Lora Grigorova Photographer

A 24 year old photographer and videographer born in Bulgaria, raised in Portugal, educated in Spain and currently residing in Mexico. I do all sorts of photography, but I focus mainly on street-photography, documental photography, fashion photography, candid photography and photojournalism.


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Advertising Ancient Civilization Antiquities Archaeology Architectural Art & Artist Beauty Black And White Celebrities/personalities Children/baby Cinema Cosmetics Dance Documentary Educational Elderly People Emotions Family Life Fashion Festival Film/video Fine Art Food & Drink Glamour History Home Life Indigenous People Interior Landscape Leisure Lifestyle Literature/author Music Nature Nude People Photojournalism Portrait Product Relationships Religion Still Life Theatre Transport Travel Video Wedding Event Headshot Magazine Model News Night Pet Pregnancy School Studio Abstract Reportage

Recent Clients

  1. Agenzia Fotogiornalistica Contrasto, Italy
  2. Scanpix, Denmark
  3. Cordon Press, Spain
  4. All Over Press Baltic
  5. arabianEye FZ LLC