The Palmer Creative Group

America's Top Mining Photographer with an Awesome Outdoor Recreational Portfolio. Located just 2 miles from an International Airport, our team can be in any location in North or South America within a day, sometimes within a few hours.

20 Strobes all sync'd together provide an awesome lighting experience of even the most dull subjects - and, by utilizing the strobes in concert with 25 years experience behind the camera, we guarantee an extra special result from our work for you.

Thunder Bay

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Studio facilities are available.

Staging from Canada at present. Work in the USA, Dominican,
Germany and of course Canada

Recent Clients

  1. Abitibi Geophysics
  2. Cobra Drilling
  3. North Star Drilling
  4. ProDrill Ltd.
  5. WireRope Industries


  1. Chairman of the Board - Canadian Institute of Marketing
  2. EDCO Certified Professional - industrial and economic development
  3. Registered Professional Marketer - Canadian Institute of Marketing 2007


Portfolios of example work from The Palmer Creative Group: