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Newsletter May 2008


Gary Bell, Oceanwide Images Photo Library, Australia
Gregory Wrona, Gregory Wrona Photography, United Kingdom
Paco Feria, Paco Feria / Photojournalist, Spain
Clérin Philippe, Clérin Philippe Photography, Belgium
David Mather, Davempics, United Kingdom
Alex Ramsay, Alex Ramsay Photography, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Malcolm Brice, Azure Republic Photography, United Kingdom
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Cindy-Lou Dale, Cindy-Lou Dale - Photojournalist, United Kingdom
Michele Stapleton, Michele Stapleton, Photography, United States
Tamas D.Varga, PanoGraph Ltd., Hungary
Emily Naff, E Naff Photography, United States
Cyril Furlan, Cy Furlan Freelance Photography, United States
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
Le Yip, Photostandby, Australia
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Gary Bell

Oceanwide Images Photo Library specializes in marine related nature and wildlife photography. Their images are of the highest standard and sourced directly from award winning nature photographers. Oceanwide have the largest collection of Great Barrier Reef images in the world and list stunning and unique images of marine animal behavior, reef scenes, environment, tourism and more. Their comprehensive collection also includes rare images of Australia's marsupials, reptiles, birds, insects and World Heritage National Parks.


Gary Bell
Oceanwide Images Photo Library
phone: +61 2 6658 5657


photo by Gregory Wrona

Gregory Wrona is a professional London based photographer. He specializes in editorial, travel, location, pr and corporate photography.

In May, June and July Gregory will undertake 3-4 trips to Poland on assignment from Insight Guides/Berlitz publishers to illustrate the forthcoming new title on Poland. This journey will entail documenting life in Poland today: culture, national events, economy, farming, people, tourism, EU membership etc.

In June, July and August he will also visit: Baltic States, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia.

After many years of experience of working in Central and Eastern Europe he is very keen to receive further commissions within this region.


Gregory Wrona
Gregory Wrona Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 020 8896 9131



Photojournalist Paco Feria has just launch a new site where all his big previous photography production current and future will be available:

There you will enjoy the same advantages and capabilities that the largest online image banks can offer such as: quick and advanced searches, lightboxes, sales online, instant downloads, personal accounts, fresh contents with daily updates and new image collections.

These will always be under the personal style of Paco Feria. Kenya is Paco's the latest project featured in Travel. Reporages cover, wildlife, natural parks and social issues among other topics.

Paco invites you to see for yourself, and can assure you that this new personal and exclusive collection will not disappoint you.


Paco Feria
Paco Feria / Photojournalist
phone: + 34 + 936340050



The website of Clérin Philippe, devoted to photography and fine art printing, is now available in French and English. Clérin can print pictures on various media (glossy or smooth paper, baryte paper, canvas) in large sizes (up to A1) and can provide shipping anywhere in the world.

Clérin has an online gallery with a large choice of personal pictures, posters and graphical creations, all signed and numbered:


Clérin Philippe
Clérin Philippe Photography
phone: +3226336456


photo by David Mather

David Mather has many images of steam railways in England since the 1960s in original black and white, covering preserved railways from the end of steam on BR up to the present day, including powerful diesel locomotives from the 1970s and 1980s.

David also photographs wildlife, environment and holiday locations in England and Continental Europe, including summer sun and winter snow. He has over 18,000 images in his collection.


David Mather
United Kingdom
phone: 01904 622906



Alex Ramsay is just back from Japan, with a collection of 1,200 images covering all the major gardens in Japan, the cherry blossom season in Kyoto and other stock images from Tokyo, Kyoto and elsewhere. Magazine features on these gardens by Helena Attlee are available. Alex also has Britain's only current collection of photographs of the Catholic churches of England and Wales. He is currently working on his next two books, featuring the gardens of Wales and private gardens in Italy. Please contact him if you have specific picture needs relating to these or other subjects.


Alex Ramsay
Alex Ramsay Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01544 260859



Spring heralds the end of the shooting season in UK as far as hunters are concerned, but brings on the start of a photographic season of UK Nature which is a speciality of Alan Skyrme Photography.

Spring flowers and fauna images have been added to his stock library during April, and in May he moves to Veneto to capture some special images that will be added to his stock next month.

In June Alan returns to his Brazilian base to capture more Nature and Food images and to prepare for his regular dry-season trips to the Amazon (leading photographic and survival tours) and to Pantanal. Bookings for tours and commissions are still possible - especially for the period SEP 08 - DEC 08.

Alan Skyrme Photography - where images and imagination overlap with quality.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +44 07789 628956 or


photo by Malcolm Brice

Looking for something different? Images delivered to deadlines with reasonable prices? Innovative, friendly and helpful?

Photographer Malcolm Brice has experience spanning many years. Speaking English and having Spanish as a second language have proven to be valuable assets for all UK and international assignments. Working out of Birmingham provides great accessibility for assignment photography anywhere in the UK and beyond due to great communication links by land and air.

His growing global collection is available to view on his web site with links to images supplied to other agencies.
Malcolm's approach to all subject matter can produce beautiful, innovative and fresh images in portraits, animals, architecture, landscapes, studio work and unusual situations.

Comprehensive estimates are available for guidance and negotiation on all commissions and stock sales. Call or e-mail with commissions, projects or for further information.

Malcolm Brice
Azure Republic Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 00 44 (0)7963 794959


Dave Reede Photography has over 50,000 premium quality images of agriculture. Files are updated on a regular basis.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445


Photojournalist Cindy-Lou Dale has recently returned from Cape Town, SOuth Africa where she visited numerous wine farms and private game reserves. Cindy-Lou traveled along the beautiful Garden Route and also went shark cage diving, ending her trip in Hogsback (Eastern Cape). Whilst in Cape Town she photographed Kalk Bay extensively and did a shoot on top of Chapman's Peak of an Aston Martin sportscar. Don't hesitate to contact her should you need photographs from any of the locations mentioned.

JORDAN/ICELAND: Cindy-Lou is in the process of planning trips to Jordan and Iceland and is available for assignments.

Cindy-Lou Dale
Cindy-Lou Dale - Photojournalist
United Kingdom
phone: 07940 372775

photo by Cindy-Lou Dale

There is a new exciting tourist attraction in the state of Maine, and photographer Michele Stapleton spent three days capturing breath-taking photos of it from all angles. The unusual highway bridge with 420-foot observatory tower is the only one of its kind in the US and one of only four such observation towers in the World.

Named the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory, it has far exceeded expectations in its first year of opening. Mimicking the Washington Monument (which was built with Maine granite quarried nearby) the dramatic obelisk-shaped observatory offers views from Mt. Katahdin to Acadia National Park.

Located on U.S. Route 1 (the route of travel to nearby Acadia National Park) the observatory is an instant tourist draw and an engineering marvel and coupled with the adjacent Fort Knox State Park, is a destination for families, history buffs and engineering enthusiasts.

View images available for licensing at


Michele Stapleton
Michele Stapleton, Photography
United States
phone: 207.729.8269



World Panorama Stock now represents 280 panoramic photographers worldwide and is proud to announce the addition of two new featured members, Michael Wicander and Flemming Bo Jensen to their list of image providers.

Michael has taken a significant number of panorama photos not only in Frankfurt but also other cities and places in the world and published a book titled Frankfurt Panorama in 2007.

Flemming is a photographer passionate about landscape and cityscapes in the panoramic format. He focuses on creating breathtaking land- and city-scapes shots in perfect and extraordinary light conditions and presented as high quality fine art prints and files.

World Panorama Stock is a source of panoramic stock photos and professional panorama photographers in five continents. Panorama images for web design, editorial, advertising and corporate use as billboards, murals, posters, free standing inserts, cover pages, wrap covers, double pages, gatefolds, fold-outs and various electronic media uses.


Tamas D.Varga
PanoGraph Ltd.
phone: +36 20 9441 207
tvarga at



Emily Naff is traveling to Sicily and Southern Italy. She will be traveling off the beaten path in Sicily and Puglia, May 15 to June 18, 2008. Emily's itinerary includes Milazzo, Lipari, Vulcano, Mt. Etna, Taormino, Valley of the Temples, Valley D'Itria, Alberobello and Lecce. The last week of her itinerary is still flexible and open for assignments. Please contact Emily asap if you have any needs for photographs of specific locations in Sicily or Southern Italy.


Emily Naff
E Naff Photography
United States
phone: 615-210-7179


If your in need of mystery photos, eyeball benders or whatzit photos, Cyril Furlan has a substantial file of them. Mystery photos are photographs of common every day subjects where the viewer must guess what the object is in the photo.

Many of the mystery photos are shot with a macro lens and extension tubes. Because of the high magnification, Cyril uses a focusing rail and a tripod as well. The mystery photos vary from easy to hard. The one included here is easy.

The answer for this mystery photo is on Cyril's website.

Cyril Furlan
Cy Furlan Freelance Photography
United States
phone: 724 946 8935

photo by Cyril Furlan

The Africa Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure. Ariadne has an exciting new collection of Senegal images.

Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464

photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

Stock photography, Travel and Scientific images.

Photostandby are pleased to announce that their online stock photo library is now open, located in Melbourne, Australia.

Their online library offers a selected and unique line of images covering the regions of Australia and Taiwan R.O.C for both Commercial and Editorial content. Since Photostandby do not represent any individual image library, the images that they have are carefully hand picked and color corrected. They are therefore able to offer to their customers a wide range of excellent images.

Le Yip
phone: +61 431 392 496

photo by Le Yip

What captures your interest?

Sometimes it is difficult so say what it is about a photograph that works. But this one certainly grabbed Tamsyn's attention of fitting the bill for APL's strap line of 'real life images' - or in this case 'surreal' life images. Tamsyn loves this quirky slice of cafe culture in Dubrovnik. To see more images from the talented photographer John Wedrychowski go to:

APL has an ever-expanding range of images online and in-house themes include: Art, Children, Architecture, Business, Concepts, Electrical, Design elements, Education, Entertainment, Families, Food, Health, Industry, Landscapes & Nature, Lifestyles, Medical, Military, Religion, Sport, Transport, Travel & Wildlife.


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 01503 240 475




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