Karen Ulvestad Photography

Karen Ulvestad is a freelance photographer with over 25 years of experience shooting nature and people. She skillfully translates her vision to the photographic image through her knowledge of composition and exposure.

She skillfully translates the natural world and its interactions with the urban environments in her images. Her passion is birds and their unique challenges with depleted environments and global warming issues.

Her work includes panoramic, landscape, wildlife, and people interacting with the natural world. Currently, she is working on a book project about birds and their habitat.

She has assisted or led classes and workshops since 1995 (ranging from beginning skills to specialized skills in photography). She speaks at regional bird festivals.

Washington State
United States

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Recent Clients

  1. Capitol Pacific
  2. Astavita
  3. Western Washington University
  4. CEO Guide
  5. Thrashin' Jack Productions


  1. Arts Now Instructor's Show


Portfolios of example work from Karen Ulvestad Photography: