Michael Kolvenbach Photography

I am a german photographer working out of Altea La Vella, Spain and Düsseldorf, Germany. My main subjects are sports and events, travel, stock and 360° spherical panoramas. My editorial work has been published in major european magazines and Newspapers since 1993. Realtors, Hotels and Restaurants like to hire me for my immersive panoramas and virtual tours. Businesses of any size book me to cover their events, from the opening of a small shop to the stockholders conference of a multinational company. I am available for assignments throughout Europe. Please contact me in english, German or Spanish!


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Documentary Editorial Panoramic Portrait Sports Stock Event Real Estate Reportage

Recent Clients

  1. Stern
  2. Sportbild
  3. Spiegel
  4. Bild Zeitung
  5. ZDF


Portfolios of example work from Michael Kolvenbach Photography: