Myrleen Pearson

"Set-up Candids" would be the easiest way to describe my photography. The goal is to create illustrative images that appear as though the model is unaware of my presence. Using real people and directing them just enough to do the activity and feel the emotion needed for the image.

I have been shooting stock images full time for 25 years and still feel like I'm on a treasure hunt. Most of my work is for the editorial market, although I have had some success in the the commercial world.

Orange County
United States

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Children/baby Family Life Lifestyle People Travel


Studio facilities are available.

I do have a small studio, but generally shoot on location for the purpose of giving
the image a natural feeling.

Recent Clients

  1. William H. Sadlier, Inc
  2. Cengage
  3. Houghton MIfflin Harcourt
  4. Pearson Ed
  5. Allyn & Bacon


Portfolios of example work from Myrleen Pearson: