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Newsletter February 2009


Marilyn Hunt, Photographs By Marilyn Hunt, United States
Paul Nevin, Paul Nevin Photography, Australia
Colin Munro, Colin Munro Photography, United Kingdom
Vladimir Sidoropolev, Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography, Russia
Bernard Jaubert, Bernard Jaubert Photography, France
Rob Casey, Rob Casey Photographer, United States
Laurence Mitchell, Laurence Mitchell Photography, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Raldi Somers, Gentoo Multimedia Ltd., Netherlands
Laurie Allread, Laurie Allread Photography, United States
Boris Kobrin, Touch Of Glamour, United States
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom
Chiara Chiarello, Chiara Chiarello, United Kingdom
Ilan Rosen, PhotoStock-Israel, Israel
Brian Arnopp, Brian Arnopp Images, United Kingdom
Paul Cunningham, Paul Cunningham, United Kingdom
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Paul Williams, Paul Williams Studio Ltd, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Marilyn Hunt

See Utah in a new way! Spectacular imagery by Marilyn Hunt. She combines vision with emotion for maximum impact. Her most recent adventures took her to Utah and then to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. While living in Colorado, she brings you the best of the West! Marilyn Hunt is available for photographic assignments as well.


Marilyn Hunt
Photographs By Marilyn Hunt
United States
phone: 720-289-0146


photo by Paul Nevin

Photojournalist and Advertising Photographer Paul Nevin invites you to view his new website:


Paul Nevin
Paul Nevin Photography
phone: Mob: 0415 225071


photo by Colin Munro

The Colin Munro Photography website has just gone live. Colin specialises in stock of underwater, marine life and commercial fishing images from around the world, but also provides a growing collection of wildlife, landscapes and people images. 2008 was a busy year, with trips to the South Pacific, North and West Africa expanding his portfolio. A recent addition is his collection of fine art prints. These include dramatic winter landscapes from his backyard, the Exe Estuary, Devon, as well as his stock in trade of marine images.


Colin Munro
Colin Munro Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7535680507


photo by Vladimir Sidoropolev

Vladimir Sidoropolev is a photographer based in the south of Russia, Krasnodar krai.
Photography is a profession and passion, work and hobby 36 years already. Welcome to his world:

Vladimir Sidoropolev
Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography
phone: +7 918 46 26 837


Bernard Jaubert has a new e-commerce website:


Bernard Jaubert
Bernard Jaubert Photography
phone: 04-73-89-03-37



Pacific Northwest photographer Rob Casey's wanderlust and appreciation of the outdoors compel him to explore both familiar and out of the way places where he discovers unexpected moments that are revealed through his work.

His work portrays familiar natural landscapes with a unique perspective, as seen in his reflection shots of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. He also brings a refreshing sense of humor to cultural landscapes, focusing on quirky architecture and unusual roadside attractions, and showing us cross sections of life in small town Americana.

Recent Coverage:
- Death Valley National Park, California, USA
- Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
- Big Wave Surfing, Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California, USA
- The Pearl District and the Classic Tea Garden, Portland, Oregon, USA

Rob is available for assignments and stock.


Rob Casey
Rob Casey Photographer
United States
phone: 206-297-9547


photo by Laurence Mitchell

Travel writer and photographer Laurence Mitchell has recently returned from the Caucasus and Middle East with fresh images of Georgia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Iran. In Iran he visited the central imperial centres of Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd as well as lesser known cities like Hamadan and Sanadaj close to the Iraqi border. This same trip also took him to eastern Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

Earlier last year he spent time photographing in northeast India, visiting the cities of Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Kolkata, Assam and Meghalaya, as well as the cities, waterways and coast of Bangladesh. Sample images from these destinations have been added to his website at

Enquiries welcome.


Laurence Mitchell
Laurence Mitchell Photography
United Kingdom
phone: (+44) 01603 614619


Alan Skyrme is currently Brazil after touring for several months in Europe. Images from Paris, Venice, Sicily, UK and Cyprus have been added to his 2008 Travel, Food and Nature stock libraries.

February finds Alan Skyrme travelling in Brazil: to 5 states in the North East and to Belem in the North. He will be capturing more Travel, Food and Nature images in these locations before returning to his studio in the south of Brazil.

Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +44 07789 628956

photo by Alan Skyrme

Images of Antarctica and its wildlife, including some stunning panoramas, from Raldi Somers' trip to the Weddell Sea area of Antarctica have been added to the collection. Also, high quality footage of the emperor penguins and QTVR interactive panoramas are now available for immediate download via his website (

Raldi traveled to Tanzania during December 2008 where he filmed the migration of the wildebeest as they moved south from the Masai Mara into the Serengeti. Images, footage and QTVR panoramas are available in his online shop now. The images have also been added to the collection on Photographers Direct.

During March 2009, Raldi will be filming in the south of Egypt for a US television program. Images and footage from this trip will be available on his web site in May.


Raldi Somers
Gentoo Multimedia Ltd.
phone: +31643029201


photo by Laurie Allread

Laurie Allread added images of wildlife of the Falkland Islands from her trip during 2008. Her first trip during 2009 was to the mysterious Easter Island where she photographed the clossal Moai statues. Those images were also added to the collection. She also continues to update her collection with additional images from the Polar regions.


Laurie Allread
Laurie Allread Photography
United States
phone: 949 307 1053


photo by Boris Kobrin

Touch of Glamour is a California based studio which specializes in digital photo retouching and enhancement services. They provide fast and inexpensive service and will be happy to establish permanent relationships with professional photographers and editorial staff.
Portrait Retouching portfolios are available for review at

Touch of Glamour have also uploaded their extensive travel photo galleries, covering many European cities (Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Bruges, Copenhagen, Brussels and Grenoble):
Images are available as digital files or prints.


Boris Kobrin
Touch Of Glamour
United States
phone: 925-548-6064


February is the month of love, pancakes and this year in the UK snow! Throughout the country kids jumped with joy at the prospect of building snow and no school.
At APL they feel rather left out, as there was no proper snow in Cornwall.

Valentine's day can be expressed in a variety of ways - conceptual or classic, whichever interpretation you feel like, make sure you buy and send a card to a loved one and make them feel special, life is short, so act now.

To view the romance on our ever growing independent website of wide ranging images, please click the link:

Have a lovely month.

Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 01503240475

photo by Tamsyn Jarvis

Cuba is hot! Cuba celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Revolution and it’s one of the hottest topics this year. If you are interested in new and exclusive photos of Cuba, have a look at the collection of Chiara Chiarello who has just returned with lots of great shots.

This month Chiara will be covering the Venice Carnival in Italy. If you need beautiful images of Venice during this festival, check back in the next few days for some great new additions to his collection! You can find more travel photography in Chiara's portfolio or at where new countries will be uploaded soon (Morocco, UK, California, Spain, Paris and much more!)

Chiara Chiarello
Chiara Chiarello
United Kingdom

photo by Chiara Chiarello
photo by Ilan Rosen is proud to announce the addition of an in-depth collection of the Midwest. This new collection is now part of their stock photography on-line archive.

Other collections available at PhotoStock-Israel are Food, Religion - both Christianity and Judaism, Africa and Middle East wild life, Far East travel and model released lifestyle stock images.

Personal service is their goal so please visit them at PhotoStock-Israel where they will help you find the best image for any and all of your needs.

PhotoStock-Israel where images, imagination and reality meet.


Ilan Rosen
phone: 972-54-2159159


Brian Arnopp Images is a small but growing collection of stock images based in Welwyn, Herts.

Brian Arnopp
Brian Arnopp Images
United Kingdom
phone: ++44 (0) 1438 712018

photo by Brian Arnopp

Paul Cunningham enjoys a varied range of commissions’ and a portfolio featuring; people, places and events, based in London and travelling worldwide. Paul's forte is in creating work that is bright, colourful and atmospheric, with a faithful record of delivering creative work to brief, to budget and on time. gives direct access to his portfolio and a gallery that displays an array of engaging images with themes such as people, landmarks, travel and landscape. Please enjoy the work, and if you would like to discuss future projects and commissions, Paul would love to chat about your ideas.

Paul Cunningham
Paul Cunningham
United Kingdom
phone: 01689 825368

photo by Paul Cunningham
photo by David Kimber

The Car & Bike Photo Library has just received an extensive new image collection featuring Classic and Vintage cars shot in a wide variety of stunning locations throughout Europe.

Contact library manager David Kimber for more information.


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: 01202 528849


New Photography Studio in Budapest for 2009.

As the world is recessing, Paul Williams has decided to expand and open a new office and studio in Budapest. As with the London studio it will concentrate on food and still life primarily.

It opens new doors for his travel and landscape work and he will be able to explore Slovakia, Slovania, Romania, Serbia, The Ukrane as well as Hungary in more depth. If you need any subjects covering Paul would be happy to try and fulfill your requirements.

Paul's long term aim is to build a comprehensive library of central European subjects. This will also include the many and varied foods and wines of the area and he will also start accompanying the photos with articles to make a more complete package for publishers and magazines.

To celebrate the new studio Paul has a Hungarian language web site at and a new general photography site at

Paul Williams
Paul Williams Studio Ltd
United Kingdom
phone: 0207 387 2637

photo by Paul Williams


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