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Newsletter January 2007


Jerry Monkman, EcoPhotography, United States
Kevin Palmer, Superior Image, Canada
Tamsyn Jarvis, Adams Picture Library T/a Apl, United Kingdom
Alan Stanley Skyrme, Alan Skyrme Photography, Brazil
Francois Razon, Free Lance, United Kingdom
Fred Voetsch, Fred Voetsch Publishing, United States
Julie Landman, Absolute Stock Photo, United States
John Lander, John Lander Photography/Asian Images, Japan
Peter Endersbee, Endersbee Photography, Australia
Tamas D.Varga, PanoGraph Ltd., Hungary
Nikhilesh Haval, Nikreations, United Kingdom
Derek Pearce, DPhoto Studios, United Kingdom
Alf Jacob Nilsen, Bioquatic Photo, Norway
Darlene Bordwell, Darlene Bordwell Photography, United States
Judah S. Harris, Judah S. Harris, United States
maxim sivyi, M & A Studio, United States
Ren Navez, Ren Navez Photography, United States
Steve MacAulay, Steve MacAulay Photography, United States
Jim Whitmer, Jim Whitmer Photography, United States
Kevan Brewer, New Forest Images, United Kingdom


All these contributors and thousands of other sources of professional images can be found on the Photographers Direct website.

photo by Jerry Monkman

EcoPhotography features the distinctive adventure, nature, and travel photography of Jerry and Marcy Monkman. Known for their conservation work in New England's wild places, the Monkmans have spent the last fifteen years artfully documenting the mountains, forests, and coastlines that define the region. They are currently working on two new books, "Wild Acadia" due out in May, and a coffee table book on the Connecticut River watershed due out in 2008.

To see sample images from "Wild Acadia," visit:

The EcoPhotography website has just been upgraded to make searching its 5000 images a faster and easier process. Try a search now at

Jerry Monkman
United States
phone: 603-457-6798


New Year, New Site!

Photography house Superior Image Photography, fresh off the top Canadian Photography Assignment with MacLaren McCann and the launch images of both the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado announces all new image galleries.

Automobiles, travel and tourism, pharmaceutical, drug awareness, fashion, portraits, and more. All new equipment including several new digital bodies with all types of lens setups.

Superior Image features no charge travel, an 87,000 foot indoor dome studio as well as all types of lighting configurations. Call toll free in North America at 1-866-623-6832. Recently called to the Saatchi Gallery of Modern Art, feature photos on General Motors sites and available for work in early 2007.


Kevin Palmer
Superior Image
phone: 1-807-623-6832



Live and let live the retro Bond trunks!

With Bond fever having raced through everyones veins APL couldn't help but notice the similarity of these now retro swimming shorts to those of Mr Daniel Craig - the latest James Bond. Although the males in this John Adams image may cause the discerning viewer to cast a lingering look due to their fashionable attire, we don't think the star of Casino Royal has anything to worry about just yet!

If this amuses then please explore further into the depths of APL's website using keywords such as Retro, Fashion, Stylish.

Have a fantastic 2007 - APL look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tamsyn Jarvis
Adams Picture Library T/a Apl
United Kingdom
phone: 0208 964 8007


photo by Alan Stanley Skyrme

Alan Skyrme Photography has recently added online keyword search facilities on their Shoot Stock web-site. They are now reorganising, reviewing and augmenting their stock in preparation for their move to Europe in April 2007.

Bookings for South American and European projects and commissions for 2007 are now being accepted - several projects are booked for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Best wishes for the New Year from Alan Skyrme Photography.


Alan Stanley Skyrme
Alan Skyrme Photography
phone: +55 41 3018 8851


Francois Razon has new pictures of the Dominican Republic coming soon, with a new style and fresh expression of Central American life. All you have to do is tell him your needs and he can tell you whether he has them or not.

Francois Razon
Free Lance
United Kingdom
phone: 07904139803

photo by Francois Razon is adding new photos every day and includes a quick image search.

This stock photography collection features the photography of Fred Voetsch and includes all types of stock photography with a focus on pictures of Oregon and the Western United States.

Fred Voetsch
Fred Voetsch Publishing
United States
phone: 541-618-3381

photo by Fred Voetsch

Check out Absolute Stock Photo's new face with the same great photography!

