 April) and race day itself (Sat 3 April.)

Potential buyers of these images should contact Duncan prior to the event to arrange access to the images. Licence fees will be very reasonably priced!


Duncan Grove ARPS
Duncan Grove Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7710 626680



Barry Steven Greff will have selected images on exhibition at Dennis Dean Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Also, see his full page in the emerging artist issue of PDN in bookstores now.


Barry Greff
Barry Steven Greff Photography
United States
phone: 9543840042


Papilio Wildlife Photo Library has launched their new website with a spring theme slideshow on the opening page.

The new website is able to delivery high res downloads for clients once a log-in account is created. It also has a pricing system for various picture usages, ability for clients to build lightboxes and baskets, send picture requests or request a quotation for a usage if it is not covered in the pricebook.

The site is expanding with new work being added weekly from their award winning photographers worldwide, but if clients cannot find what they are looking for, contact Justine and an off-line search can be done and a lightbox created.

Justine Pickett
United Kingdom
phone: 01227 360996

photo by Justine Pickett

Classic yachts, their beauty under way and their craftsmanship in detail, have been the mainstay of Liza Kirwan's editorial and stock photography for a number of years.

Liza Kirwan Regatta Photography can be viewed on the Photographers Direct website.

Having recently expanded her portfolio, she invites you to visit her website and browse the varied galleries where new work is being added on a regular basis.

Liza Kirwan
Liza Kirwan Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 7776376728

photo by Liza Kirwan

Tommo's new website is now Live . .

and his creative 3 Trousers Blog >

< is fermenting.


Andy Tommo
United Kingdom
phone: 44(0)2076819460


photo by Richard Osbourne

Leading UK art photographer Richard Osbourne is pleased to be able to offer his vibrant and exciting Kinetic Abstract images for Licensing worldwide. These images have proved to be immensely popular with art specifiers, architects, graphic and interior designers and the general public.

They are available in virtually limitless combinations of colours and can be arranged to fit any shape or aspect ratio.

See Kinetic Abstracts Volume 1 here:

See the full range of stunning art images here:


Richard Osbourne
Richard Osbourne Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01603 629437


photo by Tim Gainey

Hazy Sun Images have over 10,000 images online, specialising in bold, simplistic imagery, sometimes very colourful and emotional.

The images come from Tim's travels but also from ideas that he has. Tim has a creative streak that allows ideas to be set up and created in photographic form. That could be a simplistic silhouette that touches on a child like level, or an uncluttered graphical form that jumps out at you from the page.

Hazy Sun are deeply involved in the garden industry when in the UK and like to bring the artistic flavour into their garden imagery

A recent quote from a client: " the images are beautiful, they are exactly the sort of the thing I was looking for! And it helps for us too that you seem to understand life from the same point of view as us, it makes things a lot easier."

Here is a link to their online search facility

Best Wishes
Hazy Sun Images Ltd


Tim Gainey
Hazy Sun Images
United Kingdom
phone: 07817305874



"Sanibel Mourn" by Fine Art Photographer Eric Auffhammer is a paean rendered in sea, sand, and sky to the forlorn beauty of Florida’s Sanibel Island. This procession of fine art photography images beckons the viewer into a mysterious world whose secrets are told in the poetic silhouettes of driftwood, the receptive expanse of shore, and the wistfully sighing tides that rock the island to an eternal lullaby. Drawing on his profound connection to the island, the artist endeavors to impart a portion of its mystery, peace, and poignancy while inviting the viewer to discover the personal meaning that the images hold for them.

Through the haunting display of light and shadow, the unusually hued harmony of fresh water and salt water, and the ever-shifting configurations of form, the artist evokes the island’s many moods and honors her rich history as a refuge from the rush and crush of modern life. The inclusion in the images of people and wildlife exert a subtle but humanizing influence and hospitality that calls the viewer to hear and contemplate for themselves the siren song of Sanibel’s spiritual presence, a presence that sings of loss, longing, and love.


Eric Auffhammer
Eric Auffhammer Photography, LLC
United States
phone: 305-984-0140




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