Jocelyne Moreau Photography

Jocelyne Moreau is an award winning French photographer based in Amsterdam. Amongst her clientele you will find magazines, graphic artists, theaters and advertising agencies.

Het work has been collected by various municipal museums in The Netherlands. She had received twice a scholarship from the Association for Plastic Art, Graphisme and Achitecture (Amsterdam).

More specific information can be obtained upon request.

North Holland

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Recent Clients

  1. VPRO (Hilversum-NL)
  2. Curve Graphic Design (Haarlem-NL)
  3. Kummer & Herrman (Utrecht-NL)
  4. Dutch Museum Association (Amsterdam-NL)


  1. De Hallen (Haarlem-NL)
  2. Morton Kirshner Award, Amsterdam
  3. Grand concours AGFA Noir & Blanc, Paris