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Newsletter September 2007


Joe and Becky Gibbons,, United States
Gavin Gough, Photofina, United Kingdom
Laura Cotterman, Christina Handley Stock, United States
John Eccles, John Eccles Photography, United Kingdom
IPA 2007-, Krzysztof Gapys Photography, Poland
Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library, South Africa
John Marmon, Johnmarmonphotography, Thailand
Emilio Lovisa, MilloDigital Photography, Canada
Christine Osborne, World Religions Photo Library, United Kingdom
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
alan roxborough,, United Kingdom
Mark Sinclair, PhatSheep Photography, United Kingdom
Margaret M. Savino, Lingering Eclipse Studio, United States
Ottmar Bierwagen, Spectrum Photofile Inc., Canada
David McIntyre, Custom Life Science Images, United States
Mario Ponta, Mario Ponta Photography, France
Ian Andrews, Wildaboutpictures, United Kingdom
Sandy Yagyu, Feng Shui Images, United States
Oliver Wright, Digitoli, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Joe And Becky Gibbons features the work of published Photographers Joe and Becky Gibbons. They offer stock images of the American Southeast. State coverage includes Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Maryland.

In order to meet your image needs, offers the convenience of a keyword search and electronic stock list. New images are regularly added. are based in Central Florida and willing to travel for assignments.

Joe And Becky Gibbons
United States
phone: 407-929-6273


Interested in seeing things from a different angle?

Gavin Gough is a freelance travel photographer whose most recent images of India and South East Asia are proving to be exceedingly popular with picture editors and creative directors.

"Gavin's travel photography is colourful and engaging. He has succeeded in bringing us the essence of a location with a succession of compelling images"

Now online with Digital Railroad, Gavin's portfolio can be searched by keyword and by location. Register as a member to create light-boxes and download comps. With hi-res images available online, obtaining Rights Managed and Royalty Free images couldn't be simpler and all files are available for immediate download.

See things from a different angle with Gavin Gough's Travel Photography.

Gavin Gough
United Kingdom
phone: 07092 121117

photo by Gavin Gough

Christina Handley Stock's 2007 Winter, Snow & Holiday stock photo collection includes candids, portraits, lifestyle, cattle in the snow, horse drawn sleigh rides, horses galloping through the snow and even horses pulling Christmas trees home from the woods. These timeless images will help you capture the true spirit of the holidays. You won't find images like these anywhere else - Christina Handley strives to be different! She doesn't want to shoot what everyone else is shooting, she wants her images and YOUR images to be unique. Visit to browse 1000s of photos of horses and cows in the snow.


Laura Cotterman
Christina Handley Stock
United States
phone: 877-867-7345


UK photographer John Eccles will be in the French Alps in October. Initially photographing a newly renovated, large traditional Haute-Savoie farmhouse converted for visitors near Samoens/Cluses. Seasonal landscape work will also be undertaken through the region.
Moving onto Banyuls-sur-Mer in the Pyrénées-Orientales to photograph this year's Fete de Vendanges - the annual wine festival held in the town's streets and culminating in an enormous picnic/bbq on the Mediterranean beach.

Should images from these, or other aspects be of interest please contact John.

John Eccles
John Eccles Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01980 629207

photo by John Eccles

International Photography Awards Announces winners of the 2007 Competition. Krzysztof Gapys of Poland was Awarded 2nd place In IPA Competition. Krzysztof Gapys of Poland was Awarded: 2nd place in Special in non-professional category for "Seclusion" image.

About Krzysztof Gapys
Krzysztof Gapys's career as a freelance photographer began with his passions of travel, when running an agency. He then began travelling on assignments and "stock", personal journeys around Europe. His work has been published worldwide in many magazines and travel guidebooks, as well as on websites

He has also applied his style to working with corporate clients, and on special commissions from around the world. Specializations include food photography, product, travel, weddings and events.


IPA 2007-
Krzysztof Gapys Photography
phone: 0048601336296


The Africa Image Library is the personal library of Ariadne Van Zandbergen. It provides extensive coverage of the wildlife, cultures, architecture and scenery of Africa. The library is run by the photographer, who has an intimate knowledge of Africa - and her stock - and will deal personally with all requests, no matter how extensive or obscure.

