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Newsletter August 2009


David Knowles, DalynDigital Photography, United Kingdom
Paul Gilbert, Aquamarine Photography Ltd, New Zealand
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Amrit Takhar, Amrit Takhar Photography, United Kingdom
James Brunker, Magical Andes Photography, Bolivia
Christine Osborne, Christine Osborne Pictures, United Kingdom
Can Sengunes,, United Kingdom
Don Jacobson, Don Jacobson Photography, United States
Gretjen Helene Hargesheimer, Gretjen Helene Photography, United States
Chris Deeney, Itchyfeet Photography, United Kingdom
Carl Pendle, Carl Pendle Photography, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Becky or Joe Gibbons, AmericanScapes, Inc., United States
Silverport Pictures, Silverport Pictures, United Kingdom
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
Ottmar Bierwagen, Spectrum Photofile Inc., Canada
Laurie Allread, Laurie Allread Photography, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by David Knowles

David Knowles has recently returned from his travels along the river Thames from Windsor to Henley. He has collected a series of images including Swan upping at Henley, where he was in position to see the full capture , documentation, measurement and release of a family of swans.

Swan Upping is carried out during the third week of July and is carried out to allow the Queen to exercise her right to ownership of all unmarked swans. Her majesty also allows the Dyers and Vintners companies to exercise their rights as given to them to mark swans. Marking now is limited to ringing; not the historical practice of cutting notches in the swans bill.

David Knowles
DalynDigital Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01454 885983

photo by Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert of `Aquamarine Photography', shoots boats, lives boats, and breathes boats, on the water and from behind the lens of his camera.

Working out of Auckland `The City of Sails' in New Zealand, he has recently expanded from a base of 10 years aboard his yacht, to include a new studio ashore and a new website at

His stunning atmospheric imagery captures the essence of maritime life. Individual images or picture stories are organized in his galleries, text to accompany these can be supplied as a package. is a fully e-commerce website, featuring light-box, public and private galleries and downloadable files to 20 meg. There is a shopping cart and PayPal at checkout for rapid overnight delivery to the northern hemisphere.


Paul Gilbert
Aquamarine Photography Ltd
New Zealand
phone: 0064 21 1758525



Dave Reede is shooting agriculture on the Canadian Prairies this summer and is available for assignment work in this area. In September he will update his website with some of the photography taken over the past few months.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


Visit the website for fresh images
of wildlife, flowers, abstracts. There is a macro collection focusing on insects.

Striking landscapes from England, Ireland, India and Sweden are highlighted

High resolution images can be downloaded directly from the website.

Amrit Takhar
Amrit Takhar Photography
United Kingdom

photo by Amrit Takhar

Renowned for his images of indigenous festivals in Bolivia, James Brunker has recently added many new photos of Peruvian festivals (where as you can see swine flu doesn't stop the party!)to his Magical Andes Photography collection.

Based in La Paz, Bolivia, James continues to add new material from Bolivia and neighbouring countries to his portfolio, and is also available for commissions in the region. If you are looking for high quality photographic images from the Andean regions or are struggling to find images from a certain location in the area, please get in touch!

James Brunker
Magical Andes Photography
phone: (00591) 2 2910929

photo by James Brunker
photo by Christine Osborne

Contact the World Religions Photo Library for all your projects on faith - worship, pilgrimage, sacred foods, festivals and rites of passage. From more than 50 countries.

Sister library COPIX specialises in travel and cultures in the developing world. More than 12,000 images can be searched on our websites via Photographers Direct.

New photo-blog:


Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne Pictures
United Kingdom
phone: 02077206951



StormPhotoAgency in an independent photographic bureau supplying services to the public, to busineses and to government or non-governmental organisations. At Stormphotoagency they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to cover a wide variety of photographic situations. That is why they are just as comfortable covering news events, commercial shoots or editorials and treat each individual assignment or contract with equal importance.

For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements please contact Senior Photographer Can Sengunes by e-mail or phone.

Recent stock images from:
Libya, North Africa
New York, USA
Las Vegas, USA

StormPhotoAgency says:
'Your image is important to us so if you want to stand out from the crowd, we are here to make it happen'.


Can Sengunes
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 7968603051


Award winning, Portland Oregon photographer Don Jacobson, has recently revised his web site,

Some of the new photographs are from the brilliant 2008 fall season in New England. This series includes several photographs from the Rock of Ages Granite quarry in Barre Vermont. Also featured are photographs from the southwest. In September of this year Don is traveling to Alaska. Jacobson is available for nature, garden and architecture assignments in the Pacific west and southwest United States.

Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson Photography
United States
phone: 503 235 6234

photo by Don Jacobson

BURNING MAN/OREGON TO NEVADA: Gretjen Helene will be journeying from Oregon to Nevada by caravan and attending the 2009 Burning Man celebration August 26th- Sept 9th. She will be documenting the preparation, travel, the set-up and the experience of a group of "burners", as well as interviews with other travelers along the way.

Gretjen Helene produces poignant, innovative, artistic and descriptive images of people, travel, nature, events, culture as well as documentary descriptions of life.

If you would like specific documentation or coverage please notify her of your interests.

Gretjen Helene Hargesheimer
Gretjen Helene Photography
United States
phone: 617.335.6195

photo by Gretjen Helene Hargesheimer

Chris Deeney is an award winning wildlife, travel and arts photographer based in Oxford, England. He offers creative photography for public and commercial clients. A finalist in the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year competition, Chris aims to capture vibrant images of the natural world. His work has helped to promote projects home and abroad, from local wildlife trusts to the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.

To celebrate new work taken in Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia, Chris has relaunched his website. Take a tour, license and download images directly from: Enquiries/Commissions welcome.

Chris Deeney
Itchyfeet Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7847 300706

photo by Chris Deeney

Carl Pendle has been updating his website with new lifestyle images from his Food & Travel assignments around the world. These are all new and fresh images shot in a very distinctive style that is very popular with his regular clients. Click here for those.

He has also put together some brand new and very exciting polaroid transfer images from his travels around Asia. Please click here to view those.

The attached picture is just one of thirty images on the above link.

Carl Pendle
Carl Pendle Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07792 366002

photo by Carl Pendle
photo by Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme Photography is now established in its new studio in Natal in the north of Brazil.

Having recently returned from a two month trip to Europe (UK, Cyprus, Venice and Paris), Alan is currently reviewing the hundreds of of stock photos taken during the trip and will then continue with in-house and commissioned projects in the Northeast of Brazil.

While Alan undertakes a great deal of Travel and Nature photography his forte is in the area of tropical fruits and foods.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +55 9154 8850 features the work of published photography/writing team, Joe and Becky Gibbons. They offer stock images of the American Southeast and photo/text packages per your request. State coverage includes Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Maryland.

In order to meet your image needs, offers the convenience of a keyword search and electronic stock list. New images are regularly added. is based in Central Florida and willing to travel for assignments.

Becky Or Joe Gibbons
AmericanScapes, Inc.
United States
phone: 407-929-6273

photo by Becky Or Joe Gibbons

Silverport Pictures is Coast Photography - Need it. Want it. Get it.

Stuart Silvermore is a photographer based in the Plymouth/South Hams area of Devon and he is keen on all coastal subjects including tall ships, yachts, boats, maritime history and attends nautical events in Devon, Cornwall and France.

The bright colours, marine light and rich maritime heritage of the region inspire Stuart's style. With a brand new website soon to be launched, recent additions to the collection include Falmouth, Plymouth, Dartmouth, Salcombe and the French port of Roscoff.

During Summer 2009 he will be covering maritime events and is happy to help with any coast photography requests.

Silverport Pictures
Silverport Pictures
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 1752 830590

photo by Silverport Pictures
photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The Africa Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure. Ariadne has an exciting new collection of Malawi images.


Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464


photo by Ottmar Bierwagen

Spectrum Photofile is pleased to announce that photojournalist Lynn Ball will be submitting to the agency. Lynn's career is over 50 years, working first at Canadian Press in Toronto,and later as chief photographer of the Ottawa Citizen. He had exclusive access to the Royal Family at Windsor Castle whose images were distributed worldwide. With brother Doug, also a photographer, they published recently "Life on a Press Pass" which became a bestseller.

His passion is photography and Corvette cars and divides his time between Ottawa and a fishing village in Salvage Newfoundland. The addition of his images of birds and the famous (including the Beatles, queens, kings and politicians) is especially important and unique.

Spectrum are still looking for bird photographers from around the world. Please feel free to submit or make contact, especially areas where birds are rare and do not migrate.


Ottmar Bierwagen
Spectrum Photofile Inc.
phone: 1-647-288-1396


Laurie Allread is returning to Snow Hill Island in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. The focus of the trip is again the Emperor Penguins. The images will be added to her collection during mid October.

Laurie Allread
Laurie Allread Photography
United States
phone: 949 307 1053

photo by Laurie Allread


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