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Newsletter February 2007


Gregory Wrona, Gregory Wrona Photography, United Kingdom
Leonide Principe, Amazon Stock Photography, Amazonas - Brazil
Mike Capps, Kappa Sports Pictures, United Kingdom
Tim Hurst, Tim Hurst Photography, United Kingdom
Dan Bannister, One Word Photography, Canada
Gareth Lewis, FreelanceImages, United Kingdom
Christine Osborne, World Religions Photo LIbrary, United Kingdom
Dave Reede, Dave Reede Photography, Canada
Geoff Dore, Geoff Dore Photography, United Kingdom
Can Sengunes, , United Kingdom
Steven Kazlowski, Left Eye Productions, United States
Alan Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Fred Voetsch, Acclaim Images, United States
Ottmar Bierwagen, Spectrum Photofile Inc., Canada
sally morgan, Ecoscene, United Kingdom
Dick Mundy, Dick Mundy Photography, France
Olaf Protze, Olaf Protze Photography, Singapore
Kate Wyrwas, Tips Images, United Kingdom
Andrew Gransden, Awg Photography, United Kingdom
howie garber, Wanderlust Images, United States


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Gregory Wrona

Gregory Wrona offers a creative, award winning approach to technically demanding and visually compelling projects. He specialises in editorial, reportage and illustrative work for magazines, weekend supplements, books, travel guides, Corporate, PR, event photography, Annual Reports, Company Reports, brochures, conferences, lunches, banquettes and sporting events.

There also is growing, regularly updated and well edited collection of images available for usage under licence or RF. His great interests lie in Central and Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union and Europe in general.


Gregory Wrona
Gregory Wrona Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 020 8896 9131


photo by Leonide Principe

Leonide Principe is a free-lance award-winning stock photographer with more than thirty years experience, and has been based in the Amazons of Brazil since 1990.

His new site Amazon Stock Photography covers a wide range of regional themes, focusing on the positive aspects of nature and people: landscapes, fauna and flora, indigenous and riverside dwellers, art, research, culture and ecotourism.

Portfolios include specific subjects like the mythic Pink Dolphin, the colourful Folkloric Events, children living in an ecovillage, wild canopy orchids, bird watching and exotic fruits.

Please, contact him for your stock photo requirements or assignments. Leonide lives in nature, in the jungle, and can produce specific images on-demand. His website shows a concentrated representative selection of images, exhaustively captioned and keyworded.

Leonide Principe
Amazon Stock Photography
Amazonas - Brazil
phone: 55 92 8119-5661


On you can register and view their new sports picture website, contains thousands of stock images of English Football (including non league), Formula 1, Motor Cycle GPs and Superbikes which are updated daily.

Editorial Picture Buyers can be issued with a Download Licence on request, and can download images direct from the website in various formats.

Picture Buyers requiring prints can order them direct from the site in all sizes and can be delivered to your address within a couple of days.

Mike Capps
Kappa Sports Pictures
United Kingdom
phone: 01536 511595

photo by Mike Capps

Tim Hurst is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and primarily shoots interiors, landscapes and nature for editorial and commercial clients. With his clean, distinctive style he brings a unique sense of atmosphere and narrative to the more common and the most unusual subjects. Commissions are undertaken throughout Scotland and beyond.

A searchable stock catalog of travel, landscape and lifestyle photography is also newly available at:

Subjects currently include: travel, nature and landscape images from Sinai and Egypt; and landscape and nature images from Scotland and the British Isles with much more to follow soon.


Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0)131 228 4528


photo by Dan Bannister

Dan Bannister is a freelance travel and editorial photographer based in Western Canada. He presently has a significant stock of images from Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada and the US. Dan is currently working on a large assignment in Peru and will have images available at the end of February. Upcoming trips include Coastal California, The Oregon Coast, Tofino, British Columbia, Easter Island and Cuba. You can see more of Dan's work and contact him at his website.


Dan Bannister
One Word Photography
phone: 4034737660


photo by Gareth Lewis

FreelanceImages have recently acquired a new purpose built digital imaging studio in Oxfordshire. As one of Britain’s largest commercial scanning & detailing studios, FreelanceImages now digitises film media for hundreds of commercial libraries and photographers world wide.

They are also due to release several new packages designed to improve digital photographers work flows, with RAW file conversion, detailing, retouching, online contact viewing & editing, as part of a single package.

Their new web site with login facilities is due to be released in March 2007.


Gareth Lewis
United Kingdom
phone: 01235 828286


photo by Christine Osborne

The World Religions Photo Library is a multi-faith agency specialising in people practising their beliefs. New stock includes Coptic Christian sites in Cairo, Shia Ashura mainfestations in London and voodoo images from West Africa. Digital submissions on any of the six major religions notably Judaism and Christian images from North, South and Central America are sort by proprietor Christine Osborne. The library is registered with BAPLA (UK) and is a member of ASPP (USA). 10,000 images are searchable on-line.


