Maarten Udema Photography


Covering stories throughout the world I have the experience, logistical management skills and sense of humor to get the job done. I have shot for clients that include Heineken International, National Geographic, KLM/Air France Airlines and others.


I have photographed in China, France, India, South Africa, Antarctica, Mexico, the Arctic Region in Canada, Colombia, Panama and about 30 other countries. I specialize in travel, portraits, corporate and people photography.


My passion for the natural world along with my fascination in the life forms that move within it, are the driving force of my inspiration. My inspiration and passion are spiritually based.

We are all One and we need to learn to take care of each other and the planet.


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Recent Clients

  1. KLM/Air France Airlines
  2. National Geographic Traveler, The Netherlands
  3. Heineken International
  4. Djoser Travel
  5. Travel Organisations Djoser Holland & Germany


  1. Fuji Press Award, third prize
  2. Fuji Press Award, second prize
  3. Manpower Uitzendbureau
  4. Private Exhibition Amsterdam
  5. Permanent exibition Wyeth Pharmacy