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Newsletter October 2007


Vladimir Sidoropolev, Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography, Russia
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Dick Mundy, Dick Mundy Photography, France
Jerry Monkman, EcoPhotography, United States
Heather Angel, Heather Angel/Natural Visions, United Kingdom
Judah S. Harris, Judah S. Harris, United States
Andrew Holt, Andrew Holt Photography, United Kingdom
Maria Tarasoff, Maria Tarasoff Photography, Canada
Dave Pattinson, Pattinson Photography, Canada
Craig X Sotres, Sotres Photography, United States
Athar Akram, Athar Akram Photography, Norway
Derek Pearce, DPhoto Studios, United Kingdom
Andy Arthur, Andy Arthur Photography, United Kingdom
Peter Downing, Freelance Press Photographer, Australia
LeRoy French, Underwater Films, United States
Glyn Davies, Glyn Davies Photography, United Kingdom
Terry Wild, Terry Wild Stock, United States
Winston Fraser, Fraser Photos, Canada
Adrian Mars, Adrian Mars Photography, United Kingdom
Jim & Barb Myers, Creative Images Gallery, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Vladimir Sidoropolev

South of Russia based photographer Vladimir Sidoropolev has 35 years of photographic experience. He is a widely experienced photographer and works for both editorial and advertising clients.


Vladimir Sidoropolev
Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography
phone: +7 918 46 26 837



Canadian photographer Dave Reede continues to produce some of the most creative images of Canadian agriculture currently available. He has recently updated his website with new images.


Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445



In France, Dick Mundy is currently taking images of the old town of Chateau Landon (home of the Plantagenets and the early crossroads of France). If anyone has any particular requirements of this area or wants to see a portfolio please contact him direct.


Dick Mundy
Dick Mundy Photography


photo by Jerry Monkman

Jerry and Marcy Monkman have recently completed several commissioned projects that feature conservation projects in New England. These projects have resulted in a compelling set of new adventure and nature images that complement their on-line collection of over 5000 stock photos.


Jerry Monkman
United States
phone: 888-705-8274


photo by Heather Angel

Natural Visions, the specialist collection of diverse wildlife images, have an exciting new e-commerce website with instant downloads plus informative captions. New features:
- Larger thumbs and more images per line.
- Suggestive Search Unsure how to spell a name? A dropdown list of words appears as you begin to type.
- Colour picker speedy search filter with 20 colour squares.
- Digital lightboxes able to reposition images in any order
- IPTC metadata supplied with images
- Price calculator Instant pricing 24/7 using price calculator.

New collections include: cave life, wildlife & habitats in China – from bamboo forests, mountains & mangroves to tropical & stone forests. Plus an expanding collection of worldwide plants.

Heather Angel
Heather Angel/Natural Visions
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)1252 716700


What happens when people and photographic art meet?

In his colorful and lively photo essay on AIPAD's The Photography Show, the huge annual NYC gathering of photography dealers and collectors, photojournalist Judah S. Harris observes, in concentrated form, the nexus of people and photographic art.

He was interested in knowing: how do people interact with photography? How do they look at photographic prints; how close do they stand to the art; how do they handle actual prints; what questions do they pose to the dealers or discuss with others also viewing the show; what do they "like" or care about?

Take a good look at this series of images and you'll get some of the answers - and probably have a few questions of your own.


Judah S. Harris
Judah S. Harris
United States
phone: 718.380.7945



Andrew Holt made a recent trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada USA and also photographed Reno, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 020 84441888



Maria Tarasoff will be travelling to the highlands of Mexico in January 2008 on an extended photographic journey. Most attention will be spent on the "silver circle" area and the architecture and people of this beautiful interior Spanish colonial region. She will be based in Guanajuato, a vibrant and beautiful city but is available for special assignments throughout the region.

With a BFA in visual arts Maria Tarasoff is a photographer who looks for impactful imagery as well as stunning compositions.


Maria Tarasoff
Maria Tarasoff Photography
phone: 250 664 6104


photo by Dave Pattinson

Dave Pattinson is a stock photographer located in Calgary, Canada. Dave specializes in images of western Canada mainly Alberta and British Columbia. He also shoots lifestyle and some studio still life.

Dave uses PhotoShelter to archive his images as well as to provide an outlet to sell rights managed images through his website. He has over 1100 images available for licensing.

Visit and click on galleries to see Dave's work.


Dave Pattinson
Pattinson Photography
phone: 403 288-8918



Craig X Sotres has recently produced images for a Warner Brothers production on HBO called "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME" that has just begun to air. Another of Craig's images is used as a birthday card prop New Line Cinema's movie called " SHOOT EM UP" - in cinemas now!


Craig X Sotres
Sotres Photography
United States
phone: 310-990-9225 mobil displays some of the work of the Norwegian born photographer Athar Akram. His speciality is pictures of Muslim and Islamic societies, culture, architecture and history from different parts of the world. The site currently contains around 3,000 pictures from cities like Makkah, Madinah, Jerusalem, Damascus, Bosra and places in Andalus, Morocco and Pakistan among other countries.

His collection includes interior and exterior images of the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah, the Ummayad Mosque and many shrines in Damascus, Madinat al Zahra in Cordoba and the battle ground and cave of Uhud in Madinah.

His next coverage will be on Eid ul Fitr celebrations in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2007. Next he will be covering the Muslim pilgrimage, Hajj, in Makkah and Madinah in December 2007. Both are very significant events for followers of Islam.

Keep visiting for new images or subscribe to the RSS feed for automatic updates.


Athar Akram
Athar Akram Photography
phone: +4793062356


photo by Derek Pearce

Derek Pearce is using a new ground based aerial photography system, able to reach up to 80' vertically, accommodating both 35mm DSLR and 645 Medium Format cameras, shooting up to 40 megapixels.

Available for commissions UK-wide, the system is primarily suited to stills photography but can accommodate any gear weighing in less than 40kg. The system is fitted to a 2007 Land Rover Defender, so comes with a go anywhere attitude!

Please call for rates and availability.


Derek Pearce
DPhoto Studios
United Kingdom
phone: 0845 643 0821



Andy Arthur Photography has a new online home at

The collection includes images of Scotland, Spain, Portugal and France with new galleries of festive christmas holiday decorations in Bordeaux and Bergerac.

A freelance photographer since 2002, Andy has contributed images to books, newspapers, magazines and travel guides worldwide.


Andy Arthur
Andy Arthur Photography
United Kingdom


photo by Peter Downing

Please see Peter Downing's website link below and have a browse around. Australia-based Peter has worked for many newspapers, magazines and PR agencies and is constantly updating his site with new images. Please do not hesitate to contact him for any further info.


Peter Downing
Freelance Press Photographer
phone: 0061 0416377310



LeRoy French and his company Underwater Films have just produced a 20 minute video on 'The Great White Shark'. The film entitled 'The Apex Predator' documents the procedure in filming this amazing predator off Guadalupe Island in Mexico. For more information go to their website. Their next filming location will be in Costa Rica and the Socorro Islands in 2008. Anyone interested in video or still images of this area should contact Underwater Films.


LeRoy French
Underwater Films
United States
phone: 843-686-4794



Anglesey Landscapes is the first book of fine-art photographs of this amazing North Wales Celtic island by award winning landscape photographer, Glyn Davies. The book is not a geographical record of the place but a series of personal responses to the area by the artist. This fully bilingual book is 120 pages long including an introduction by Glyn and a foreword by BBC News presenter Jamie Owen. There are 50 images within this hard-case book fantastically reproduced by Beacon Press in London. The launch date is Friday November 2nd but copies may be ordered by phone direct from Glyn, before that time, on 01248 715511. The cost is £29.95 +P&P After the launch the book will also be available on-line at


Glyn Davies
Glyn Davies Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01248 715511



Photographer, Terry Wild, is pleased to announce the launch of his searchable new database website. Terry's strengths are particularly strong in such subject areas as natural textures, rural life, agriculture, flora, fine art, editorial landscapes, rural lifestyle, Maine, and central Pennsylvania, USA. Researchers may access the site by visiting and going to Our Stock Library. The site has been launched with about 12,000 images and new work is added every week. Please bookmark this one.


Terry Wild
Terry Wild Stock
United States
phone: 570-745-3257



Important Travel Alert – Quebec 2008

Are you planning or working on a story relating to Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations in 2008? If so, Winston Fraser can provide you with an outstanding selection of images of that historic walled city. Some of their unique Quebec City images were recently published in National Geographic’s Canada Travel Guide.

Winston also has an extensive collection of images of all provinces and territories of Canada. So, whether your article relates to a major Canadian metropolis such as Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver; a popular tourist area like the Rockies, Niagara Falls, Gaspe Peninsula, Peggy’s Cove or Prince Edward Island; or a more rugged and remote region such as Newfoundland, Nunavut, Anticosti Island or the Queen Charlotte Islands, he has the images that will bring these places alive.


Winston Fraser
Fraser Photos
phone: +1-450-621-2378



Photo Exhibition: Adrian Mars

From 20th October 2007 to 24th November 2007
46 Grafton Road
Tel: 0207-916-0544/5

Opening Party: Sat 20th Oct, 3pm till late. Live Music.



Adrian Mars
Adrian Mars Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 020 7482 5228



Jim & Barb Myers will be traveling the western 3rd of the United States over the next six months. Places they will be visiting include:

Yellowstone NP
Teton NP
Mt. Rushmre NP
Crazy horse Monument
New Mexico
Oregon Coast
Washington Coast
Olympic Peninsula


Jim & Barb Myers
Creative Images Gallery
United States
phone: 509-935-8802




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