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Newsletter November 2009


Rowan Watts, Majority World CIC, India
Steven Sklifas, Mediterranean Travel And Heritage Photography, Australia
Janet Lawson, Janet Lawson Photography, United Kingdom
Ellis Vener, Ellis Vener Photography, United States
Judah S. Harris, Judah S. Harris Photography + Film, United States
Mohammed Massoud Morsi, Mohammed Massoud Morsi - Photography, Australia
Noel Greene, OtherSidePhotography, France
Stephen Daymond, Stephen Daymond Photography, Australia
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Matthew Weinreb,, United Kingdom
Chris Parks, Effective Working Image, Australia
Teresa Brosnan, Teresa Brosnan Photography, United Kingdom
Chris Lobina, , United Kingdom
Kathleen Chute, Run With The Wild, United States
Chris Martin, Chris Martin Photography, United Kingdom
John Lander, Asia Images, Japan
Paul Huggins, Paul Huggins Photography, United Kingdom
Warren Prasek, XOODU IMAGES (, Australia
Antonio Mari, Antonio Mari Photography, United States
Chiz Dakin, Peak Images, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Rowan Watts

Majority World CIC represents 200+ photographers from Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. With an expanding online library of over 20,000 images along with an extensive offline archive, it is easy for image buyers worldwide to find the wealth of fresh imagery emerging from the majority world.

Majority World CIC also coordinates assignments, exhibitions and features to be published globally along with product development, offering an extensive variety in image usage.

Kindly visit the website and register to view content, contributing photographers, their biographies and sample features.

"Indigenous Photographers - Telling their own story"


Rowan Watts
Majority World CIC
phone: +44 1491 652598



Mediterranean Travel and Heritage photographer Steven Sklifas has returned from the Mediterranean and is in the process of adding new image galleries onto his stock library website -

New galleries include the following;
- Libya: Thousands of Images of Tripoli, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais, Benghazi, Qasr Libya, Nalut, and Qasr al-Haj.
- Egypt: Thousands of images of Cairo, the river Nile, the Pyramids of Giza, Dashur and Saqqara.
- Italy: Thousands of Images of the neighbourhoods of Rome, the fountains of Tivoli, and the splendours of Sicily.
- Greece: Thousands of images of the Greek island of Crete.

In addition to these new images, Steven has a huge amount of images covering all regions of Greece, Southern Italy, Upper and Lower Egypt and Aegean Turkey. Please contact Steven for any image request from Mediterranean region.


Steven Sklifas
Mediterranean Travel And Heritage Photography
phone: 0417513517



Janet Lawson is a great believer in angels and asks for them to play an active role in her life. When she attended a local firework display she asked the angels to fly amongst the fireworks and give protection to everyone watching the display. This is one of the images taken at that display and anyone who has seen the image thinks it looks like some angels are flying amongst the fireworks. The image is called Angels in flight and the image size is 3488 x 2616 pixels.


Janet Lawson
Janet Lawson Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01292 618737



Ellis Vener has been using the low light capabilities of the Nikon D3 to great effect:

Nikon D3s ISO samples from Lo 1 (ISO equivalent 100) to Hi 3 (ISO equivalent 102,400). No noise reduction or sharpening.

Full frame and 100% resolution crop from D3s at ISO 12,800: full frame and 100% resolution crop:

These were made in very contrasty theatrical lighting and in the second link they had a lot of smoke in the air from fog machines.


Ellis Vener
Ellis Vener Photography
United States
phone: +1 404 817 2288



Picture researchers and art directors needing assignment photography in New York, (and nearby states), can contact photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris who specializes in people and location photography. He offers a strong vision, great service and quick delivery.

Judah's photographs are admired internationally for their highly narrative qualities and distinct composition.

An accomplished photojournalist and fine art photographer, Judah S. Harris' photography has appeared in international advertising, magazines, design projects, and on the covers of more than 40 novels to date. He has been profiled in visual arts magazines and teaches photography workshops on Street Photography, the HOLGA Camera, and digital photography techniques.


