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Newsletter April 2008


Rakha Singh, Hara Media Ltd, United Kingdom
Rudolf Abraham, Travel Writer And Photographer, United Kingdom
James + Courtney, Turner Forte Photography, United States
David Wall, Ltd, New Zealand
John Lander, Asian Images, Japan
Fred Voetsch, Acclaim Images, United States
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Footprint Images, Footprint Images, United Kingdom
Cyril Furlan, Cy Furlan Freelance Photography, United States
Patricia Fenn, Patricia Fenn Photography, Greece
Malcolm Brice, Azure Republic Photography, United Kingdom
Richard Osbourne, Blue Pearl Photographic, United Kingdom
Martyn Chillmaid, Martyn Chillmaid Photography, United Kingdom
Thaddeus Tobolski, Ghost Image Digital Photography, United States
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom
Heather Angel, Heather Angel/Natural Visions, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Rakha Singh

Rakha Singh has produced Ultra High Resolution images of Butterflies and Moths at 4ft x 4ft (122cm sq) or larger. The detail is so fine you can see individual cells and hairs. These beautifull creaturers, in amazing colours are rarely seen - let alone on this scale. Also, Rakha is producing very large images of extinct or near extinction species such as beetles, bees, ladybirds and bugs.

Please have a look at


Rakha Singh
Hara Media Ltd
United Kingdom
phone: 07977 060081


photo by Rudolf Abraham

Rudolf Abraham has recently returned from Patagonia, with images of Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. These have now been added to his website, which features an extensive collection of images of mountains, landscape, travel and architecture.

Areas covered include the Balkans (in particular extensive coverage of Croatia and Montenegro), Spain, Eastern Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Ladakh, Patagonia and Australia. Rudolf has written or contributed to a number of books and articles on these areas, including the first comprehensive English-language trekking guides to Croatia and Montenegro, both featuring his photographs. He lives in London.

Rudolf will be in Croatia in August and eastern Turkey in September/October, and would welcome assignments during these trips.


Rudolf Abraham
Travel Writer And Photographer
United Kingdom
phone: (+44) 07789936507


photo by James + Courtney

Turner Forte Photography have launched a new design to their website. Their collection contains worldwide travel, adventure, nature, and underwater images from many destinations.

*Search their growing stock site
*New portfolio coming soon!
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Turner Forte Photography is the combined talent of husband and wife team Courtney Turner Forte and James Forte. They are avid hikers, kayakers, campers, skiers and scuba divers and have a camera in hand while engaging in these activities.

Please contact their studio for assignment, portfolio, and stock requests. Visit their site to search the growing image collection.

James + Courtney
Turner Forte Photography
United States
phone: 805.698.3483

photo by David Wall specializes in Australia and New Zealand with around 20,000 high quality images online - including thousands of aerials.

David's images are used by top publications around the world, as well as in a dozen of his own pictorial books.

Check out the website. User friendly features include an image search by map.


David Wall Ltd
New Zealand
phone: 64 3 4878483


Asian Images is the archive to go to for images of Asia, particularly Japan. Based in Japan for 25 years, John Lander has extensive coverage of the cultural events, architecture and scenery of Japan and East Asia. Recently upgraded equipment, including all "L" lenses, and his archives are expanding exponentially. When John is not soaking in a Japanese "onsen" or hot spring, he can be found poking around Japanese gardens, his other passion. He will be traveling to Nagoya and Osaka in May, Taiwan in June and welcomes any assignments.

John Lander
Asian Images
phone: 046-876-2454

photo by John Lander
photo by Fred Voetsch

Acclaim Images is proud to announce the addition of Rosie Piter to their list of image providers. Rosie is a talented young artist who is expected to contribute a wide range of illustrations to their image library.

Clipart illustrations are a small but growing segment of images offered by Acclaim Images; 97% of the images are photos. In all, Acclaim offers nearly 200,000 tighly edited images available under Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed licensing.


Fred Voetsch
Acclaim Images
United States
phone: 888-618-8723


photo by Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme Photography is currently adding some of the thousands of new images he has captured this year in Cyprus, Cambodia, England, Italy, and Thailand. The majority of the pictures in Alan's new collection are stock photographs but he has also produced a number of fine art images for use as prints, cards and calendars, in addition to clients-sponsored images.

In April Alan is in Brazil and the UK, with plans to be in Italy in May for a special event in Veneto. He can accept commissions for these locations.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +44 07789 628956 or



New additions to Footprint Images this month include exciting collections of travel photography from Italy, Switzerland and France (Limoges, Bourges and the Dordogne) alongside images from Morocco, India, Australia and the United States. Footprint have also added new wildlife, landscape and lifestyle stock from the UK and abroad to their growing collection.

They have contributors who will soon be visiting Moscow (May), Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia (June). Contact them if you have any specific image requirements from these locations.

On the website at you can find a great collection of rights-managed stock imagery by top photographers on a broad range of subjects, including travel, business, lifestyle and wildlife. Footprint Images provides a comprehensive service for picture buyers and photographers alike with a simple, easy-to-use website offering full search, pricing, delivery and account or online payment facilities.


Footprint Images
Footprint Images
United Kingdom
phone: 00447887912402


Cyril Furlan would like to invite you to visit his new website at

Cyril have been selling stock photos since 1977 and his photos have been published by Dupont Corp. Disney Corp. Weekly Reader, and various American textbook companies. His photographs are also on file with Dinodia Photo Agency in India, The Stock Connection in the U.S and Photographers Direct.

Cyril's website will continue to grow as I he adds new material, an dhe is currently creating conceptual images that relate to the pressing problems we face, such as global warming, and the fuel crisis.

Cyril Furlan
Cy Furlan Freelance Photography
United States
phone: 724 946 8935

photo by Cyril Furlan

Located in Crete, Greece, Patricia Fenn specializes in travel and wildlife photography especially of the Greek Islands. Her website contains almost 3,000 pictures with new photos being added weekly, and over 50,000 images on file. Topics include: Travel, humour, food, landscapes, seascapes, local people, traditions and indigenous flora and fauna.
Patricia will travel anywhere in Greece to get that special image.


Patricia Fenn
Patricia Fenn Photography
phone: (0030) 28950 31149


photo by Malcolm Brice

Azure Republic Photography is the work of Malcolm Brice. Speaking English and having Spanish as a second language has proven to be a valuable asset for all UK and international assignments. He works out of Birmingham, a large diverse multicultural city in the centre of England. The location provides great accessibility for assignment photography anywhere in the world due to communication links by land and air.

Malcolm's approach to all subject matter produces beautiful, innovative and fresh images through portraits, animals, architecture, landscapes, studio work and unusual situations. Comprehensive estimates are available for guidance and negotiation on all commissions and stock sales. Call or e-mail with commissions, projects or for further information.

View his portfolios at:


Malcolm Brice
Azure Republic Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 00 44 (0)7963 794959


photo by Richard Osbourne

By Photographers For Photographers

Photographic Art company Blue Pearl Photographic have launched a new art production service for photographers, artists, museums and galleries.

Featuring their unique new art products PhotoGlassWorks™ and ArtBrackets™, as well as PhotoAcrylics™, PhotoCanvases™ and museum-standard giclée prints, their range of innovative ways to present images will bring alive photographic images in new and exciting ways.

Blue Pearl offer fully profiled and calibrated workflows and expert technicians with many years of experience, expertise and care. In addition they offer art consultancy, UK-wide installation service and digitising of original art pieces.

Call or email them for their trade price list.


Richard Osbourne
Blue Pearl Photographic
United Kingdom
phone: 01603 629437



For the past 20 years, Martyn Chillmaid has been commissioned by many of the UK's leading educational publishers to supply bespoke pictures for their books.
Photography is the art of solving problems and clicking the shutter is just the culmination of a process that includes research, organisation, obtaining props and models - making sure that the final result does the job. He is equally at home on location or in the studio and can provide finished Photoshopped files including collages.

Clients appreciate not only his photographs but also his reliability - an invaluable talent in these days of short deadlines. Martyn could take away your photographic headaches.


Martyn Chillmaid
Martyn Chillmaid Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01527544438


photo by Thaddeus Tobolski

Raised in Syracuse, New York and living in Richmond, Virginia, Thaddeus Tobolski is a photographer/artist just looking to find his niche and break into the scene in a more profound way. He has done many weddings, formal events, portraits, product shots for companies - even photos for the jacket of a music CD. Thaddeus is now looking for new ways to expand and develop his photographic work and is interested in any opportunities. Some of his favorite shots are those that called for a great deal of his time, concentration and creative energies. This picture, a self-portrait, is one of those. Thaddeus hopes its meaning reaches you. He calls it "The Fire Inside."


Thaddeus Tobolski
Ghost Image Digital Photography
United States
phone: 804-677-4752


photo by Tamsyn Jarvis

A fresh perspective.

This month the emphasis is on the 'real slice of life' angle that APL (Adams Picture Library) loves to represent. Thr photographer Vikki Martin captures contemporary lifestyles, eclectic moments alongside visually pleasing abstract displays and events. Edging towards the fringes of society and entertainment Vikki successfully continues to take exciting and refreshing images.

To see a Vikki's slice of life:

APL has an ever-expanding range of images online and in-house with themes including: Art, Children, Architecture, Business, Concepts, Electrical, Design elements, Education, Entertainment, Families, Food, Health, Industry, Landscapes & Nature, Lifestyles, Medical, Military, Religion, Sport, Transport, Travel & Wildlife.


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 0844 8000378


Heather Angel has been concentrating on TIGERS this year. Firstly, in north-east China for Siberian or amur tigers in sub-zero temperatures in the snow, then warming up in India tracking Bengal tigers.

Other new collections include: desert life, caves and marine life in China and trees in India.

Throughout last year, Heather has also taken many new panda shots including a mother with her young baby. The best of her shots taken in the last few years appear in PANDA – her third book on pandas – just published. With the animated film ‘Kung Fu Panda’ due for release early in June, contact Natural Visions for a broad selection of panda images shot in all seasons.

Heather Angel
Heather Angel/Natural Visions
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)1252 716700

photo by Heather Angel


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