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Newsletter June 2008


David Knowles, DalynDigital Photography, United Kingdom
Wieslawa Malgorzata Larys, Wieslawa Malgorzata Larys Photography, United Kingdom
Judah S. Harris, Judah S. Harris, United States
Laurie Allread, Laurie Allread Photography, United States
Boris Golubov, Silver Ray. Inc., United States
John Lander, Asia Pacific Images, Japan
Brenda Marks, Skyscan, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Jonathan Berg, Jonathan Berg Photography, Canada
Terry Smith Images, Terry Smith Images, United States
Margaret M. Savino, A Lingering Eclipse Studio, United States
Michael DeFreitas, Travel Snaps, Canada
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by David Knowles

David Knowles has just returned from a Cruise to Alaska which included stops in San Francisco; California, Astoria; Oregon, Seattle; Washington, Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan; Alaska, as well as sights seen at the various locations and whilst cruising. He also spent 3 days in Vancouver, during which time he visited Victoria on Vancouver island and Butchart gardens.


David Knowles
DalynDigital Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01454 885983



JulietPhotoArt is in the possession of around 10,000 beautiful images of Scotland and her database is constantly being updated. The themes include: landscapes, cityscapes, nature, animals, towns, villages, meadows, famous tourist places etc. During the last month Juliet has traveled to the Isle of Skye and Loch Lomond (Rob Roy's cave).

Being a beauty lover and a Graphic Designer she also produces artistic photographs that can be used for art prints, postcards, calendars etc.

Juliet is also available for commission if you need any photos of specific places in Scotland and they cannot be found in her vast collection. Additionally, she travels to Poland quite frequently so if you need photos from that location just let her know in advance.


Wieslawa Malgorzata Larys
Wieslawa Malgorzata Larys Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07798603357



Photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris discovered Israel at age 18, and has returned there more than 25 times over the last 25 years, photographing in many parts of the country, a major focus being Jerusalem.

In a newly presented photo essay, Judah shares what he's seen and some of the people he's met - on the streets, on the city buses, and in the privacy of their own homes. With nearly 60 carefully chosen moments from his collection of Israel photographs, Judah S. Harris offers a remarkable visual experience of Israel in color and B&W that is at times familiar, at times undiscovered, and quite often simply unnoticed.


Judah S. Harris
Judah S. Harris
United States
phone: 718.380.7945


photo by Laurie Allread

Laurie Allread will be taking images of wildlife and icebergs around Svalbard for two weeks during June. During October 2008, she will be shooting images of Emperor Penquins at the Snow Hill Rookery, Antarctica. Laurie uses a Mark III with two Canon "L" lenses as well as a fisheye. If there are any specific requests, please send an email to

Laurie Allread
Laurie Allread Photography
United States
phone: 949 307 1053

photo by Boris Golubov

Boris Golubov has many beautiful images of New York and the landscapes of North America. You can view many of them at:


Boris Golubov
Silver Ray. Inc.
United States
phone: 917-642-1247 sel


photo by John Lander

Following a recent photo shoot of the Japan Inland Sea ("Seto Naikai") in and around Hiroshima Prefecture, John Lander has new collections on the Inland Sea, Sake Production, Miyajima, and Hiroshima itself. Hot on the heels of this trip, there are also new galleries on Takayama and Shirakawago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heartland of Japan - Gifu Prefecture near Nagoya.

The latter half of June will find John on the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, on a photo shoot of the floating villages, floating markets and a cruise of the Mekong itself, along with addiitonal Vietnamese food images during the trip.


John Lander
Asia Pacific Images
phone: 046-876-2454



Skyscan, the aerial/aviation specialist photolibrary has introduced a new online search facility for historic air photos at

Skyscan is working with leading aerial survey company Bluesky to launch a new concept in historic aerial photography. For the first time, users can search online in one location for historic UK aerial photographs from the survey records of *multiple* independent archives.

Whilst Google Earth and similar sites concentrate on a constantly updated aerial window on the world, will bring together the imagery held by many different historic aerial archives, both large and small, oblique and vertical (mapping) into one searchable web site.

With a cleverly designed and easy to use map based interface, simply entering the search area and paying a small search fee will check the records of all participating archives which cover that location and list them by date and scale and display the area covered on the map. Orders for prints or scans can also be placed online.

Skyscan's main stock photolibrary has also been given a makeover at


Brenda Marks
United Kingdom
phone: 01242 621357


photo by Alan Skyrme

June holds the promise of a pleasant summer in the northern hemisphere, while in the south we enter winter. So Alan Skyrme Photography will be focusing on the pleasant aspects of life in the next two months and will be capturing outdoor food and drink images while the weather remains sunny if not warm in Brazil, and will then transfer to Europe to capture traditional BBQ and summer sports images.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +44 07789 628956 or



Jon Berg is a professional photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He specializes in fine art landscapes, both urban and rural, and dance photography. Recent portfolios have included New York City, Washington and rural New Jersey. He is currently working on a project relating to the seasonal landscapes, both natural and cultural, of Montreal and Quebec.

Aesthetically, Jon seeks the harmony of line and form in all its awe inspiring manifestation, both organic and man-made. Contact Jon for large print sales, licensing and estimates on commissioned works. Call or e-mail with commissions, projects or for further information.


Jonathan Berg
Jonathan Berg Photography
phone: 514.266.9367



Terry Smith Images has recently launched the Arkansas Picture Library, a searchable, categorized, specialist stock photography library dealing with the people, events, and attractions of the state of Arkansas. As a native Arkansan, Terry is intimately knowledgeable with Arkansas and is continuously expanding the collection.

An experienced travel photographer, Terry has recently added hundreds of stunning new travel pictures from Paris and will soon be releasing new images from Italy including Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, and the Cinque Terre to add to his existing collections from all of these locations. In August Terry will be working on new travel and adventure sports images from the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai.

Terry is a professional stock photographer and illustrator. His work is widely licensed by a diverse mix of commercial, publishing, and editorial clients. Visit his website and add The Shutterzone blog to your blog reader to stay updated on his recent news and images.


Terry Smith Images
Terry Smith Images
United States
phone: 501-952-5172


photo by Margaret  M. Savino

Visit Margaret M. Savino's website to view the newest Summer and Autumn images of gardens, fruit, vegetables and wilderness nature: mountains, lakes & forests. Using the featured group link "Autumn" on the top right, you can find this Pumpkin & Gourd photo.

Selecting and receiving images for your upcoming publications is easy using immediate delivery through download of 20-58 mb files from the 2,000 online photos. You can also email requests for a custom lightbox from the 60,000+ offline stock collection with the same ease of download delivery. All subject areas are available covering the world. Explore Margaret's website by scrolling down the right column where you can view links to her latest publications, including the recent Scholastic Jr. Magazine, centerfold photo, "Inside the Vatican Walls".

Margaret looks forward to hearing from you.


Margaret M. Savino
A Lingering Eclipse Studio
United States
phone: 715-369-9098



Travel photographer Michael DeFreitas has just returned from the Caribbean with more topside and underwater images from Anguilla, Belize and Grenada. Michael specializes in adventure travel images from around the globe. His work appears in many of the world's top travel publications.

Over the last year, Michael has also added images from the Antarctic, Arctic, Caribbean, Hawaii, Norway, Banff/Lake Louise and Oregon to his 70,000+ stock library.

In the next three months Michael will be shooting California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Northern Manitoba, New Mexico and Texas. He is available for piggyback assignments in both digital and film formats.


Michael DeFreitas
Travel Snaps
phone: 604-946-5505


photo by Tamsyn Jarvis

Look over here!

One of the most recent contributors to APL is Bridget Jones. APL really like her fresh simple approach of observational photographer and she definitely coheres to their 'real life images' strap line. At Adams (APL) they feel that images do not always have to be 'staged' to be saleable and look forward to seeing more diverse and eclectic takes on everyday life on the street.

APL has an ever-expanding range of images online and in-house at APL themes include: Art, Children, Architecture, Business, Concepts, Electrical, Design elements, Education, Entertainmenst t, Families, Food, Health, Industry, Landscapes & Nature, Lifestyles, Medical, Military, Religion, Sport, Transport, Travel & Wildlife.


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 01503 240 475




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