Ariadne has an exciting new collection of Madagascar and Egypt images.

Ariadne Van Zandbergen
The Africa Image Library
South Africa
phone: +27 36 4481464

photo by Ariadne Van Zandbergen

John Marmon has a new website at

This site contains a selection of photographic artwork for Residential, Corporate and Commercial Interiors.
However, all images on this website together with others in my library are also available for editorial, stock, advertising and other purposes.


John Marmon
phone: 66 (0) 8 90 57 19 76



Emilio Lovisa is a freelance digital photographer currently living in Canada. He has launched a new website and his most recent additions are images of the Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe. Although passionate about photographing nature and wildlife, he is equally interested in urban culture and portraits.

He is available for assignments, and existing images are purchasable through his website.


Emilio Lovisa
MilloDigital Photography
phone: (905) 389 2470


The World Religions Photo Library has more than 10,000 images searchable on the website. The focus is on rites of passage, articles of faith, places of worship, sacred sites and food associated with the mainstream faiths and many alternative beliefs. New stock on biblical art. Digital submissions are required from North, Central and South America.

Their second site features travel and lifestyle images from the developing world. New stock covering the northern emirates of Ras al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain and from the Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman.

Christine Osborne
World Religions Photo Library
United Kingdom
phone: 02077206951 &

photo by Christine Osborne

Alan Skyrme has just returned from a 3-week trip to Amazonia. Stock images are now available.

With effect from 18th September Alan Skyrme will be in his UK studio, making short project trips to Italy, returning to Brazil at the end of October.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +55 41 3018 8851 or



' K I N K Y C O U T U R E '
A New Major Exhibition of The Collected Works of
Celebrated Photographer Emma Delves-Broughton at:
La Galleria
30 Royal Opera Arcade
Pall Mall
London SW1Y 4UY
Wednesday 3rd October - Monday 15th October

Emma Delves-Broughton specialises in the world of portraiture, fetish, fashion, and beauty. Most of the subjects are women, and being a women she can empathise with them. Emma has a real understanding of beauty, and makes the most of her subjects, often bringing out a hidden beauty from within.

Emma’s work has been published in a variety of magazines, such as Loaded, Maxim, GQ, Front, Kerrang, Skin Two, Marquis, British Journal of Photography, Practical Photography, Amateur Photographer and Professional Photographer. Many of her images have been used for book and magazine covers, and has also contributed to a series of books called ‘Masterpieces of Erotic, and Erotic Fantasy Photography’ by Carlton Books as well as many other anthologies. Her first book is called KINKY COUTURE published by Goliath, and is also the name of her forthcoming exhibition.

For more information please contact the gallery on 0207 9307558 or


Alan Roxborough
United Kingdom
phone: 07967 697959



The recent completion of Shetland’s new Museum and Archives marks the end of ‘Art on Site’, a stunning photographic documentation of the construction of the building and surrounding area.

Mark Sinclair of PhatSheep Photography was one of the artists chosen from over 200 local and national applicants to take part in the ‘Art on Site’ public art project. This contemporary visual archive of the build process spread over 22 separate visits took over 2 1/2 years to complete.

Now complete, this must see project can be viewed in its entirety at


Mark Sinclair
PhatSheep Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 01950 477604


photo by Margaret  M. Savino

Visit the new Lingering Eclipse website 1600 online photos -- 60,000 stock collection -- REQUEST YOUR CUSTOM LIGHTBOX TODAY!

The owner and principal photographer is Margaret M. Savino, an ASPP member photographer as well as an Exhibiting Photographer at PictureHouse Chicago 2007.