Get an additional 20% on top of their bulk discount offer - use the following coupon code during checkout: Absolute_PD20

Julie Landman
Absolute Stock Photo
United States
phone: 508-397-2955

photo by Julie Landman
photo by John Lander

John Lander's Asian Images collections continue to add images of Japan and, after a recent photo shoot of Kyoto and Kamakura - In a Japanese Garden to the sizeable portfolio. These include an ever expanding collection of images of Japan, particularly Tokyo, Kyoto and various hot springs around the country.

John will be working on a collection focused on Saigon and the Mekong Delta during the month of January 2007. February will take him to Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Phuket, Thailand. Let us know if you have any special requests or assignments in Southeast Asia during that time.

Images shown on the front page gallery is only a small proportion of the collection - if you have any special requests please get in touch and John will try and match your requirements.


John Lander
John Lander Photography/Asian Images
phone: 046-876-2454


photo by Peter Endersbee

Peter Endersbee has recently visited and photographed the remote far western coast of South Australia, where The Nullabor Plain meets The Great Southern Ocean. This is one example of many shots which include ancient coastal cliffs, beaches, dirt roads, ghost town buildings, panoramic wheat belts and a 'one-horse town' air strip. Further shots can be viewed under "Great Australian Bight" on his home page on Photographers Direct.


Peter Endersbee
Endersbee Photography
phone: (02) 95556050


photo by Tamas D.Varga

Tamas D.Varga is a Budapest based travel panographer (panoramic photographer) with a growing collection of 360 degree panoramic images from Budapest, Hungary, Europe and Asia.

His company PanoGraph specializes in high quality, HiRes travel images (Right Managed) that are suitable for use in advertising / promotion, editorial, books, travel guides, catalogues, brochures, posters, calendars, multimedia, websites, presentations, etc. Photos can be viewed in the online gallery.

High quality prints (posters) of large formats are also available.

Recent panoramic images from Beijing can be seen here:

Tamas has achieved a breakthrough in online advertising with panoramic images working for VW do Brasil Ltda.

He is available for assignments worldwide. February 2007 travel to Vietnam is currently being planned.


Tamas D.Varga
PanoGraph Ltd.
phone: +36 20 9441 207


Nikhilesh Haval has recently returned from a successful interior photography expedition to Morocco. The intention was to capture the fast growing hospitality industry that uses restored traditional guesthouses called Riads and Dars. These guesthouses provide a romantic, exotic and charming alternatives to standard hotels and a unique experience of living in the old Moroccan style complete with Turkish baths and mint teas. This industry provides a huge support for architectural restoration projects in the otherwise dilapidating medinas of Moroccan medieval towns. All photos from this expedition are property released and are available for sale. Usage of these photos will greatly help in bringing additional international focus to this industry that helps restore the rich & colourful traditional heritage of Morocco.

Images for sale can be seen at

For commissioning Nikhilesh for specific architectural or interiors photography shoot, please contact him at the details below.

Nikhilesh Haval
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 7929305247

photo by Nikhilesh Haval
photo by Derek Pearce

dPhoto Studios are looking forward to the challenges of the new year, aiming to add to their commercial stock collection.

The studio has just acquired a new Mamiya 645 AFD2 medium format system coupled with Phase One P30 digital backs, this means that they can now provide very high resolution images, shot on spec for stock or commission.

dPhoto Studios are currently working on dynamic vehicle abstracts as well as other projects, please get in touch to see how they can help you with your image requirements.


Derek Pearce
DPhoto Studios
United Kingdom
phone: 01452 886392 / 07816 890644


photo by Alf Jacob Nilsen

There has been a great new design of Bioquatic Photo's web site ( Portfolios now available for view ing and many new pictures will be added soon, including more images from wild Africa.

Bioquatic Photo have thousands of images in their files which have not yet added to the shop. Do not hesitate to contact them with requests.

Information on Bioquatic Photo's PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARI to Kenya in July-August 2007 now available. Please enjoy!


Alf Jacob Nilsen
Bioquatic Photo
phone: +47 38372256


photo by Darlene Bordwell

Darlene Bordwell, an independent U.S. assignment and stock photographer whose work has been published in books, calendars, and magazines worldwide, offers a large and growing RM collection of editorial, people, landscape, and travel images. Recently she has been refining her Digital Railroad-hosted archive site at, which features accurately keyworded images, a fast search engine, handy comp and lightbox facilities, and quick high-res download capabilities. New photos are being uploaded daily.