Christine Osborne
World Religions Photo LIbrary
United Kingdom
phone: 02077206951


Dave Reede Photography continues to produce dramatic imagery of Canada that captures unique viewpoints and the quality of natural light. Dave often includes people as a central element in his photography. He is considered one of Canada’s premier photographers of agriculture and farm life. Dave strives to maintain a high quality of photography in both his stock production and assignment work. Stock files are continually updated.

Dave Reede
Dave Reede Photography
phone: 204-253-7445

photo by Dave Reede
photo by Geoff Dore

Geoff Doré is an award-winning freelance professional photographer based in England. His website shows just a representative selection of images (currently around 1,600 online and counting) from his stock photolibrary of over 120,000 transparencies and digital images, covering a wide variety of subjects but with a special emphasis on nature/wildlife and landscape/travel imagery. Coverage includes editorial, pictorial, scientific, abstract and conceptual images.

His website has keyword and category search facilities, as well as extensive subject indexes, coupled with large clear thumbnail images, comprehensive image information, lightbox facility and fast page-loading.

New images have recently been uploaded - to see just these images enter the following code number into the Search box on : 070210


Geoff Dore
Geoff Dore Photography
United Kingdom
phone: 07041 514133 or 01202 315326



Can Sengunes will be visiting Tripoli, Libya and the surrounding area mid-April subject to visa approval and would be glad to fulfill specific image requirements. He will be visiting Leptis Magna among other popular sites. Also see his website for stock images of the upcoming Venice Carnival as well as other images from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Thailand, Sweden, Czech Republic and many more. Can is available for any type of assignment including travel worldwide, documentary, photojournalism and looks forward to any challenge!


Can Sengunes

United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 7968603051


photo by Steven Kazlowski

Polar bears and Alaska’s critical Arctic coastal habitat have been a favorite focus of Steven Kazlowski over the past 9 years. Covering this majestic marine mammal on land and at sea, he’s captured the playful nature of polar bears in social groups, hunting its favorite food source the ringed seal, and the rare opportunity of a sow emerging from it’s den with newborn spring cubs.

Steven has photographed extensively in the often harsh yet delicate arctic land and seascapes teeming with life — walrus herds on ice floes, whales coming up for air amidst pack ice at spring break up, arctic fox pouncing on prey, migrating birds, and distant villages and hunting grounds the Inupiat people call home.

His website has a searchable database of over 15,000 images, that include nature/wildlife and fishing subjects from western North America, Florida, Columbia and Ecuador. The site is searchable by keywords and category, and has lightbox and comp download capabilities.

Steven is currently working on a conservation book titled The Last Polar Bear: Facing The Truth Of A Warmer World, due out February 2008.


Steven Kazlowski
Left Eye Productions
United States
phone: (206) 706-7632


photo by Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme will be in Amazonia in February, capturing more travel, flora and fauna images, and finalising arrangements for a Photo/Survival experience tour to be conducted in August. For detail see

Amazon and Atlantic Rainforest images are available in stock now.


Alan Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: 55 41 3018 8851


Acclaim Images has all new comp images with large, unmarked comps for their account customers.

Call 888-618-8723 or 541-618-8723 to set up an account and select from over 200,000 of the highest quality photos and illustrations available as stock photography and art prints.

Fred Voetsch
Acclaim Images
United States
phone: 888-618-8723

photo by Fred Voetsch

An open letter to all photo buyers from Spectrum Photofile Inc:

This not your normal uptempo newsletter entry, but a request, nay, a plea, to buyers in an attempt to try to get them to be more accurate and precise in their requests. I realize that the buyers clients aren't always provided with enough detail, such as orientation - horizontal or vertical or either is constantly missing. We suppliers work very hard trying to satisfy your requests; not all our images are scanned as you might think. Spectrum have approximately 20,000 images scanned out of a library of over 250,000. That means we must search for the physical transparency, scan it, label it, keyword it, and colour correct it. Each image takes about 10 minutes before we deliver it to you; if we send 10 new images that's an hour and a half of work with no sales guarantee.

In a marketplace that is extremely saturated in quantity, being precise helps both of us. You'll be getting more specific images, and we're not losing time in trying to interpret general wants. I realize this is not a perfect industry, changes do happen, but if you work with your editors who make the request, quiz them for specifics, I'm sure you won't lose your job. Please help us help you make life easier for everyone.

The image rather sums up well the collective frustration for all those photographers and stock libraries who are afraid to voice any criticism for fear of losing a sale. Help us and we'll help you.

Ottmar Bierwagen
Spectrum Photofile Inc.
phone: 1-647-288-1396

photo by Ottmar Bierwagen
photo by Sally Morgan

Global warming has been making the headlines around the world. Ecoscene has a large collection of images illustrating this subject and even more have been added in recent weeks, including sustainable housing projects, ways of reducing energy use in the home, and transport. Ecoscene is not just an environmental specialist, they have a comprehensive habitat and wildlife collection too.

Visit their website or contact them by phone or email.


Sally Morgan
United Kingdom
phone: 01963 371700



Dick Mundy LRPS is preparing a collection covering Corsica using both old and new images, primarily landscapes and seascapes. The images are direct from digital camera or high quality scans from slides.

Some of his images are already on our site, keyword Corsica, have a look!

He is planning another trip there in May and will be happy to try and get any shots anyone might need on spec. Note this is "out of season" so don't expect any holiday type pics!


Dick Mundy
Dick Mundy Photography



Olaf Protze of is currently on a cruise ship tour from Nice to Singapore. So far he has visited harbour cities on the South American coast of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Patagonia and Chile, as well as the Robinson, Easter and Pitcairn Islands.

Further destinations will be at a variety of French Polynesian and South Pacific Islands and Atolls, before sailing to Japan, Korean and Taiwan.

For specific image requests of any of these locations, or the detailed itinerary please contact Olaf at or visit his newly designed website.


Olaf Protze
Olaf Protze Photography


photo by Kate Wyrwas

Tips are very excited to be able to announce their new and better website!

If you log onto you will now have access to a new and far wider collection of images. In fact they have more than doubled the collection. They collection covers: Lifestyle, Travel, Sport, Business, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Industry, Wildlife.

As just one example they can now offer you access to Werner Bokelberg, an extraordinary collection of Lifestyle images that is acclaimed throughout the world.

Visit their website, we know you will be impressed (and of course please give them feedback if there are new areas where you need more images) Their image, images, and most of all their customers, are important to them.


Kate Wyrwas
Tips Images
United Kingdom
phone: 020 7937 - 5731



Andrew Gransden has been named 'UK Nature and Environmental Photographer of the Year 2006' at the SWPP&BPPA Annual Awards Dinner in London on 21 Jan 07. His winning image was that of a South American Tern taken in the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic. He had 4 other images in contention. Andrew has a wide range of high quality wildlife and nature images from the Falklands, South Georgia, Wales and Scotland.

Based in North East Scotland, he has access to the wonderful wildlife of Scotland on his door step and takes every opportunity to expand his portfolio. Andrew also gained his Licenceship last year for his nature photography. A selection of his Wildlife Fineart Prints are also available.


Andrew Gransden
Awg Photography
United Kingdom
phone: +44(0)7971 546303


photo by Howie Garber

Global Journeys, along with professional photographers Howie Garber and Jerry Monkman, is excited to present Natural Encounters: A photo-adventure workshop in beautiful Costa Rica. Join them July 21-29, 2007 for a comprehensive 7-day (+2 travel days) nature photography workshop covering the basics of wildlife, close-up and landscape photography. Participants will also learn how to include people in their landscape photos. We welcome participation from all levels of photographic ability. Howie Garber and Jerry Monkman are seasoned professional photographers and instructors and will be covering such topics as: proper exposure, lens choices, composition, depth of field, buying equipment, digital camera basics digital camera workflow, Photoshop basics for nature photographers, preparing digital files for printing and basics of flash photography.

A digital or film SLR camera is recommended. Participants with point and shoot cameras are also invited so long as their camera allows manual settings. 300 mm lenses would be the minimum requirement if someone wants to do serious bird photography. Tripods are required.

Laptop computers are recommended if the participant is shooting digital and wants to learn about digital workflow. We will demonstrate the best methods for downloading, editing and working on your photos. Jerry and Howie will be happy to answer more questions about equipment particularly if someone wants to buy equipment specifically for the course.

Each day we’ll give classroom type presentations or one-on-one instruction in the field. Several days we will do both. Participants should be prepared to carry their own equipment and walk up to two miles daily in varied terrain. We will be exploring beaches, waterfalls and rain forest. For participants who want to explore on their own or who want more relaxation, there will be many hiking, horseback riding and ocean/beach opportunities.

You will stay at a splendid eco-lodge nestled in primary virgin rain forest on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This area has breath-taking views of the ocean, a private beach, a diversity mammals and birds, howler monkeys that will provide your wake up calls in the mornings, splendid vegetation, exquisite food and much more.
The cost for the trip and workshop is $2,150. This includes all workshop fees and lessons, all internal transportation, all accommodations, all meals and all listed activities. Airfare is not included.

To register and for more information go to: or call Global Journeys @ 516 343-3210.


Howie Garber
Wanderlust Images
United States
phone: 801-272-2134




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