Photo groups include: Images of Life; Autumn; Winter Snow Scenes; Animal; Fruit, Vegetables, Gourds & Gardening; Flower VARIETY; Night Scenes; Forest, Lake, Wilderness, River, Parks; University Lifestyle; Sedona AZ; Salt Lake City Utah/Zion National Park; Teton Mountains Idaho/Wyoming; Spain; Poland; Scotland, Ireland, England;
South America: People Culture Scenic; Switzerland, France, Netherlands; Italy; Vatican City, Italy; Las Vegas Nevada; Southwest USA; July 4 Patriotic USA; Halloween; Christmas;
Religious; Plant Macro; Agriculture; Flower POPPY; Flower ORCHID;
Flower ROSE; Flower SUNFLOWER; Flower GERBERA DAISY; Inspirational Fine Art; A Rural Landscape; Action Photos; Portraits of Notable People; Chicago; Chicago, Chinatown; Belushi, House of Blues;
Mermaid Meets Mortal; Beach & Seashore; Butterfly & Cicada;
Horse Pull, Logging; Restaurant, Food, Uniforms; Stock.


Margaret M. Savino
Lingering Eclipse Studio
United States
phone: 715-369-9098



Allow Spectrum Photofile to introduce their newest member Diana Meredith, a multi-talented photographer and photoshop master. About the image in her own words:

"Over a series of two three hour sessions with a live model, I painted the face in this image using a laptop computer in concert with a tablet and stylus. Although the image was digitally created, I followed traditional oil painting techniques, starting with a sketch and tonal under painting. Once I had achieved a fairly realistic rendering of the face, I combined it with a scanned photo of my own. The two images were then unified in Photoshop where I extensively manipulated the colours and added the distortions. It is in this last stage that I am able to attain the moody expressionism for which I always search in my image making."

An amazing image with more to come.


Ottmar Bierwagen
Spectrum Photofile Inc.
phone: 1-647-288-1396


Custom Life Science Images has photographs to illustrate colony collapse disorder (CCD) in honeybees, as well as other honeybee topics. A healthy hive (above) has worker bees covering most combs. In a hive with CCD (below), workers leave and fail to return. A significant loss of commercial honeybees may lead to problems raising crops that rely on honeybees for pollination. Researchers recently identified a virus that appears to be linked to CCD.

CLSI offers custom scientific photos at stock photo prices. Keep us in mind for those peculiar photo needs that OUGHT to exist, but somehow don't!

David McIntyre
Custom Life Science Images
United States
phone: (413) 549-4300

photo by David McIntyre
photo by Mario Ponta

Mario Ponta is a Paris-based stock photographer.
He has just added a new gallery about tourists trekking in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains.

Impressive M'Goun gorges are among the great variety of shots.
Mario is available for assignments everywhere.


Mario Ponta
Mario Ponta Photography
phone: +33608147767


photo by Ian Andrews

Need images quickly?
Look no further than Wildaboutpictures!
Rights managed imagery for instant hi-res download to your desktop. Collections on the Natural World, Lifestyle, Travel, History, Aviation and the Environment with more being added regularly. Fast search engine and a lightbox for your selections.

Visit now to catch your deadlines.


Ian Andrews
United Kingdom
phone: 01843 581780



Sandy Yagyu has uniquely melded photography with the ancient art of feng shui. Her images capture beauty, harmony and the presence of positive energy or chi. These photos can be enjoyed for their artistry alone – or more powerfully applied as feng shui “cures." Categories include symbols of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), talismans, architecture, people, sacred land formations and seascapes. Sandy is a certified feng shui practitioner and many shots were taken in China and Japan.


Sandy Yagyu
Feng Shui Images
United States
phone: 831 277-8217



London photographer TOMMO's website and folio have had a major update.

To view his new Fashion / Portrait / Advertising and Film Stills (from films that dont exist :-)

please go to



United Kingdom
phone: 44(0)2076819460



If anyone needs new photographs of Jamaica & Caribbean life, please contact Oliver Wright.

Oliver will be traveling around the country between Sept 14th and Nov 14th this year. His current commission involves reportage of 'Life On The Island' - the people, the landscape, the culture, history, the natural environment and the architecture and he would be delighted to hear from any buyers that require pictures from this beautiful part of our world.


Oliver Wright
United Kingdom
phone: 07971928805
43 cranley gardens, muswell hill




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