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Newsletter July 2007


Margaret M. Savino, Lingering Eclipse Studio, United States
Chris Brunnen, CJB Photography, United Kingdom
Can Sengunes, , United Kingdom
Online Photographers, Online Photographers, United Kingdom
Vladimir Sidoropolev, Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography, Russia
Michael DeFreitas, Travel Snaps, Canada
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Stan Gregg, Photography By Stan Gregg, United States
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom
Bob Wells, Bob Wells Photography, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Margaret  M. Savino

Margaret M. Savino has a new webiste with 60,000 photos covering all stock categories. The site has daily additions, custom lightboxes, search keyword functions and group links:

Please visit the new Lingering Eclipse website of stock photography. Photos include Harvard University Graduation, Bill Clinton & Bill Gates speeches, Red Rock vistas of Sedona AZ, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Winter Scenes of Teton National Park and the Teton Mountain Range, Eastern Europe and the UK, Scotland & British Midlands, as well as extensive flower, plant and agriculture photos from all over the world.

Margaret is an ASPP member photographer and Exhibiting Photographer at PictureHouse Chicago 2007.

Margaret M. Savino
Lingering Eclipse Studio
United States
phone: 7153699098/7157719162


Chris Brunnen of CJB Photography has been taking aerial photographs of the South of England for over 20 years. Specialising in shooting from a helicopter, Chris photographs land, properties and developments as well as ships boats and yachts in The Solent area.

Chris is not only available for commissioned work but also has a new online library of images which includes landmark buildings such as the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth and scenic views of towns and cities all along the south coast.

Chris Brunnen
CJB Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 023 9232 4591

photo by Chris Brunnen

Can Sengunes has recently returned from Libya and has over 500 fantastic new images available including portraits of Tuareg, Berbers and Libyans. He also has images from Tripoli, Tripoli Medina, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Kabaw, Nalut, Ghadhames and the sand seas of the Fezzan and Sahara region.

Also see his wesite for images from Thailand, Cambodia, Europe and Eastern Europe.

Please note that Can is due to be in Las Vegas and New York City during most of August 2007. You can contact him direct for specific image requirements and to discuss any possible assignment worldwide.


Can Sengunes

United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 7968603051



Online Photographers has just been created and has advanced search features to allow photo-buyers to find photographers and photographs quickly and easily. Further you can submit photo requests easily on the site and their photographers will get back to you with exactly what you need. Already the website has attracted some of the best photographers in the industry from Brian and Cherry Alexander (Wildlife photographer of the year winners) through to Brian Smith (Pulitzer Prize-winning celebrity and advertising photographer). Check out the site at to see some of the best photographers and photographs on the internet today.


Online Photographers
Online Photographers
United Kingdom


photo by Vladimir Sidoropolev

South of Russia based photographer Vladimir Sidoropolev has over 30 years of photographic experience. He is a widely experienced photographer and works for both editorial and advertising clients.


Vladimir Sidoropolev
Vladimir Sidoropolev Photography
phone: +7 918 46 26 837



Michael DeFreitas has recently added hundreds of Caribbean images to his collection. Coverage includes St. Martin, St. Maarten, Antigua, Cuba and US Virgin Islands. Michael specializes in topside and underwater adventure travel images from around the globe. His images appear in many of the world's top travel magazines.

Besides the Caribbean, Michael has also added images from the the Antarctic, Arctic, Canada’s Northwest Territories, Chile, Galapagos, Malta, Micronesia, Norway, Polynesia and Southwest Utah to his 60,000+ stock library.

Over the next three months Michael will be shooting both topside and underwater images in Northern California, Curacao, Hawaii and Quebec. He is available for piggyback assignments in both digital and film formats.


Michael DeFreitas
Travel Snaps
phone: 604-946-5505


photo by Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme is currently on a photographic tour of Europe and will return to his UK studio on 15th July.
Images from France, Germany and Italy will be available at the end of July.

He can be contacted on UK mobile phone (+44) 07983 339724 until 6th August.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +55 41 3018 8851 or


photo by Stan Gregg

Stan Gregg has extensive coverage of the Great Lakes Area including 56 Great Lakes lights and lighthouses, bridges, historic reenactments, scenic, nature, travel, events, industrial, museums, churches, downtowns, people, bicycle touring, animals, waterfalls, beaches, and dunes. Stan just added coverage of Michigan Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan, Saint Joseph, Michigan, Shipshewana, and Michigan City Indiana.

He continues to travel Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois adding new images to his extensive stock photo collection, and is also available for most types of photography assignments anywhere.

Stan worked for Consumers Energy (the largest electric and gas utility in Michigan) in the Display Advertising and Corporate Communications for 32 years before leaving to do freelance and stock photography.

He left with a four year contract to continue photographing for them that was renewed for two more years. Stan also photographed for Bay Harbor Development for two and a half years, Big Rock Nuclear Plant Decomissioning for two years, (He had unescorted accesses from the NRC to the nuclear plant to cover the taking out fuel bundles, the reactor and taking apart the building), Foote Hospital and many other companies.


Stan Gregg
Photography By Stan Gregg
United States
phone: 517-769-2174



Colour is such an important part of our visual world. Without it our lives would lack an exciting element there would be no Red Arrows • Red or dead • Red faced • In the red • red blooded • Red deer • Red hot • Red Letter days • Red Herrings • Red Cross • Red Hot Chili Peppers • Red Rose • Red meat • Red Indians • Ninety nine Red balloons • Simply Red (!)

Red is the most emotionally intense colour which stimulates the heart and breathing. It is the colour of love.

Simply seeing the colour red enhances the human metabolism by 13.4% and on a survey of children's favourite colours RED came top. To be bold use Red in any campaign that wishes to exude passion, warmth, power and efficiency.

Danger signs are usually always red - red lights alert us to stop, and in the animal world various species of animals use red to announce mating season, or to issue a warning to the oncomer - sex and/or death, an interesting choice.

APL is a general stock library of over 16,000 images online including Architecture,Travel, Children, Fashion, Wildlife, Lifestyles,thought provoking conceptual images and some stylish fashion retro images.

For many more images, on more general or specific subjects including Art, Fashion, Concepts & backgrounds, Children, Lifestyles, Travel, Nature, Education, Electrical & consumer goods, Landscapes, Wildlife, Food & drink, Family, Health & Beauty, Industry, Medical, Design elements, Sport, Entertainment, Men, Women, Business, Transport and Architecture, call Tamsyn, Dale or Adam to ask for a free search of our in-house transparencies not yet online: +44 (0)20 8964 8007


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 0208 964 8007



Award winning photographer Bob Wells announces the launch of his new website. Currently adding a large number of new landscapes to his stock library, locations include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, as well as Canada and Nepal. He has also captured flowers and wildlife in many of these places.

Bob Wells has shown at the Hubbard Museum and Spiva Art Center. His new website showcases many of his award winners including those receiving the prestigious Vincent Hensley Memorial Award and recently, 1st prize in color landscapes and Merit in black and white at the Louisville Colorado Art Center.

Matted and signed prints are available at his web site, as well as purchase of the image file.


Bob Wells
Bob Wells Photography
United States




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