Judah S. Harris
Judah S. Harris Photography + Film
United States
phone: 718.380.7945



Documentary photographer and writer Mohammed Massoud Morsi presents images on his website, based on commissioned work for organisations, freelance assignments and chronicles from various parts of the Middle East, Europe and Asia. His website also links to an archive of photos in different genres.

At present, Morsi is based in Western Australia and covers most of Asia and the Middle East from there.

His work primarily comprises of thought-provoking portraits and documentary shots of people in their realities -whether confronting or embracing- and their environments, whether urban or natural landscapes.

His photographs and articles have been showcased in a multitude of international newspapers and publications and he is now looking to expand with more in-depth coverage of social issues, for which he holds a strong passion.


Mohammed Massoud Morsi
Mohammed Massoud Morsi - Photography


photo by Noel Greene

Noel Greene has recently completed a commission for a series of Venice images for the new P and O Cruise ship, the Azura. The commission, by Tom Tempest Radford, was fairly specific in that colourful images of Venice and its other islands were required. A lot more than the "standard" Venice images were asked for and the final selections included Venice water reflections, images from Murano and Burano. Noel Greene has on his website a sample of the type of images that formed part of the portfolio.


Noel Greene
phone: 0033677179842



As a wildlife photographer, Stephen Daymond's main focus is to show animals as a part of their natural habitat. His website currently features a portfolio of photographs from his latest trip to Tanzania, concentrating mainly on the remote Ruaha National Park. This is the African wilderness of yesterday, still largely unspoiled by tourist hordes. Stephen hopes his photographs will increase awareness of this wonderful park and help garner support for its protection from ever increasing human pressure on its vital resource, the Great Ruaha River.


Stephen Daymond
Stephen Daymond Photography
phone: (08) 94171793


photo by Alan Skyrme

While winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, in the northeast of Brazil Alan Skyrme Photography looks forward to continuing hot weather and the latest harvests of tropical fruits from the region.

A new website - - will be launched in December 2009 to showcase his tropical fruit images, leaving the site to focus exclusively on acai palms and related images.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +55 41 9997 3808



Matthew Weinreb has just relaunched his architecture and landscape site. Matthew is an internationally renowned architectural photographer. First winner of the European award of Architectural Photographer of the Year, he continues to win plaudits for his work. Eight volumes of his work have been published to critical acclaim.

You can take a good look at some of his worldwide imagery at his new site and if you can't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to fire him off an email. There are some 35,000 images in his archives!


Matthew Weinreb
United Kingdom
phone: +44 20 8144 8882



Industrial photographer Chris Parks at Effective Working Image has 30+ years experience of photographing for business.

As well as assignment work, Effective Working Image is now building a stock library of images aimed at those needing up to date images covering subjects suitable for business and Industry, with all the functions you need to find and download high res images fast.

Areas covered include Work place health and safety, Commerce, Science and Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and many more. This is a rapidly growing collection aimed at those who need business images fast. Any serious feedback would be appreciated, so Chris can better cater for those promoting business.


Chris Parks
Effective Working Image
phone: + 61 3 9537-2777


photo by Teresa Brosnan

Teresa Brosnan, a Travel and Leisure based photographer, has launched a new website.

Containing a visual travel journal, her rich imagery focuses predominantly on African mammals, birds and landscapes.

Regular journeys to remote locations in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Mozambique, have given Teresa the opportunity to gather a diverse portfolio of animal behaviour and unique moments in nature.

A recent 'safari' in northern BC Canada, produced a series of touching photographs of her intimate encounters with Grizzly Bears in their natural environment.


Teresa Brosnan
Teresa Brosnan Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07768891861
via site


photo by Chris Lobina

Chris Lobina is a professional freelance photographer specialising in sports, people, travel and news features. Chris is based in London and is available for assignments in the UK and abroad.

Please feel free to visit his online portfolio to contact him for commissions.

Chris Lobina

United Kingdom
phone: +44(0)7866318559

photo by Kathleen Chute

Kathleen Chute is

New images being added everyday. She welcomes assignments. She is a located near Nashville Tennessee. She enjoys freestyle event photography. Anything public. Journalistic art. All Prices are negotiable. 10% off until January. Background removal services. She can be commissioned to prepare images for you needs or will be happy to create a composition for you. Wildlife,insects and swamp life is a favorite. Loves to work for royalties in place of payment. Requests welcome. Subscriptions available. Kathleen Works very closely with her clients to be sure each and every need is met.


Kathleen Chute
Run With The Wild
United States
phone: 9319061559



Chris Martin recently won the events category in the Master Photography Awards 2009. Chris beat-off competition from other leading photographers from across Britain. Hundreds of professional photographers from around the world were joined by representatives from the major photographic companies at a glittering Awards ceremony held on 11th October at the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle.

Chris is available for commissioned work and also has a studio near Guildford, Surrey. Please contact Chris for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.


Chris Martin
Chris Martin Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01252 321798


photo by John Lander

Following a recent photo shoot in Kyoto & Osaka, John Lander's galleries and web site have been updated. John has added many hidden Japanese gardens, temple stays, plus the glitzy bright lights and kitsch of Osaka.

John is a freelance photographer based in Japan, specialized in Japanese gardens, architecture and travel. He is available for local & travel assignments in Japan and Asia.

January will be spent in the Philippines: Manila, Baguio and the Visayas. February will be spent in India: Kerala and Bombay/Mumbai. Please let John know if you have specific image requests in these locations and hew will add to his shot lists.


John Lander
Asia Images
phone: 046-876-2454


photo by Paul Huggins

UK based freelance photographer Paul Huggins has an all new website showcasing a selection of his portfolio.

Mainly interested in Travel and Natural World based work Paul also has an artistic background and will always look for something abstract where appropiate. But Paul thinks pictures speak louder than words and thinks you should take a look for yourself!

If you would like to commission Paul, please contact him to discuss your requirements.


Paul Huggins
Paul Huggins Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07810524118


XOODU IMAGES ( is a fresh new independent stock library with over 20,000 unique images from around the world. We place a heavy emphasis on creative, stylish and high-quality photography rather than the usual boring cliches.

Save time or gain inspiration by quickly browsing our galleries of featured photos - e.g. Abstract, Architecture, Human Form, Music & Performance, Light & Motion, Nightlife, Patterns & Textures, Candids, Quirky & Strange, Shapes & Geometry, Signs & Messages, Religion & Spirituality, Street, Urban and more...

XOODU images come from global cities, small towns and remote, exotic locations scattered around the world - from UK & Europe to Africa & the Middle East, across Russia to Mongolia and China, around southeast Asia and Japan to Australia... and beyond.

XOODU.COM has a simple design and powerful search engine to help you find the right images quickly. You can search by colour, orientation, rating, scene (interior/exterior, headshot/half-length/full-length etc), people (male/female/nopeople), age... or browse by subject, location, style, time and more!

Pricing is competitive and very simple - choose one of six image sizes and that's it, no wrangling with complex forms! Pay online and download immediately... check out XOODU.COM today!

Warren Prasek
phone: +61415784075

photo by Warren Prasek

Antonio Mari, a multilingual ethnographic Brazilian photographer and journalist, will be in Brazil for most of the year of 2010. He will be based in the northeastern state of Bahia and will be available for assignments throughout South America. His work can be viewed by visiting his web site at All the photographs in his site are register copyrighted. His images of the Yanomami Indians in the Amazon rainforest carry a blanket model release issued by the Indians affairs bureau of the Justice Ministry of the Brazilian government making them available for commercial usage.


Antonio Mari
Antonio Mari Photography
United States
phone: 212-724-0099


photo by Chiz Dakin

Chiz Dakin is now running photography courses and workshops in the Andalucian region of Spain. The workshops are based in Lanjaron, right next to the Spanish Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras, and she has teamed up with the leading trekking company in the region (Spanish Highs) to offer affordable photographic tuition in an amazing location.

Aimed at those who want to learn how to control their camera without having to resort to the automatic settings - and also those who know how to control their camera but want some quality photographic time away from non-photographer friends and family - the courses visit some great locations, the exact choice of which can be varied to suit the individual group.

In the meantime, she is off to Antarctica to get some fantastic images of penguins, icebergs and the Phantom Coast. If you'd like her to get some specific images from there for you, please get in touch urgently!


Chiz Dakin
Peak Images
United Kingdom
phone: 07812 001505




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