Nance S. Trueworthy Photographer

I am a photojournalist who specializes in assignment, stock and location photography. My work has been published nationally and internationally in books, magazines, calendars and greeting cards. I am the author of 4 books, "Maine in Four Seasons," "Down the Shore," "A Seat on the Shore," and "Maine's Casco Bay Islands," and am currently working on a gardening and a cook book. I have done work for the "America 24/7" series, and my work has been featured in the "Ocean Planet" exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

United States

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Advertising Business Corporate Digital Documentary Editorial Fish & Fishing Flower & Plant Food & Drink Garden/gardening Landscape Lifestyle Medical Nature People Photojournalism Stock Travel Weather


Studio facilities are available.

82 Gilman St; Portland ME 04102

Recent Clients

  1. Biri Publications
  2. Harris Publications
  3. Sellers Publications
  4. Accent Home & Garden Magazine
  5. La Vie Claire Magazine


  1. Smithsonian Museum -
  2. Ozzie Award with La Vie Claire Magazine
  3. Broderson Award (multiple awards)