Specializing in capturing images of real people working and playing in natural settings, Darlene shoots a wide variety of subjects, from live events, children, and families to rural and urban scenes, New York and New England state history, and landscapes. This winter and spring Darlene's travel itinerary includes locales in New York's Hudson Valley and Finger Lakes regions, the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, and Montreal. She will be happy to add your travel or editorial assignments to her schedule.


Darlene Bordwell
Darlene Bordwell Photography
United States
phone: 518.658.9549


photo by Judah S. Harris

If you're looking for photographs of Israel or Jewish life in general, Judah S. Harris has an impressive collection. For instance, he has been photographing in Israel, especially Jerusalem, since 1983 and makes frequent visits during the year. He also has begun working on video projects.

Judah's photographs have appeared in advertising, magazines, design projects, and on the covers of 40 novels. They consistently win praise for their distinct composition and exceptionally strong narrative.

A photojournalist and fine art photographer, Judah travels on assignment for corporate and organizational clients, shooting for annual reports, magazine stories and other creative projects.

At Judah S. Harris Photographs Online you can browse an exciting collection of imagery available for stock use. Contact Judah to discuss stock imagery or an assignment that's right for your project.


Judah S. Harris
Judah S. Harris
United States
phone: 718.380.7945



Maxim Sivyi is a new photographer we are representing in USA state of Delaware. They have just started up and their photo collection in not very big yet but they are committed to deliver good quality images. Please take a look at what they have so far. You may find what you are looking for!


Maxim Sivyi
M & A Studio
United States
phone: 3027434878


photo by Ren Navez

Ren Navez will be one of the speakers at the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Annual Summit being held in Palm Springs, California this January. He will be Presenting a program titled “The Ideal and the Realities in Southern California Deserts” for the Conservation Photography event on Friday night, January 19th. The program is based in part on his recent book: “Palm Springs: California’s Desert Gem”

In February Ren will be going to Costa Rica on a commercial assignment, so book him now!


Ren Navez
Ren Navez Photography
United States
phone: 310 737-7803


Steve MacAulay is hitting the road again for Central America and now is the time to contact him if you would like to discuss a possible assignment. This two month trip (mid March - mid May) will include extensive explorations of both Panama and Costa Rica and Steve is always happy to add on to the itinerary to include your needed destinations.

With an extensive library of compelling adventure travel and adventure sports images Steve can help illustrate your ideas.

His work has been seen in National Geographic Adventure four times this year as well as in Men's Journal and Sunset Magazine. Additionally, at the 2006 Teva Mountain Games in Vail Colorado, an image of his was awarded first place in the Rock and Ice category, and then went on to take "Best of Show"

Very easy to deal with and extremely responsive to your needs as a photobuyer, Steve will quickly become one of your "go-to-guys" if you give him an opportunity. Check him out today!

Steve MacAulay
Steve MacAulay Photography
United States
phone: 206-290-1990

photo by Steve MacAulay
photo by Jim Whitmer

Jim Whitmer Photography has announced their "January 2007 Update Page" to show some of their recent stock photo sales and select images from recent assignments, as well as new stock shooting highlights. There is also a section on photos from their achives, including a unique black/white photo of Jerry Ford greeting guests at a presidential campaign visit. The "News and Views" page is located at:

To visit their home page:


Jim Whitmer
Jim Whitmer Photography
United States
phone: 630-653-1344


photo by Kevan Brewer

Kevan Brewer has a comprehensive library of photographs depicting the beauty of England's smallest and newest national park, the New Forest in Hampshire.

His New Forest Images website contains a selection of 35mm and medium format images showing the landscapes and nature of the area, as well as depicting the famous New Forest Ponies in their natural environment. Many of the images are taken at dawn to capture the atmosphere of this area of outstanding natural beauty. More images will be added over the next few weeks.

Kevan is holding an exhibition of his work at Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton, near Southampton from 3rd February to 3rd March 2007 inclusive.


Kevan Brewer
New Forest Images
United Kingdom
phone: 07808425199




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