Painter sculptor and photograph as a hobby from childhood now since 10 years I operate a studio as a full time professional artist .

My specialty, as I am also an Engineer and Naval Architect was from onset marine, seascapes, boats and ships.

My exclusive aerial ships photos proceeding in ice are distinctive and sought by specialists and collectors.

I arrange for affordable high quality ship, in ice, and yacht aerial photography from bridges and cliffs in the Quebec area. Thoses are exclusive ship action photos that would otherwise cost thousand of dollars if captioned from aircrafts .

Quebec City

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Boat & Ship Engineering Industrial Landscape


Studio facilities are available.

My art studio is not presently equipped for studio photography.

Recent Clients

  1. Ocean Group
  2. La Revue Maritime
  3. Laurentian Pilotage Aministration.
  4. Port of Quebec
  5. Port of Montreal.


Portfolios of example work from Photograph: