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Newsletter November 2007


Glenn Usdin, Glenn Usdin Photography, United States
Giles Manning, Nature Picture Library, United Kingdom
, Muslim Heritage Images, United Arab Emirates
Krzysztof Gapys, Krzysztof Gapys Photography, Poland
Geoff Bryant, Country, Farm And Garden Photo Library, New Zealand
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom
Tommo, , United Kingdom
paul prescott, Paul Prescott Photography, India
Bob Pardue, Bob Pardue Photography, United States
Patricia Fenn, Patricia Fenn Photography, Greece
Sheila Atter, Stockczech, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, United Kingdom
Christopher Smith, Chris Smith, United Kingdom
Michael DeFreitas, Travel Snaps, Canada
John Lander, Images Of Asia, Japan
Christine Osborne, World Religions Photo Library, United Kingdom
Tim Argles,, United Kingdom
David Kimber, Car And Bike Photo Libraries, United Kingdom
Joan S Field, ZGF West, United States
Julia Robertson, Aero-Imaging, Inc., United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Glenn Usdin

Glenn Usdin unveils his newly updated website of lifestyle images, . He is available for assignments in the eastern half of the United States. Glenn also shot the Fall 2007 print and web Campaign of US-based Stainmaster Carpet, a division of Invista. He also recently shot a feature for the Belgium edition of Elle magazine.

He is available to provide detailed comprehensive estimates for all editorial and advertising campaigns. Give him a call and he'll provide you the imagery you need for your campaign.

Glenn Usdin
Glenn Usdin Photography
United States
phone: (717)-735-0206


On the weekend of the 6th of October, BBC 2 showed "100 Years of Wildlife Films" - a look at the personalities and technologies involved in wildlife film-making of the past century. Nature Picture Library, through its representation of many BBC Natural History Unit cameramen, researchers and producers, has a fascinating collection of stills relating to many of the best known series of the past 20 years. Go to, then click on the "Wildlife filming" gallery to see a selection of images. You can also visit their other galleries Weird Nature, Planet Earth or Night-time on the Serengeti to see unique images from these series.


Giles Manning
Nature Picture Library
United Kingdom
phone: 01179 746679



Muslim Heritage Images has recently launched the world's first online image library dedicated to the history of the Muslim world.

Treasured collections from the past telling the true story of Muslim civilisation have been hidden in museums, library archives and private collections all over the world. The library now brings you thousands of images, such as manuscripts, as well as contemporary pictures of people, architecture and important artefacts from museums.

Visit our website or contact Nosheen or Samia for a complete selection of images.


Muslim Heritage Images
United Arab Emirates
phone: +9714 329 2421



Krzysztof Gapys has just returned from a trip round Poland, and has extensive archive of images shot in largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz.

Should anyone be interested in viewing images from those places, please, contact him and you will be given links to look at the sample galleries.

About Krzysztof:
Krzysztof Gapys's career as a freelance photographer began with his passions of travel, when running an agency. He then began travelling on assignments and "stock", personal journeys around Europe. His work has been published worldwide in many magazines and travel guidebooks, as well as on websites.

He has also applied his style to working with corporate clients, and on special commissions from around the world. Specializations include food photography, product, travel, weddings and events.


Krzysztof Gapys
Krzysztof Gapys Photography
phone: 0048601336296


Country, Farm and Garden Photo Library is a specialist horticultural and agricultural image collection.

The fully searchable, comprehensively captioned horticultural and botanical photos cover thousands of plants, in gardens, as house plants and in their habitats. The agricultural and rural pictures include farming activities, landscapes and country scenics as well as farm animals, crops and their weeds, tractors, trucks, farm machinery and vintage equipment, such as traction engines.

Geoff Bryant
Country, Farm And Garden Photo Library
New Zealand
phone: +6433527395

photo by Geoff Bryant
photo by Tamsyn Jarvis

APL: Remember Remember all things November

The month of November the eleventh in our calendar year is representative for several annual events Remembrance Day on 11th November or Poppy day as it is widely known remembers all our brave ancestors who served in the First & Second World Wars. November is an important month in Mexico as they celebrate Dia de los Muertos (The day of the dead) and on November 20th celebrate Dia de la Revolucion - Revolution day! On a lighter note Christopher Columbus Navigated his way and discovered the island of Puerto Rico in 1493. On 5th November the English have an excuse to set off lots of fireworks, thanks to Guy Fawkes's Gunpowder Plot in 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament on its opening day. Finally the North Americans traditionally gather together to consume more than usual on the fourth Thursday in November on Thanksgiving Day - busy month!

Please update your records with our new Telephone number and address details:
0844 8000378

Address: The Studio, Hillside Cottage, Hessenford, Cornwall, PL11 3HH


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 0844 8000378


photo by Tommo

London Photographer Tommo's Website has been updated and more experimental work is now also online at HYP TV.

Both New 'Advertising', and 'Fashion/Portrait' Folio's available for viewing :-)

and personal ' inflatables ' run riot



United Kingdom
phone: 44(0)2076819460



Paul Prescott has been travelling the world for the past 10 years as a travel photographer.

Paul now lives in India, the most popular and talked about place in Asia today.

He is also now launching his newly refurbished website with his world photography and is presenting a beautiful 2008 calendar with his best work from around the world for you to either hang on the wall or give as a gift for Xmas. Discover landscapes, people and places in India, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Peru, Germany, Guatemala and Thailand which will keep you dreaming throughout the year at:

If you have any requests or assignments for India, or would like to place orders for his beautiful calendar, please do not hesitate to contact him.

You can see more of Paul's work on his website with over 2000 searchable travel photos categorised by country and theme.


Paul Prescott
Paul Prescott Photography
phone: 00919971219374


Bob Pardue has just completed an assignment in South Florida and has new travel images from the area including the Florida Keys. He is planning another trip to the region either this winter or the beginning of 2008 so please contact Bob if you have specific photo needs of Florida for your publication or advertising project. Bob is always happy to shoot photos "for consideration" with no obligation to you.

Bob Pardue
Bob Pardue Photography
United States
phone: 803-286-0320

photo by Bob Pardue

Patricia Fenn will be covering EGYPT, BRIGHTON (UK) and SHEFFIELD (UK) through November.

Patricia has lived in Crete, Greece, for many years and is inspired by its colourful people and the breathtaking landscapes of the Greek Islands.

Always on a quest for some humour, or a story within a picture, she travels the island's villages exploring the individual idiosyncrasies of a rapidly changing country.

The recent addition of 'stock photography' to her portfolio has resulted in her work being acquired by National Geographic, the British Government, various advertising companies, archeological societies and a book about the churches of Karpathos.

Her portfolio of travel and flora and fauna images of the Greek Islands continues to grow.

Patricia Fenn
Patricia Fenn Photography
phone: (0030) 28950 31149

photo by Patricia Fenn
photo by Sheila Atter

Images of the Christmas Markets in Prague are easily found via the Search Facility now incorporated into the Stockczech website, thanks to Photographers Direct. New images are added to the database regularly making this a valuable resource for any picture buyer looking for material from the Czech Republic.

Sheila Atter has made regular visits to the country throughout the year and, apart from updating the library's Prague images (with a new section on the Zoo), has added comprehensive coverage of the Hussite stronghold of Tabor and the West Bohemian town of Plzen, as well as starkly moving shots from the World War II prison camp at Terezin.

Whilst it is growing, only a small fraction of the Stockczech library is at present on line so if the image that you need doesn't appear, don't despair! Just email or phone and Stockczech may be able to help.


Sheila Atter
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)7708 492266 (UK)


photo by Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme Photography is moving, perhaps more than usual! In 2007 he has visited 4 Euro-countries (some on 3 or even 4 occasions), and has immersed himself in Amazonia on several occasions. However, he are now in the process of migrating his principal studio base from Brazil to Europe.
Alan will still maintain focus on Travel, South America (especially Brazil/Rainforest) and Food, and 2008 - just around the corner - will offer exciting opportunities.

Alan Skyrme Photography - where images and imagination overlap with quality!


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07789 628956



Please see Chris Smith’s website link below and have a browse around. A newly established photography business based in Northern Scotland; Chris specialises in wildlife, landscape and creative images. The site is constantly being upgraded with new images. Available for commissioned work within the region, please do not hesitate to contact Chris for any further info.


Christopher Smith
Chris Smith
United Kingdom
phone: 01456 450966



Michael DeFreitas has just returned from San Juan, Puerto Rico where he received the prestigious 2007 Photographer Of The Year Award from the Caribbean Tourism Organization. He has recently added hundreds of Caribbean topside and underwater images to his collection including coverage of Antigua, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Martin/Maarten, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Michael specializes in adventure travel images from around the globe. His work appears in many of the world's top travel publications.

Over the last year, Michael has also added images from the Antarctic, Arctic, Canada’s Northwest Territories, Cook Islands, Fiji, Galapagos, Malta, Micronesia, and Southwest Utah to his 60,000+ stock library.

Over the next three months Michael will be shooting in Palm Springs, Hawaii, Oregon and Quebec City. He is available for piggyback assignments in both digital and film formats.


Michael DeFreitas
Travel Snaps
phone: 604-946-5505



Following three visits to China and Beijing this year, John Lander's collections on Things Chinese has been greatly augmented. From Chinese opera performers at Lao Tse Teahouse, Panjiayuan Market to fan dancers in Beihai Park, Beijing is not just about the 2008 Olympics. John is trying to capture the street life of Beijingers who will be hosting this event.

Contact John by email for comps of images or access to high-res versions or other inquiries on Asian Images, Images of Japan or Images of China.


John Lander
Images Of Asia
phone: 046-876-2454


photo by Christine Osborne

The 21st century sees a resurgence of interest in religion where every individual can make a democratic, choice-driven decision on his faith. After being suppressed by Fascism, Communism and other godless regimes during the 20th century, religion is pushing up again with more and more people turning to faith to escape the stresses of modern life. Religious tourism is the most rapid growth sector within the world travel industry. The World Religions Photo Library focuses on peoples practising their chosen faith. It also stocks a specialist collection on sacred sites and places of historic interest of which many are founded on religious expression. Member of the World Religious Travel Association. 11,000 images searchable on-line. See also


Christine Osborne
World Religions Photo Library
United Kingdom
phone: 02077206951 an image library steeped in the natural world with the courage to appreciate the ornamental and cultivated plant. Easy and simple to use p-pod contains over 70,000 unique images 300 dpi high quality jpeg, not just plants. Sculpture, Benches, Bark, Garden and Landscape Design, History and other Garden Features. With over 20,000 images taken in there natural setting P-pod catalogues the diminishing native environments of wild flowers, trees shrubs and fungi. Cultivated plant collections include Camellia, Magnolia, Dahlia, Snowdrop, Hosta, and Conifers and many rare and unusual plant types. Seasons are well represented, select a month. For the intelligent choice please come to

Tim Argles
United Kingdom
phone: 01837 659333

photo by Tim Argles

With the recruitment of more staff, images are now being uploaded weekly to both Car and Bike Photo Library websites.

Collections recently received include images from F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone's recent £10 million garage sale, with this 1937 Mercedes alone selling for £3.5 million!


David Kimber
Car And Bike Photo Libraries
United Kingdom
phone: (44) 1202 528849


photo by Joan S Field

ZGF West, a small stock company located in the San Fancisco area, recently completed a collection of abstracts produced by photographing small sections of rusting cars and trucks. The colorful collection could be used for screen savers or for a photographic array of abstract prints. Contact is Joan Field at


Joan S Field
ZGF West
United States
phone: 925-743-1776



Julia Robertson is highlighting a collection of images from the San Diego Fires Aftermath.

Images can be seen on website

Julia Robertson / Aero-Imaging, Inc is available for assignment anywhere in the world.

(302)753-5406 -


Julia Robertson
Aero-Imaging, Inc.
United States
phone: 302-753-5406




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