Jeremiah Scott Photography

I am a professional photographer living in Kirkland, WA. I have 10 years of experience shooting everything from Automotive, Travel, Commercial, Editorial, Scientific, Video and Time-Lapse. For the past five years I've been focusing on Virtual Tours and 360 photography both object oriented and scene oriented. I graduated in 2003 from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.

With advance notice I may be available for travel.

Washington State
United States

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Aerial Animal Automobile/bike Aviation Boat & Ship Digital Documentary Editorial Film/video Insect Landscape Nature Video Wildlife Time Lapse Macro

Recent Clients

  1. Motor Trend
  2. Import Tuner
  3. Truck Trend
  4. Chevy High Performance
  5. Boeing Frontiers


Portfolios of example work from Jeremiah Scott Photography: