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Newsletter February 2010


Ian Miles, Flashpoint Pictures, United Kingdom
Colin Munro, Colin Munro Photography, United Kingdom
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
Paul Marotta, Perfect Bokeh Photography, United States
Liam Davenport, Liam Davenport Photography, United Kingdom
Nik Melissourgos, K S G P Pty Ltd Trading As Nikolas Imagism, Australia
JORGE FERNANDEZ, EnTerceraClase Photography, Spain
Paul Homsy, PaulHomsyPhotography, United States
Alex Rowbotham, AGRfoto, Italy
Matt Dayka, Matt Dayka Photography, United States
Fred Voetsch, Acclaim Images, United States
Alf Jacob Nilsen, Bioquatic Photo, Norway
Laurence Delderfield, Laurence Delderfield Photography, Netherlands
Martin Stevens, Wolverlei Photography, Netherlands
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Charles Harbin, Stop The Clock Photo, United States
Noel Greene, OtherSidePhotography, France


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Ian Miles

Ian Miles is a photographer with over twenty years experience in press, public relations, sport and commercial photography. Having been a newspaper staffer for over twelve years Ian set up his freelance operation, Flashpoint Pictures, in 2001. Documenting life in the 21st century, Ian has gone on to sell stock images all over the world featuring in ad campaigns, books, magazines and newspapers, and even stamps! The Royal Mail used one of Ian’s images in September 2009 on a first class stamp.

Developing an eye catching editorial feel to his commercial work, Ian has worked on location within the health and education sectors to great effect. Delivering high quality images for annual reports and prospectuses. Ian also teaches and gives talks on photography, digital manipulation. Ian is open to commissions.


Ian Miles
Flashpoint Pictures
United Kingdom
phone: 01462 642251


photo by Colin Munro

Although primarily a marine and underwater photographer, Colin Munro has been expanding his landscape and environmental stock images rapidly in the past year. New additions include images from Cape Verde Islands, Senegal and Egypt, plus coastal and winter scenes from his adopted homeland in Devon, England. He has also recently started a range of fine art images themed on Devon Landscapes and Dartmoor in Winter. Fine art prints of marine life will follow shortly. His underwater portfolio has also expanded; in particular new galleries of basking sharks, tiger sharks, Great white sharks and grey seals are now online.

From March 2010 he will be running a series of underwater photography workshops. These will be one or two day programmes run in Exeter or Plymouth, UK, involving formal tuition and both dry hands-on sessions and pool-based sessions. To keep you coming back he has also added a regularly updated blog that cover environmental, marine and photographic topics, and an Image of the Week series.

More info on all of the above is available on his website.


Colin Munro
Colin Munro Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7535680507


photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

Ariadne Van Zandbergen has launched an exciting new website for The Africa Image Library. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure.


Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464


photo by Paul Marotta

Travel. Tourism. Editorial. Stock. Event. Sports. Music. Portraits. Architecture. Racing. Gardening.

Paul Marotta and Perfect Bokeh Photography has a deep resource of both event and stock photography to suit many needs. With thousands of images in a carefully built library, both the selection process and event coverage is a highly interactive one, designed to suit a variety of clients’ needs. Coupled with more than 25 years of strategic communications experience on a national level, Paul is also able to provide a level of service uncommon to the industry.

Visit his website for more information and a tour through the extensive and colorful galleries. New images are added virtually daily so check back often to stay up to date.


Paul Marotta
Perfect Bokeh Photography
United States
phone: 201-346-5399



Liam Davenport is an innovative photographer based in London, England. He works solely in film to create compelling and thoughtful images that display his passion for photography and his subjects.

Incorporating his skills as a fiction writer, Liam brings a poignant sense of narrative and context to all his images, and uses a wide variety of cameras and films to create individual and compelling shots at a consistently high standard.

Liam specialises in fashion, portraiture, bands and gigs, theatre, urban scenes and landscapes, but will consider all commissions.


Liam Davenport
Liam Davenport Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07833 641 810


photo by Nik Melissourgos

Nikolas Melissourgos is based in Australia but will be travelling to Hong Kong mid year with his partner Lynda. From there they will travel to the Bahamas and Europe: Greece, Italy, Spain, France, & UK. While on their trip they would love to accept any asignments of these or nearby countries, any images of destination and or people.

Nikolas specialises in Portraits, but his passion is Landscape and interesting places and images.

If you have an assignment for him please advise before May 2010. If you have assignments in Australia for him email him now anytime any part of Australia. All assignments welcome


Nik Melissourgos
K S G P Pty Ltd Trading As Nikolas Imagism
phone: 0430483185



Travelling photographer Jorge Fernandez would like to announce the publication of a B/W Portraits book. "El color del cristal" is a book that contains 80 portraits in black & white. Photographs in this book have been taken in countries such as China, Uzbekistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Namibia, Botswana, Turkey...

The preview of this book shows some of the pictures inside. More are awaiting to be seen.. To view the book please check:


EnTerceraClase Photography
phone: +34 600999497


photo by Paul Homsy

Paul Homsy has been a photographer for over 20 years. He is based in Los Angeles, California. His work has been published, his limited collections prints exhibited in museums and sold in galleries. He has been on numerous assignments and has focused his efforts on the rapidly vanishing lifestyle of the American cowboy from California to Montana, and in images portraying people and models.

A sampling of his extensive collections of Western photographs and Art Nudes can be viewed on the Photographers Direct website. His prints are available for sale individually or in collections in a variety of sizes.


Paul Homsy
United States
phone: 818 995 6589


photo by Alex Rowbotham

Alex Rowbotham (a.k.a. AGRfoto) is a British photographer and designer presently based in the Italian Alps. With over twenty years experience and stock images taken in Australia, England, Italy, Netherlands, North America and Saudi Arabia represent only a taste of the various places in which he has traveled.

He has provided images for many corporate events and art festivals as well as museums and visitor centres and publications for organizations such as The National Trust (UK) and the National Parks of Gargano and Stelvio (Italy). Many of these images are often shot specifically for exhibition and multimedia installations, but his archives also provide a rich resource for tailored content.

Recent commissions undertaken include: shooting a truck, for Infinera, alongside the Colosseum in Rome, five days shooting wind turbines and solar panel energy plants in the south of Italy, and a 2 day shoot of the architecture of Cagliari in Sardegna. He is due to be in Dubai during the month of March and is available to accept commissions whilst there... please contact him using email.

His energy and creativity has gained him international recognition by achieving industry awards including 'AMI' in America and 'Images' in London. His multimedia design comes more from a photographic angle rather than pure graphic design and it was this that led him to the specialism of the projected image.


Alex Rowbotham
phone: 0039 0473 740174



Freelance travel/lifestyle and documentary photographer Matt Dayka is pleased to unveil a total makeover of his website. Galleries contain many new photos of recent trips to locations such as India, Haiti and Kenya, as well as previous trips through the Americas.

Upcoming travels will take him back to India in February/March. In April, he will be headed to Ethiopia to document the work of a non-profit whose aim is to restore environmental degradation while concurrently helping the economy with the planting of trees.

Please visit the new site, contact with questions or just send a little hello.


Matt Dayka
Matt Dayka Photography
United States
phone: 1 (805) 748-9619


photo by Fred Voetsch

Acclaim Images is proud to announce an agreement with Chud Tsankov to provide original clipart illustrations.

Chud is a talented artist who draws in a unique and highly entertaining style. Custom illustrations are available on request.

Acclaim Images offers stock photography and illustrations direct from the artist with both Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed images available.

Fred Voetsch
Acclaim Images
United States
phone: 888-618-8723


Check out the new site of Bioquatic Photo. They have upgraded the site and can supply nature images and other pictures on a very short notice! Specializes in natural history, environmental and biological photography, African images, images from Norway including Svalbard, Aquarium related images, invertebrate photos, fish and birds. Also check out their micro photos and astronomical selections, and contact them with any special requests.

Alf Jacob Nilsen
Bioquatic Photo
phone: +47 38372256

photo by Alf Jacob Nilsen
photo by Laurence Delderfield

Laurence Delderfield will be travelling to Morocco in May 2010 to undertake a number of commissions which will include a visit to Richard Branson's mountain hideaway Kasbah Tamadot, a city profile of Tanger and he will also be following the 1000km long Imperial City route which takes in Marrakesh, Fes, Meknes, Rabat and Casablanca. Image buyers are invited to contact him if specific pictures are required of Morocco as he is prepared to fulfil special requests. He is also travelling with a writer so a complete picture and text package can be offered.


Laurence Delderfield
Laurence Delderfield Photography
phone: 0031 314363900


photo by Martin Stevens

Wolverlei Image Archive by Martin Stevens contains 20,000 images high res downloadable for special prices. A lot more images (its 10% of the digital stock) are following but takes time because the keywording is very important and he will try to do it as well as possible.

Outdoor images, landscapes, flowers, Natura 2000 and travel, along with a lot of Turkey images, daily life, monuments landscape and nature.

Martin has a trip through Turkey planned in the first weeks of May 2010 to capture spring nature so if you're planning an article and are in need of special items ask him. Traveling from Istanbul through Egian region, south to Adana and Iskenderun and back through Anatolie.


Martin Stevens
Wolverlei Photography
phone: 0031 653567050


photo by Dave Reede

Dave Reede, a well known North American agriculture photographer, has recently upgraded a microsite- into a website featuring his imagery. At the moment, the website includes portfolios, published samples and other information focusing on his premium quality agriculture photography. Updates will occur on a regular basis.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


photo by Charles Harbin

Charlie Harbin, photographer and owner of Stop the Clock Photo in metro Atlanta, GA, has been seeing increased activity lately. Some photos from his Photographers Direct entries on the Atlanta Tea Party have drawn much attention this year as the Tea Party movement continues to gain recognition and popularity in these uncertain political times.

Most recently, some images were chosen for inclusion on Bill Zucker is a talented writer and performer. He was photographed on stage in Atlanta singing what has become a hugely successful song, The TARP Song. Also in attendance that day were Sean Hannity and John Rich of the duo, Big and Rich, among others. Bill Zucker is teaming up with Kelsey Grammer for a broadcast scheduled February 17, 2010. You can get details at Bill Zuckers website and it is certain to be a hoot. Stop the Clock Photo is proud of its association with these stars and happy to have had work chosen for use in its promotion.


Charles Harbin
Stop The Clock Photo
United States
phone: 678-687-6849



Noel Greene will be in attendance at the Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March 2010. High Res images will be available from Thursday evening 4tt March 2010. He will take specific commissions for cars, motor stands, general panoramas or crowd scenes.


Noel Greene
phone: 0033677179842




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